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I look forward to the next episode of Enjoying Everyday Life each week! There’s always something to connect with for continuing to mature in my walk with Christ.
Joyce i am in lovvvvve with your messages they always come at the perfect time in my life! Thank you. God bless. 💖
I love Joyce Meyer and her message. But I wish the audio would be longer.
Listening to your ministry is changing my life. I can listen to your sermons repeatedly and get something important from it. Finding your ministry has been a huge blessing for me and my family.
Thank God for you Joyce Meyers! Keep on doing what God’s called you to share with the church and the world!
The best way to start the day!
Thank God for giving the world Joyce!
With my busy schedule I love being able to download and listen to Joyce anytime I want. I love her teachings and am so thankful that a friend told me about her. Her teachings are about real life and though life isn’t perfect, through God all can turn around for the better. My own life has improved so much after opening my heart to God. Keep preaching Joyce!
Beware Joyce Meyer is a false teacher preaching the prosperity gospel. She does not talk about sin or hell. If you believe in her teachings you are NOT following the One True GOD.
Being able to hear Joyce anytime has changed my life. I tell everyone. I’m so grateful for this app. If you’ve never tried this please do. It’s free. You will be so happy when you realize how hearing her life stories can and will help you become a happier person and will strengthen you . Blessing to you Mrs. Joyce and Gods peace to you . Yulonda Mayo shreveport, la.
I appreciate Joyce’s sermons in podcast form! I laugh, I end up with tears in my eyes, and I learn all along the way! God is using her in a mighty way in my life and in the lives of many others!
I love these 15 min podcasts! Joyce is one of my favorite speakers and having her encourage me on my 15 minute drive to work is perfect! Thank you!
I started listening in 2007 and although my family and I attended church I never felt like I belonged but ms Joyce teaches real and makes you speak out to the lord - I highly recommend her teachings and my mom is happy I found ms Joyce - now we both have something to discuss other than myself lol
I get something from ever sermon Joyce teaches. God bless her.
Listening to the messages that she speaks have helped me in so many ways. I come from a family of “addicted to something” relatives. So naturally I followed suit. On July 15th 2020 I put gave my life to Jesus Christ aka King oh kings. I’ve never been more proud of any decision I’ve ever made as I am with my life change. I feel so much better mentally, physically and spiritually. God has restored my wasted years. I listen to her as much as possible. I pray for all that’s have been given. Everyday is better than the day before. She is an inspiration to me and so many others. God speed Joyce Meyer. My goal is to be as educated on Gods Word as she, and to share with the world. I’m a work in progress. CAN I GET A AMEN!! ALL MY LOVE, Tabitha
I am so sorry I bet your a really nice person but your face looks like a melted Barbie doll
I start my day and evenings listening to her podcasts. Sometimes over and over so I don’t miss anything. I absolutely love her no nonsense approach which I think all messages should be shared that way in order to reach, teach, and relate to people. I also love her being an open book about her life, past, faults, and love. I can’t imagine being without her teachings and I pray I’ll never have to be. There’s so much I glean and share with friends, family, and bible study group from her teaching. Keep it up Joyce!


I’m thankful for the messages you give. I listen to them at work for uplifting music. Thank you.
Truly is a blessing!
Awesome little quick messages for my day-to-day life! Even when I get behind I like to listen to several in a row while doing my daily activities.
I thank Joyce for the way the lord speaks through her, to me... she is a blessing. Thank you lord, Amen
It is because of you I have found God & feel 🌱reborn! I never understood “reborn” till this experience🧡THANK YOU LORD FOR JOYCE MEYER🙌🏼
Absolutely love your podcast and how you share God’s word. Very genuine and relatable
I thank God every day for Joyce Meyer. Not only we share the same birthday (different years), but she helped me big time during very dark times :(


By sdkdmc
Helped me through the tough times
She has a true gift of the word .... truly lives with the I AM!
Joyce is so good and so clear with her messages. She addresses everyday issues and has changed my life. I pray she never stops!
God bless her with the true that make us free of all damage
I’ve dealt with negative thoughts in my life this lady helps me battle satan and put my trust in Jesus everyday AMEN AND AMEN
Joyce does an incredible job sharing the word and in a relevant, lighthearted and practical way. She relates the Bible stories to real life experiences and I really enjoy listening to a new podcast each day. We are all surrounded by so much negativity today, but Joyce’s podcast bring hope and joy to my day. We all need that 15 minutes reminder to re-set and treat one another with kindness and live our lives as God wants us to.
I truly appreciate what Joyce shares—she speaks to my heart. I’m listening to these for hours a day to keep my sanity during this pandemic, but why are there no episodes older than a few weeks? I want to be able to access all of her wisdom, I really need it right now! Please fix this.
Love her messages however very frustrating trying to listen on my iPhone. Wonder what is with the format I can’t download some episodes and others I can. ? I like to listen when I take my daily pandemic sanity walk 😊😬
Can you fix those document format? Can you add more podcasts. Thank you
Thank you for fixing the format! Is it possible to fix the past episodes so we can listen to them?
Don’t like it. It repeatedly shuts off,
I love Joyce Meyers podcasts! Thank you for fixing the format now I can catch up on all the missed episodes! ❤️
What happened to the original format? It shuts off automatically after a few seconds. Is their a way for me to adjust my settings?
I enjoy listening to Joyce and really take what she says to heart. Something with the format has changed. The podcasts used to play in the app and would play in the background if I needed to check something on my phone. They would also play if my phone went to “sleep”. It would also tell me which ones I had listened to. Now all the files say “document” and will not play in the app. A new tab opens. It won’t play in the background. And I have to change my display settings because if my phone goes to “sleep” then the podcast stops playing and I have to unlock my phone. (Sidebar-then I forget to change my display setting and my battery dies). Finally, it doesn’t tell me which ones I’ve listened to. I wish you could go back the old way.
This is an update of the previous review that I submitted a few days ago. It looks like the “document” issue has been fixed and the podcast is now working properly. I was able to listen to the 5/4/20 podcast with no problems. Thank you for addressing our concerns and fixing the issue! ************************************** There have been multiple comments/complaints regarding the new “document” format of the podcast that makes listening to the podcast more difficult. Please heed our MANY comments regarding this issue and fix it as soon as possible. Please revert to the previous format. Everything was fine until April 16th. From April 17th on, it has been in the problematic “document” format. Thank you!
So hope the podcast can be fixed. I listen every day on my walks and now it will not play!
I emailed Joyce Meyer Ministries, but I don’t know if they can do anything about this- the podcast is now showing as a “document” which means my phone has to be unlocked and active to listen to- this is not realistic with driving and such. Please change back if this is something you are in control of! Thank you.
Same here....says document. Please fix. I miss Joyce because it’s difficult to walk and keep the podcast going.
Joining everyone else in saying the podcast is coming over in a document form now. As soon as my goes to cover screen the podcast stops playing:(
Please change format back to previous . We can not listen to the podcasts in the new document form. Thank you!
I miss the old format. The new format does not automatically download and will not play without constant attention. It’s coming through in a document format which I’ve not seen with any other podcast. I miss being able to just download and go each day. I love Joyce and love her messages. I’ve listened to her teachings first thing each day for years and miss the podcast. Please go back to the old format or please share how to correct this issue. Thank you.
The messages series on Warfare Love appear to be on a different platform than Galatians/ ways the devil deceive. The Warfare Love series platform is horrible and really distracts from connecting to the message due to constant stopping, restarting, or just not loading. The other series allow you to just tap the message and it plays. The Warfare Love series takes you to another screen. It's not user friendly. Please go back to platform used for the series like Galatians/ ways devil deceive. Been a follower of Joyce for over ten years and she is AWESOME! But this issue is an unnecessary distraction.
The message starts for a minute or two then stops and I can’t refresh or restart the message. Please change back to the way it was. Thank you