Reviews For Hidden Universe: NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope

It's a very good podcast and I would recommend this podcast to everyone who likes astronomy.
Love these podcasts. Truly fascinating and informative. Please add some more....
I was like so excited when i saw this podcast because i love astronomy so thanks bunches NASA please add more in the future!!!
This is plainly put, the most amazing podcast on iTunes.
This podcast is by far the best, most informative, and fascinating space podcast that itunes has to offer. The amazing pictures and facts are incredible. This is an awesome podcast.
This is incredible! One of the best podcasts ever!
I enjoyed these podcasts very much. The visuals are beautiful, the explanations clear and the science fascinating. They are so clear and interesting that even my 10 year old was engaged and learned something about star formation. Can't wait to see more!
this is such an interesting video, and I would like more please! this is the best podcast i have, and I would like for NASA to give more podcasts!