Relax with Moodtapes

Reviews For Relax with Moodtapes

The first two minutes of this podcast are, "YAK, YAK, YAK, YAKKITY, YAK."
I listen to this seriously all the time and you need to make more before I go completely insane. Thanx
I love this podcast its the best one yet in really goood try it!
I most certanly enjoied this Podcast and wish there was more! I love the small guided suggestionof where you are and the music so softly playing over the waves it all goes so smootly together. I wish there was more more more! At first I was thinkingit was a shameles advertisment with no music but then i rleaxed and soon i was just as happy as I could be. Its amazing where your imagination can take you. Now i have to check out the website!! WORTH THE LISTEN.. ITS FREE!!!
Thank you,I use relax music alot..It would be great to have more.:)
I listen this everynight to help me get to sleep! I used to have trouble geting and staying asleep... NOT ANY MORE! Thank s soo much! + It's free!
I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!! It's like taking a beautiful trip up the Pacific Coast. The music is so incredibly beautiful... and the natural sounds of the ocean make you feel like you're right there! You can almost breathe in the ocean! I listen to it over and over again. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!