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Joyce when I began listening on my drive to work, at a crucial time , you spoke on not allowing our moods to determine our day. Through your books & teachings, Ive fought through & still fight over moods & feelings but now I KNOW THAT BATTLE IS IN THE MIND & I have the AUTHORITY & POWER through Christ to overcome anything. Joyce you are a treasure in my heart. Thank you for what you have experienced & for having the courage to share your story. Love...Missi
I love listening to Joyce Meyer any time of my day. She’s smart her sermons are an inspiration and not only is she humorous but I’ve learned a lot about The Bible and it’s Scriptures. I can surely say when I’ve listened to her by days/nights are uplifted. Thank You Joyce


By TJ boat
I am Lucy from Nigeria one the most difficult country to live in. Everything here is up side down this mentally drains me and made me a bitter person for a very long. Listening to Joyce’s teachings recently has truly made me a better person. Thank you Sweet mom J.M🙏
I enjoy listening 👂 to Joyce her word is encouraging.
I listen to Joyce Meyer when I am travelling, when I can’t sleep, when I have some time in the day and I always find her messages encouraging and reveal and show me an another area of my life that I need to give to God. Thank you for taking the time to do these, rebelnomads
I have been an avid listener now for about 5 years. Joyce is so practical and relatable. I love her honesty and she gives me hope for my own life struggles. Learning how to trust God in all things.


By Why us
I love Joyce’s practical teaching, I’m so looking forward to her conference on the West coast, I’m more confident in my speaking but most of all my place with God.
I started listening to this podcast on my way to work which is about a 15 minute commute door to door. I receive “messages” better when they are sent in a direct manner and Joyce does this in every way. After struggling with some co-workers and just having a bad attitude at work, she has really helped me change the way I view work and the people I work with. She’s also helped me see how I can handle work situations in a godly way and for that, I am very thankful (and I know my co-workers are too!) 🙌🏼
Joyce always has the best Godly advice to an issue or problem I may be facing and helps me know where to look to feel better !
I love Joyce Meyer. 🌹


My favorite podcast listening 5 stars hands down
Out of a million podcasts that exist, this is my favorite. Thank you Joyce for sharing the word. You have a unique gift. You’re the only tv preacher I’ve ever watched and the first time I saw you, I knew you were something special. Thank you and thank you Lord.
Thank you Joyce and team for this incredible resource. It is my go-to podcast to fill my mind with scripture, honesty, truth and motivation. I am so grateful! 🙏🏻
I love her no nonsense approach. She teaches so much that I have learned about the way to think the way God thinks.


By Jyblair
I absolutely love Minister Joyce, her messages have helped me grow tremendously in God. I listen to her by podcast each day as I work. Her messages have helped me get a better grip and change my thought process. I look forward to listening to her daily and I love her sense of humor. 💕
Joyce’s podcast has been such a blessing to me. Her teachings has given my relationship with God such strength & new understanding to be a Christ follower. Wise woman of God. 🙏🏽💚
Wow, Joyce! You are an amazing woman. Thank you for teaching me more about forgiveness and a relationship with God! I went to a Christian school growing up and church every time the doors were open... and I swear I learn more about my Heavenly Father now. Thank you for being so relatable!
Joyce taught me that it’s not about doing whatever you want
I play Joyce’s podcast in the morning as I get dressed or on my way to work! It blesses me every time! Thank you for making this teaching possible!
My family and I opted to get rid of our satellite TV. We decided to go with a digital antenna. Therefore, I no longer have access to watching Joyce Meyer teachings on TV. I recently discovered Podcasts and I am now able to listen to Joyce daily. Thank you for your continuing to spread God‘s word. You have been such a blessing in my life!
Many years we listened to this ministry ,gave lots of money,went the conventions and bought the books but all the time Joyce talked about herself. Her dad and the constant pain of his sexual abuse upon her ,made me sick. I was a victim too but it is not a topic I use to define who I am today,over and over again. Sorry Joyce ,it’s time to get help yourself. Move forward and be a better helper to the ones who still look to you for words of encouragement. I have made great strides to grow my mind and heart in another direction . I changed, I’m not a victim that tells people my pain in order to gain attention or support. Talk about GOD not yourself, maybe people will listen again. 🤐🙏🏻✝️😇
I have listened to every single podcast more than once. Extremely uplifting and a daily reminder that I believe each of us need. God is working in our lives even when we don’t see it. Learn a new perspective from Joyce Meyers who knows life’s struggles and pain herself.
Joyce makes the Word of God so easy to understand that I can walk it out. People are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Thank you for giving us the knowledge Joyce. Thank you for constantly teaching us the traits of Christian character so that we can live free.
The Gospel is that NO ONE is worthy of heaven and NO ONE can work their way to heaven. Because we are not perfect and cannot perfectly follow the law, Jesus came and lived a perfect life for us and then died on the cross with our sins nailed to his body SO that we may have eternal life in heaven with him if we turn away for our sins and TRUST that Jesus really did pay the price for us and it is only by his sacrifice and God’s grace that we may get into heaven.
I listen to this almost everyday, thank you for encouraging us to grow and get serious with God.
Thank you for this one! It was right on time! “I have Self Control!” I have your book & Ive always loved everything about Mrs. Joyce! I’m so glad I found her podcasts; makes the lessons more personal..I am a first time mom & the devil has been so busy in my life; stealing my joy! This lesson was perfect! Thank you
I listen to her radio podcast everyday on my way home from work and sometimes on my way to work. I love the way she preaches the word and add her own life stories to relate. And I so love her sense of humor!!
Joyce is a one and only.


By NoJapi
Through her podcasts Joyce has led me to be a better Christian and a better witness for Christ. Bless you, my sister.
I love to listen and watch Joyce Meyer everyday. She makes me laugh a lot! She gets me hope with everything!
It hurts but I promise you'll get a Philippians roast.
Joyce always hit straight to the point . This was simple and practical.
Instead of reading all the positive views I went to the negative to read what people didn’t like about Joyce all of them consisted of she can’t be a teacher because she is a woman or she’s money hungry! Seriously people what is wrong with you? Think about your thought process in someone who is trying to teach the word of god but yet you condemn her because she is female? Men think they are so superior to women but is those men who forget that EVE was created from ADAMS rib the CENTER of the body! Why not the hands or feet? Because all men and women are created EQUAL! As for money unfortunately we don’t live in a barter world so in order to grow, to do goodwill you need money! Great job Joyce! Don’t let Satan come to kill, steal and destroy you are doing gods goodwill and he shall be the only person to rightfully judge!
I just enjoy listening to Joyce Meyer and all the wonderful things she has to share with everyone.
You are so good at preaching the word you really moved me
I love that Joyce is a straighter-shooter! I am too! Life is too short for fluff! Give me the truth! This is what she does! She shares through transparency and rawness to bring the Truth into your heart and life! Thank you, Joyce for all you do!
Joyce’s sermons really help me stay connected to God and all that he has for us. She helps me to keep my mind free of negativity and my heart pure.
This woman inspires me to be more through a deeper understanding and relationship with God. Through her own testimony as a REAL woman and persob who battles issues like the rest of us, she helps us to reach further. Thank you for this podcast!
Joyce is doing a great work with her podcast!. Thank you, her words are so encouraging and this 15 minutes version is great to be able to take in when you dont have a long tome to listen. This is perfect for anyone!
Love the podcast and Joyce. Such a blessing to be able to have access! Just wish they came out in order. The parts are jumbled and it’d be easier if they came out in order💛
I absolutely love Joyce Meyer. Her books are so inspirational and have helped me in building my relationship with God. Even better it has helped me be a confident woman. Her podcast teachings are the perfect way to start your morning or end your day after Dealing with the world. Thank you Joyce for your teachings! :)
She is AMAZING! One of the best if not the best. It’s easy relatable , especially when you’re in that transition of becoming even closer in Christ , she’s it. And may I add hilarious , we all need a good laugh it makes life much better.
Absolutely love Joyce’s teachings!! She wakes my mind and soul to the real truth of being a Christian and how God loves me so much. I Thank the Lord he turned me on to her. I’m a much happier, patient, loving person.


She’s a criminal who ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR ALMIGHTY DOLLAR$$$$$$$$ She completely dropped all of her family.....they just simply weren’t good enough for this con artist!! Oh, and yeah, there’s THIS!!! One of her former security personnel, who’s been serving a life sentence on death row, for murdering his entire beautiful family(yes, including his 2 small children) because of his mistress. The so called “Devout Christian, Joyce Meier” refused to go to court to testify because she was afraid it would “ruin her image”!! Now, you tell she really chosen to speak the word of the Almighty God?!! Or is she really just a low down, con artist, snake charmer?!! I think we all know in our hearts the REAL answer to this question!! Joyce, I REALLY hope you read this.....God knows it won’t be shared with all you’re brain washed “Fans”. But you really need to know that even though it was several years ago, and I don’t even know the victims whatsoever......people will NEVER FORGET & PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!! YOU ARE A COMPLETE DISGRACE!!! Maybe, just maybe your family are the lucky ones that you completed forgot where you came from!! I hope you think about that, as you comfortably lounge in your multi-million dollar compound that you pay ZERO TAX $$$$DOLLARS ON!!!! Oh, the many perks of being a snake charming, con artist criminal, “Performer”!! That’s all you are!!
I praise God for giving us Joyce Meyers! She’s truly amazing. Her teachings help me to be a better person, Christian, Mom etc. Her testimony is powerful. The Lord is truly amazing. We can do anything through Him!
Estaba en los suelos cuando, de una y otra manera la palabra de Dios llego a mi vida y cada ves que escucho los sermones mi vida se rejuvenece y anhela más de las cosas de Dios ! Gracias! Y que Él todo poderoso siga con ustedes hasta el final de los días!
I have really noticed the compression of Joyce’s message, sped up for time. Makes it difficult to listen to.
I am just enjoy very much,thank you God though Joyce to speak God's Word.