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Reviews For ESH Cast: The ElectricSistaHood Podcast

this podcast is the total opposite of bad and wrong. i guess it's goo-ight? cause it's not badong
they said they wanted more reviews. Here's what I think: The girls are very funny, but not very insightful or well informed about the topics (or anything really) A good example of their ignorance is how in one episode (I think it was "ew... health") they said they didn't know the difference between the left and right in politics. I mean that's just sad. Like I said though they are usually funny though so if you have nothing else good to listen to, give it a try. Also, they said they read the reviews so here's politics 101: The left / liberals: gay rights, transgender rights, CIVIL RIGHTS, WOMANS RIGHTS ( seriously, how can you not remember the names of the people on your side?!) The right / conservatives: guns (that's all they're really for per se, there's a lot they're against though) I won't go into differences on economic issues, because, it would take far too much space to give you even a basic understanding. If you're really interested I could point you to some literiture on the subject though, you really should be better informed, please vote next election!!! (Being better informed would make your podcast better too, probably. Knowledge isn't a bad thing you know)
Its the only all girl podcast that I listen to and the greatest all girl podcast about gaming, tech, and anime. I'm doing this review because it was demanded.
Panda and Ninjasistah provide listeners with an excellent balance of current gaming, tech, and anime news. From current reviews of the blockbuster games and gadgets as they hit to the hidden gems of anime that no one else comes close to offering in one spot. Not only is the news frESH, but the reviews are done particularly well. They know how to explain a show without spoiling it and letting the listeners know who it would appeal to. Finally, the synergy between the two hostesses is phenomenal and is what really holds the show together. It's A+ comedy and quick wit that's almost too good to be impromptu. Keep up the great work ladies!
I downloaded an episode and was totally loving it, I was about to subscribe,too. But then they started throwing some awful words around. I know it says explicit but, seriously, it was awful. They are hilarious and awesome but all the cussing pushed me away from it. The cussing completely ruined it for me.
Love the podcast everyone should give it a try, anime video game, movie talk = awesome. ESH FTW.
this is, hands down the best podcast in the world. i have been hearing the ESH goodness from when i was a little younger. this is the best podcast becuase of the sisters, ninja and panda. there voices make it 10X better then anything. even though Magic has long gone we still have the 2 leaders of the podcast. but this isn't a podcast of enjoyment, it's the podcast of my heart. they talk about anime games and manga, the way they talk about it is just so wonderful. and with that i'm going to take my toast and i'm going to burn there logo into it. ^_^ GO ESH GO! -waves pom poms-
ESH is just an awesome podcast because they talk about anime, video games and movies. All of those things gamers love. I listen to podcasts while doing my homework and this is just a great one to try so I highly recommend anyone trying this podcast.
Ninjas and Pandas living together in perfect harmony! I never knew that they played video games either. Learn this and more on one of most entertaining podcasts ever created.
These are the hottest chicks on the net! If you like video games, anime and movies then listen up!!!!!
Very funny, keep up the good work.
I have listened to the last 4 episodes since they have joined the all games network it is easily become my favorite despite listening to the other gaming podcasts for years, this is an incredibly funny and entertaining/informative podcast which easily deserves 5 stars
A very high quality podcast. Most podcasts lately are just the disjointed recordings of someone rambling on about whatever they want. NOT THIS PODCAST! These ladies know what they like, and have a passion about it. Listen now!
Gaming podcasts are a dime a dozen. I'm really surprised that more people don't piddle themselves about this podcast. Three completely awesome chicks talking about games, tech and manga? And not just that, they talk AUTHORITATIVELY on games, tech and manga. They run a tight show and it's always hilarious and informative. Independent podcasting at its very, very best.