Paranoi Radio Podcast

Reviews For Paranoi Radio Podcast

You guys are so funny in Spanish and English great vibes all the time. Very funny while spreading knowledge, thank you guys for being brave and speaking truth out to the world. Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak some facts!
Can’t get enough there so much info but it’s all fun great chemistry
Really love this podcast, makes u think more than u can imagine, telling you real situations from a different outlook. Definitivamente te saca de órbita, cambia radicalmente tu forma de pensar, te hace despertar una nueva realidad! U really break it! Pd: from El Salvador.
Can’t believe how much stuff they say I’m at a lost for words definitely gonna keep on running I can’t wait for season 2!!!
I love listening to this podcast ! First thing I listen to in the morning! Keep the podcast coming !!
I love this pod, makes me want to make one myself!!!
These guys speak facts, have good combos and really know how to attract your attention.


Facing real world issues with a smile no cap love this show cant wait for more big tank and trebles keep tue movement going
I am truly entertained. Topics are so real and hit home with me. Great podcast. I will stay tuned. And so should you all.
These guys have great conversations. I fell in love with all their topics.
I am hooked on this podcast. I am binge hearing the show at work all day. Trebles is too funny.
These guys are a little slow but they make me laugh and really have good topics.
These guys make me laugh and put out good info!!
This is one of the most entertaining podcasts I’ve ever tuned into! Y’all deserve more recognition and I sincerely mean that. Keep it up my boy’s treble and tanke!
Loving the energy you guys put out. Seems like this podcast is going to pick up speed fast!
Not my normal podcast to listen to but the chemistry they share is amazing can’t it’s funny and serious topics pretty good balance