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I listen to this almost everyday, thank you for encouraging us to grow and get serious with God.
Thank you for this one! It was right on time! “I have Self Control!” I have your book & Ive always loved everything about Mrs. Joyce! I’m so glad I found her podcasts; makes the lessons more personal..I am a first time mom & the devil has been so busy in my life; stealing my joy! This lesson was perfect! Thank you
I listen to her radio podcast everyday on my way home from work and sometimes on my way to work. I love the way she preaches the word and add her own life stories to relate. And I so love her sense of humor!!
Joyce is a one and only.


By NoJapi
Through her podcasts Joyce has led me to be a better Christian and a better witness for Christ. Bless you, my sister.
I love to listen and watch Joyce Meyer everyday. She makes me laugh a lot! She gets me hope with everything!
It hurts but I promise you'll get a Philippians roast.
Joyce always hit straight to the point . This was simple and practical.
Instead of reading all the positive views I went to the negative to read what people didn’t like about Joyce all of them consisted of she can’t be a teacher because she is a woman or she’s money hungry! Seriously people what is wrong with you? Think about your thought process in someone who is trying to teach the word of god but yet you condemn her because she is female? Men think they are so superior to women but is those men who forget that EVE was created from ADAMS rib the CENTER of the body! Why not the hands or feet? Because all men and women are created EQUAL! As for money unfortunately we don’t live in a barter world so in order to grow, to do goodwill you need money! Great job Joyce! Don’t let Satan come to kill, steal and destroy you are doing gods goodwill and he shall be the only person to rightfully judge!
I just enjoy listening to Joyce Meyer and all the wonderful things she has to share with everyone.
You are so good at preaching the word you really moved me
I love that Joyce is a straighter-shooter! I am too! Life is too short for fluff! Give me the truth! This is what she does! She shares through transparency and rawness to bring the Truth into your heart and life! Thank you, Joyce for all you do!
Joyce’s sermons really help me stay connected to God and all that he has for us. She helps me to keep my mind free of negativity and my heart pure.
This woman inspires me to be more through a deeper understanding and relationship with God. Through her own testimony as a REAL woman and persob who battles issues like the rest of us, she helps us to reach further. Thank you for this podcast!
Joyce is doing a great work with her podcast!. Thank you, her words are so encouraging and this 15 minutes version is great to be able to take in when you dont have a long tome to listen. This is perfect for anyone!
Love the podcast and Joyce. Such a blessing to be able to have access! Just wish they came out in order. The parts are jumbled and it’d be easier if they came out in order💛
I absolutely love Joyce Meyer. Her books are so inspirational and have helped me in building my relationship with God. Even better it has helped me be a confident woman. Her podcast teachings are the perfect way to start your morning or end your day after Dealing with the world. Thank you Joyce for your teachings! :)
She is AMAZING! One of the best if not the best. It’s easy relatable , especially when you’re in that transition of becoming even closer in Christ , she’s it. And may I add hilarious , we all need a good laugh it makes life much better.
Absolutely love Joyce’s teachings!! She wakes my mind and soul to the real truth of being a Christian and how God loves me so much. I Thank the Lord he turned me on to her. I’m a much happier, patient, loving person.


She’s a criminal who ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR ALMIGHTY DOLLAR$$$$$$$$ She completely dropped all of her family.....they just simply weren’t good enough for this con artist!! Oh, and yeah, there’s THIS!!! One of her former security personnel, who’s been serving a life sentence on death row, for murdering his entire beautiful family(yes, including his 2 small children) because of his mistress. The so called “Devout Christian, Joyce Meier” refused to go to court to testify because she was afraid it would “ruin her image”!! Now, you tell she really chosen to speak the word of the Almighty God?!! Or is she really just a low down, con artist, snake charmer?!! I think we all know in our hearts the REAL answer to this question!! Joyce, I REALLY hope you read this.....God knows it won’t be shared with all you’re brain washed “Fans”. But you really need to know that even though it was several years ago, and I don’t even know the victims whatsoever......people will NEVER FORGET & PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!! YOU ARE A COMPLETE DISGRACE!!! Maybe, just maybe your family are the lucky ones that you completed forgot where you came from!! I hope you think about that, as you comfortably lounge in your multi-million dollar compound that you pay ZERO TAX $$$$DOLLARS ON!!!! Oh, the many perks of being a snake charming, con artist criminal, “Performer”!! That’s all you are!!
I praise God for giving us Joyce Meyers! She’s truly amazing. Her teachings help me to be a better person, Christian, Mom etc. Her testimony is powerful. The Lord is truly amazing. We can do anything through Him!
Estaba en los suelos cuando, de una y otra manera la palabra de Dios llego a mi vida y cada ves que escucho los sermones mi vida se rejuvenece y anhela más de las cosas de Dios ! Gracias! Y que Él todo poderoso siga con ustedes hasta el final de los días!
I have really noticed the compression of Joyce’s message, sped up for time. Makes it difficult to listen to.
I am just enjoy very much,thank you God though Joyce to speak God's Word.
I’m truly blessed by these teachings and I LOVE 💗 listening 👂🏽 to my podcasts every week. I learn something EVERY time.
1 Cor 14 34-37. It is a mans RESPONSABILITY to lead, Not to LORD over a woman but to protect and be a cover. Any time THIS verse is brought to Joyce all she had to say was. Too late I'm already doing it". How much hubrous she must pack into her pretentious, half baked fake gospel. Steer clear from this arrogace at all costs because it will poison you.
She’s wonderful. Her messages are relatable and resonate with everyone. I’ve developed a true appreciation of God’s words because of Joyce. Thank you to her and everyone who supports her.
I love listening to Joyce Meyer. It has really helped me push through many difficulties trials in life. I love you Joyce!
Joyce is a phenomenal speaker on these last days. She’s very easy to understand and follow what God is teaching us. My life have changed and used Joyce Meyer by God to walk in a way God wants me to be.
I enjoy listening to Joyce Myers and Charles Stanley, they are true to the teachings of the Bible and they both know how to preach to you and show you the way you need to live your life. I like listening to both of them when I go to sleep it sticks to me listening to them as I fall asleep it’s relaxing listening to them preach while I fall asleep.
I have learned so much through Joyce’s teachings. She uses every day life situations that make the teachings easy for me to understand and to apply to my daily life. I listen to her teachings almost every day. Joyce, is also my most favorite writer. Her books have forever changed my life. My heart deeply believes God’s annointing over her life. Thank God for your life, Joyce!
Meyer is a false teacher who doesn't follow God's Word.
I love love love Joyce Meyer her name already has joy in it and she is such a blessing!! whenever I am down, up, driving, cleaning, I listen to her. English is second language to me so I have a hard time paying attention to sermon but her points are very straight forward and clear, I enjoy is very much. Last but not for least, she is very funny. I also love how she put pretty earrings and outfits too.
Stop sending these snake oil salesman your hard earned money every week.


Don't do it.
No good
I am who i am today because of Joyce Meyer's teachings. I see myself in her and i know without a shadow of a doubt that very soon i would be walking in her anointing and the world will be blessed by my teachings.I love Jesus wholeheartedly and i love Joyce so much.
Grateful for her teachings by the Grace of God working through her to reach out to me and others who are lost and trying to get it together in this world,Keep on keeping on 😊❤️️💖❤️️🕊👌🏽
A false teacher who fails to recognize the Bible as truth. Not worth listening to.
we should always keep GOD in front and humble ourselves and be responsible for our actions not putting ourselves before Jesus and at his level we are not and never will be
Been listening to joyce since i was a teenager
The basic, bible based logic is evident!! Love her teachings!!
I do enjoy the podcast content, but I have a few annoyances. 1) Doesn't download in order of each "Part," so I have to make sure I'm paying attention. 2) Not everything is labeled completely 3) The introductions and conclusions to each clip take up too much time when trying to listen to one message at once 4) As someone who listens to multiple podcasts at a time to hear a "complete" message, the overlap needed to create context for those who listen one at a time is a minor annoyance. Other than that, I do enjoy it!
Far from real Scripture but she is a nice person, greedy a bit but overall a "nice person".
This is NOT a genuine Bible believing Christian! Please, listen to people who expositionally teach from the Bible. Search TGC ( the gospel coalition) to find sound biblical teachers. Examples are John Piper, RC Sproul or Jen Wilken!!!
Definitely helped me come back to God
She always had a way to get Gods love across I am lifted by her being the vessel for Gods message for us


By djwits
I love Joyce's practical Bible teaching. Her story gives me hope. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the episodes are always out of order on the feed. Please put them in order according to parts of the same topic. Thanks!