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After every episode I think each deserves a five star rating. Thank you.
At the end of season two episode nine of it Was Said, John states that the next episode would be about Eleanor Roosevelt. I do not see that episode anywhere. Please post it.
I was constantly searching for a podcast that have significant historical events and figures. This podcast is everything… Thank you
Mr. Meacham, this is the most important podcast I have had the joy of listening to. What a truly outstanding job you have done. Let us all pray to Our Lord that our modern day McCarthy can be stopped. I pray that all our citizens will listen and come to understand.
Jon meacham delivers this perfectly.
I urge all to listen to both seasons. Finally history as it was meant to be heard. With truth and intelligence.
At 70 years old I still have a list for learning and understanding how our USA got to where it is today. This podcast is by far one of the best. I recommend this to all. From a former May teacher.
The USA misses John McCain every day! Loved this episode even though I cried so much. Thanks
If the speeches are powerful they don’t need music under. It reminds me of Trump‘a latest attempts to manipulate his followers with music under his rantings.
So true. Music credits please - searched webpage couldn't find.
Every episode is interesting and I always learn something new. It's also fun because it’s at times, cheeky, not snarky.
Great speech. I was 18 then my first election. I voted for Jimmy Carter and would again in 1980.
This podcast is my new fav. I'm learning from the best. More please!
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to and I listen to many. Historical perspective on the great speeches not just the words but the motivation and also often the contradictions of the person making the speech.
My belief, you give Reagan too much credit. He was barely a good actor in the end, he was a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, narcissist, antisemite moron comedian. We all love a good comedian. He propelled the decline of the Republican Party and worse the rise of white nationalist christofascists. And that you revere him in any way will guarantee that I will never contribute to your professional well being. Love, Thalia Martin, MD
Great way to illustrate history. Very well produced. Very moving.
What an insightful way to view history! I enjoyed Season 1 and promoted it to everyone I knew. Plus, John is such a great storyteller —I highly recommend! Looking forward to season 2!
This is amazing. I get my 13 years old son to listen to your podcast. Amazing. Our young generation needs to know and learn about history. Thank You 🙏🏽
Season 2! What took you so long! I’m learning history I was either too young to remember or not alive to witness, And I love history!
So awesome to be able to hear the speeches as they were told, the inflection and conviction, the tremolo and the trembling. More like this!
It is never to late to learn. As a student in the 70’s & 80’s, THIS is the history I was never taught.


By dldnh
An excellent podcast, always very interesting.
Why can’t we talk about anything at all without bringing trump into it. The left eat, sleeps and breathes trump.
This podcast has given me such insight and love for our American history and the leaders you’ve shared with s. Please continue your fantastic work as remembering our history is more important now than ever.
Wonderfully, moving in such a unique way, I can’t think of words to describe.... just, Thank you. Some of us are tired.
Thank you
This is the best series I listened to across any media. I hope there will be many more episodes. Thank You !
Great history but we do not need “woke” and one sided narrators
Stories come alive when Jon Meacham tells them
The idea and content of the podcast is great. While I understand the speeches are political in nature, I didn’t need the commenters give their one-sided political opinions when it had little to do with the content of the original speech. Shame on you for using this as a means to further your agenda.
Really powerful to hear the words, such as in the MLK episode.
This could be a great series if it wasn’t so one sided. Very left leaning. Even though many of the Democrats in this are classic liberals and not what we see today. Only on Republican on list and it is filled will Trump hate more than Reagan love. It would be nice to hear more diversity of speeches and less of Jon’s views.
Great Podcast series. Perfect for our times to remember who we are and what we can be.
If you haven't listened, take the time to do so. Excellent presentations.


By byhhj
I love this podcast but I am patiently waiting for more episodes when are they coming?? Thank you
Beautiful podcast. Each episode is so incredibly interesting. I can’t wait for the next season!!


By cbsimp
This is wonderful. Have listened to all of these several times. Ready for Season 2! When is it coming ??
Thank you Professor Meachum, if one is of a certain age listening to these brilliantly crafted narratives all of what you may have forgotten does in fact come rushing back. The time and events of American history and the people who shaped it, especially from the Great Depression thru the age of COVID should never ever be forgotten.
How do I listen to the new Fate of fact. It is not on here?
The content and production of this podcast is beyond incredible. To capture the greatest moments in the history of our country, the greatest people in the history of our country, and to add a layer of depth to that it’s beyond phenomenal is absolutely astonishing. While the production and the editing is at the highest level, the heart of the message is what is so powerful. Danny Langloss Leadership Excellence Podcast
It was sad to hear, that these, well informed historians could not keep their personal attacks out of their commentary regarding some of America’s great speeches. It is a noble endeavor, but some of their commentaries are so full of bias it’s saddening.


Megan McCain has no business in this list. This is gross And riding Clinton and others coat tails. What an absolute failure this man is. He is a nothing. And pretending he can point you in the right way while elevating Meghan. Gross!
Can’t get enough - we need this so much right now - please keep them coming!
These are the speeches that fight against narrow minds and small mindedness. We need more of this. The real fight against subversion of the government and democracy starts with lessons like these.
Wonderful speeches, beautiful rhetoric. It is funny to me that some reviewers believe Jon Meacham is a flaming liberal, he isn’t. He is a conservative who feels politically homeless lately. But I so appreciate the historic context he brings in his narration, as well as an unflagging sense of right and wrong. Soaring rhetoric is not the purview only if democrats, but it is how much of the best ideas and ideals have been legislated into being.
Jon Meachem is an excellent, fair-minded historian with a knack for the long view. This podcast is cheesy, but often effective in terms of capturing the emotional significance of particular moments, moments that can get lost in a book. Definitely a needed podcast at this time. Producers: please please please make Jon stop starting sequences in media res. He does the same thing in books/GHWB eulogy. Feels forced/randomly patronizing (???) after the fifth time in an episode. Also, make him use more of his vocal range other than the basement. Jon, we’ll still think you’re a manly man if you inflect your voice!
A fantastic podcast! Presents an opportunity to REALLY listen to significant speeches we all have either heard personally or heard about during our lifetimes. These speech excerpts seem to be more meaningful than when heard or read originally. Listening to this podcast has been a meaningful experience Thank you, Jon Meacham, for giving us this podcast. I continue to be a fan of yours!