107.9-FM WWPH in Princeton Junction

Reviews For 107.9-FM WWPH in Princeton Junction

10/10 would listen everyday, incredibly talented students.
Wonderful station, the students are so invested and talented it’s amazing to know that kids are still interested in radio!!
Where is the December stuff! I need Ben, Tyler, Ryan, Connor, Tommy, Matt, and Josh show!
Sooo good led by the mist awesome teacher :)
YEAH YEAH i love 1079
I am a 107.9FM alum and was so excited to see these shows on podcast! Now I can listen whenever I want to! Keep up the great work!
These podcasts are simplay amazing. Sara D's beatboxing always makes my day.
I wish that WWP would also put some of our TV productions up too! Especially the MAD HATTER! That camp was a blast!
I think it's it great that communications in media has opened up onto a global scale, especially for our humble NJ school. And I would just like to clarify that the last scary story for period 2 is copyrited to Lauren Mandel
The person who performs on P5 Scary stories, JANISA, is MY BESTEST FRIEND. <333
TIM I LOVE YOU i listen to you religiously. you were my strength when i couldn't speak.
I can listen to 107.9 whenever I want now! Keep up the great work 107.9 staff! By the way, that Kenny Kessler is so dreamy, and Dan Broughton has the voice of an angel! More hard leads, please. What ever happened to the morning show newsgirl? My mornings are a wreck now!
Hey 107.9ers...this is so great...i love being able to listen whenever!! Great job! -AlexZ