Reviews For TudorCast

Easy to listen to. Lots of information regarding all things Tudor. I truly miss this podcast! COME BACK!!
BookLover, Just to let you know, the episodes not on itunes can be found at http://tudorhistory.org/podcast/ and she also has transcripts and websites to visit. Hope this helps.
...click on "Website" at the top and follow the link. It will take you to a page with all the audio files arranged in blog format.
I was lucky enough to stumble across this podcast shortly after it started. If you have even the slightest interest in this period in British history, you will be sure to enjoy this podcast. The combination of information, music, and Lara's love of the subject matter make this podcast delightful. Keep up the great work, Lara!
It was so great to find out I am not alone in my fascination with all things Tudor! I look forward to this podcast every week. Thanks Lara!
I was really excited to find this podcast. I absolutely love British history (or any history for that matter) and I find that Tudorcast is very well put together and really easy to follow. My only complaint....I wish it could be longer...lol. Well done Lara...keep 'em coming.
Yo this podcast is mad fly yo! The host is wicked dope as well as the content! Subscribe now son!!
As a complete anglophile I must say that this podcast is not to me missed !!!
A wealth of fascinating Tudor history, current news (such as recently uncovered artifacts), and Tudor trivia. Lara's delivery is straightforward and clear, but friendly. So glad to know there are other 'Tudor geeks' like myself out there!
Not to be missed! Yet I missed the first episode and don't know where to find it. Can Lara help? Or anyone else? Many thanks from a grateful listener.
Tudor History is da bomb!!! Anne Boleyn is the best quene EVER!! GET THIS PODCAST!!!