Reviews For Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life® TV Audio Podcast

I listen to Joyce everyday and throughly enjoy her teachings. Stop Running From God really hit home today! Thank you sharing this great gospel!
I listen to podcasts daily - some episodes I’ve saved “in notes” to listen to multiple times. I can no longer listen too these which makes me sad. “Don’t offend yourself” was one of these series. With my depression, these were uplifting and motivating.
She is so real and helpful. I get alot of strength and understanding to help myself and others. Ty for your pod cast.
You are my go to tor televangelism. No non sense and stripped down. Thank you. And thank the Lord.
I found Joyce on a television program when I first became a Christian 26 yrs ago and I was seeking God . I needed to hear about him and there she was talking about God’ s love for me right when I needed it. Joyce is still on tv! Since then I have listened to her on cd’s before podcasts existed! I have several of her books as encouragement and learning . Two books stand out one is Battlefield of the Mind and the other is Get Your Hopes Up. They both are chock full of encouragement and truth of God’s word . I have subscribed to her magazine Enjoying Everday Life. Joyce also has bible study plans on different subjects on Youversion The Bible app. I don’t work for Joyce’s marketing department I’m just a regular gal who has been blessed by Joyce Meyer Ministries and her passion to share God’s love with the whole world! We all need guidance and help and God calls each one of us to use our painful and joyful experiences to encourage each other and build each other up. This world is tough to navigate and we ALL can benefit from one another’s walk with Jesus. It seems so hard to trust anyone when we have been hurt, trampled on, abused, used, lied to, manipulated and had our hearts crushed by the acts of others, BUT THERE IS HOPE AND HEALING in JESUS and I learned about this from Joyce as she obediently shares her life experiences with those that will listen. Thank God for those wounded souks who openly share their personal lives for the sake of Jesus’ good and perfect will. Thank you Joyce Meyer Ministries and your amazing staff that foster God’s little lambs. I’m GRATEFUL.
Being bullied is the most horrible thing a person can go thru, cause at first u think ur crazy for even thinking someone would do such a horrible thing and then finding out u aren’t crazy, someone started gaslighting u all over the internet! And I haven’t seen it but have had people make strange comments, I have had a hard life as well as u Joyce, I too was molested by a family member and abused physically by a stepfather , inHusband who beat me for 7 years and then when I had the courage to leave and file for a divorce and be my own Lawuer, cause I had no money or car, he would gave neither and I had two small kids, and he tried to strangle me to death and he died in the struggle, after showing up to take our Daughter for visitation and he was so drunk he could not walk and she was 18 months, I said I would go next door and call the cops and have him pass a alchol test, that’s when he attacked me with my baby hanging on my legs crying Mommy,Mommy! And after all that and so much more, cause he died and I was not charged! The Lord was with me there cause I weighted only 110 and he 250 or so and 6”4. I don’t know what to do anymore, now I have no more strength to fight back after all these years and now I am being gaslighted, I don’t understand why, I don’t do anything to anyone and now have found the Lord to be not only my only friend but my only family as well! I love ur show and watch it faithfully, and Shepard’s Chapel, I pray and talk to God all day long, he probable says, again let’s talk and pray it out. I have some brain damage from going under a semi, and was in a coma and was not supposed to live, but once again God pulled me out of it, but I didn’t give him the credit, I didn’t know him like I am trying to now be what he want me to be. This all started and I started realizing that something wasn’t right when my Mom was dying of inoperable lung cancer and died a horrible death, I was at my weakest and that’s when Satan attacked my sanity! Thank you for listening, God already knows it all and I hardly talk to anyone, but without God,u and Shepard’s Chapel Bible Study, I am sure I wouldn’t have made it, oh and some meds! Lol. Sincerely Yours, Pamela
I ❤️ the podcast, because it lets me listen to Joyce’s lessons/programs outside of her app. (Which is awesome, still) now I don’t have to worry about accidentally stoping or closing out the app during a broadcast! Thank you for making this available! Bless this ministry.
Love these podcasts, they keep me uplifted, confident, hopeful and humble and we are so blessed to have such a great teacher readily available. Thank you Joyce
I love hearing God’s word through Joyce, she helps me and many others understand God and His direction more so by adding her own experiences through her own walk with Christ. I was raised on Christianity and Bible based scriptures and truth by my parents from birth, I’ll be 59 in 5 weeks. And even though the foundation was set for me growing up with the teachings of Jesus and the word of God in our family church and at home, and by the example of my wonderful loving mother who taught us about God and showed me God’s grace on a daily basis, I have learned so much more through Joyce’s teachings because Joyce has helped make it easier for me to understand and put it all into perspective. I love that she points out my sin so that I know what sins I need to repent for if I haven’t already, but also that she helps me not to keep beating myself up if I’m struggling with a sin that I have repented for but I haven’t felt like I’ve changed and that God is working on changing me even if it doesn’t feel like I’ve changed. Listening to Joyce makes a bad day better, it gives hope and realization that God truly does love me. I could listen to Joyce read the scriptures and talk about the biblical teachings all day. Thank you Joyce and Joyce Meyer Ministries for bringing refreshment to my soul.
I am discouraged to hear such an attack I just read in the reviews. The story of abuse and the freedom achieved through forgiveness is the basis of Joyce Meyers testimony. In reaching millions of listeners, I am hopeful that there are individuals that have tuned in for the first time. Her testimony is new to them. I would not take delight in sharing my worst life experience over on a regular basis. She doesn’t share her story for herself, but to reach out to people who need to hear about life after abuse, hope and forgiveness. I don’t get tired of this message and I am tuned in almost every morning to start my day with her wisdom!
I have listened and read Joyce’s books over the years and can say I enjoy her messages. However, after all these years she’s been in ministry, to still hear her make comments about her dad abusing her, I’m over hearing it! I know that our circumstances of the past can be a catalyst to help bring others through but I truly feel she’s shared that enough. Now it just feels like an advertisement to keep people drawn to her. I can only imagine what she went through, but if she’s grown in her spiritual walk and forgiven her dad, there is no need to keep it on repeat! Move on!!!
When this world brings me down, which happens often especially with the unbridled corruption coming out of out Whit House, this woman bring joy hope and happiness back through God’s love and teachings!
This women brought me to god years ago, I have followed her ever since. She speaks truth. And is real about everything. I’m truly grateful for her.
I love love love Mama Joyce I have followed her for years. She has great wisdom
I call her mama Joyce. I don’t have that wise Godly council from a mother or grandmother but Joyce has become that in my life. For years I have been learning and getting encouraged from this women of God. I am so grateful for truthful and real topics that well face, but more than that always Christ centered. Always encourage to seek God for yourself. Thank you!
My friend recommended this podcast in July 2019. Since then I've listened to it and I love so much what you teach. Thank you so much. From Mongolia
Joyce you’ve had such a positive impact in my life. I learned about you through a friend that was in jail. I feel God put you in my path to get closer to him. I went through something similar to your abuse and your conferences have been life changing to me. Thank you for being so honest and transparent. Sharing your story has allowed me to open up about mine and understand its something I should not be ashamed of. I listen to this podcast everyday and fuels me with positivity and hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray everyday for God to continue blessing you with abundant health. Humanity needs people like you!
You are amazing i love you Joyce
Joyce puts this scripture into practice. I am always convicted by the Holy Spirit, encouraged to look to Jesus and spurred to live righteously with integrity in love and kindness by Joyce’s teachings. Thank you Joyce & Dave for paying the price to bring such encouragement to us. Blessings!
I have never wrote a review for anything in my life but I will say for someone in their early 20s when everything seems so hectic 24/7 this is the only thing that can block out all my thoughts and help me go to sleep. Look forward to playing this podcast every night!


By Kbelli
I cannot say enough about this podcast! Joyce has a way of putting things that inspires me with every episode I listen to! Thank you Joy e for being a light in this world and for following Gods will and sharing with us! 💕
Thank you to everyone at Joyce Meyer for spreading the word of God to the world through your podcast!
Joyce... your gift of encouraging others through your incredible words of faith, are a blessing to me and my family💖 Thank you!
I love Joyce’s heart and the knowledge, love w d wisdom she imparts daily. I’m thankful to God,for Joyce and her staff who make her ministry possible.
Joyce’s messages are both Biblical and practical. She speaks in a way that delivers meaningful and applicable messages for every day living. Her transparency and candor are refreshing and minister hope to me. She reminds me that I don’t have to be ruled by my feelings and thoughts. I am very thankful for Joyce and her ministry!
I listen to this every single morning! It is so good! This podcast really encourages me and I can’t thank Joyce enough!!!! You are amazing. I love her way of preaching. You are so amazing!!!!! God bless you
I’ve been listening to Joyce for a few years now and I absolutely love her teachings. Joyce delivers these messages in a way that makes it so easy to understand, she makes me laugh, she's so relatable and so honest... thanks and keep up the GOD work!!!
This ministry has been a part of my life for over 20 years. Joyce has taught me so much about God’s word through the years and how to live an excellent life as a child of God. Now her podcasts get me through my insomniac spells. Love her!
Do you not realize there are people out there who have gone through or are going through what Joyce did. She is helping people overcome those horrible situations in their lives by talking about it on the platform. With God all things are possible. I will be praying for you!
Its sad she makes money on her own tragic past with her fathers sick sexual abuse as a platform to God. Be true to yourself get well ,the world need healthy preachers to focus on the word not themselves.🛐✝️💔 I will pray for you.
Joyce is wonderful! She is telling us our Lord is on everything we do and how to live through him. 🙏🏻❤️😘
I look forward to the podcast everyday. I listen at work and it helps me stay focused on what I need to do to be closer to God! I love your books and podcasts.
Joyce Meyer is absolutely phenomenal!! I love her ability to interject humor, personal examples, and vulnerability into her sermons. I often listen to them at the gym and find myself laughing out loud while soaking up God’s mighty word. Thank you Joyce for your lifelong dedication to freeing God’s people. God has worked through you (and continues to do so) to help mold me!
Joyce is awesome!!!! Every talk is Definitely related to my everyday lifestyle! Thank you!
About 5 years ago, during my usual morning routine on a work day, having breakfast and watching the local news, my life was changed forever. After a few minutes of listening to all of the terrible ‘stories ‘ on the news, I couldn’t stand it another second. I switched to the next T. V station, saw and listened to a woman who I didn’t recognize or know. I was immediately drawn towards her words as they were positive, enlightening and encouraging. The exact opposite of what I had been listening to on the local news. From that day forward, I watched and listened to Joyce. I was saved shortly after that and I am a much more positive, loving, joyful person. A few weeks ago I started listening to Joyce’s Podcasts and am grateful to be able to listen to her teachings each and every day ! God bless !
I’m listening to Joyce Meyers for years now. She’s always been straightforward and she backs up with the word. May God continue to bless her for many years to come.
I love listening to Joyce Meyers teachings. She is so amazing I also own several books thank you for being such a blessing Joyce.
I love her plain and simple approach to God’s word.
Deseara escuchar estos devocionales en mi idioma español por medio de este medio
Practical useful clear relevant wise counsel to improve my life and walk with God! Thank you, God for your messengers.
I listened to Joyce every single morning during my walk. She is wise and a blessing.
I listen to this every morning to start my day off right, I deal with so much anxiety and your words and teachings help remind me to trust God and know he’s always holding my right hand.
Joyce, you are such a blessing. Thank you.
I love Joyce she’s saved me for many years.
I love Joyce Meyer and I need some loving reprimand!!! She just has an authority when she speaks and basically tells you how it is.... but yet somehow you know she does it with love!!
I have been listening to Joyce since I was a little girl, and she has made such an impact on my life! Thank you Joyce, for inspiring me, making me laugh, and filling my life with joy with your uplifting and truth filled words! My mom listens to you everyday, and I am so glad to have found you on iTunes, because now I can start listening to you daily as well. I honestly do not know what the world would do without you! God bless you Joyce Meyer and may He never leave you nore forsake you, and may He make his face to shine upon you, and may He give you peace!
Thank you Joyce Meyers for a podcast that helps me in my walk with Jesus.
Joyce you are truly a woman of God. You have a blessing to me. The words that you speak influence me to want to seek God daily to have a deeper Relationship with him. My life a change I’m happy, my thinking is better about myself and others.Thank you Joyce!!