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The FFRF podcast is a welcome oasis from the majority extreme-right Christian rural community where I live. I enjoy the variety of speakers, news and music presented. Keep up the important legislative work as well - separation of church and state is vital to maintaining our founders’ creation of a secular nation. Thank you for all you do!
I am a regular listener and I sometimes feel like the speakers are going too fast. Maybe you have packed too many ideas into an episode and then are rushing to get through all of them or maybe it’s just a little matter of engineering but I found the most recent episode easier to listen to.
I love FFRF and Annie Laurie and Dan's positive humanist atheism. They stand for far more than just the first amendment. They stand for humanism and ethics in movement atheism which is sadly lacking amongst many of its leaders who lately have been men found sexually assaulting women and advocating and ends-justify-the-means attitude. We need more diversity and humanism in atheism and Annie Laurie is a bright light in that effort. Thank you!
I like the legal updates on state-church separation cases, the music, and many interesting guests.
I love this podcast. Good information and interviews. I learn about issues not covered by the media, plus books and music that I would not hear about otherwise. I am a member of FFRF and a humanist. Thank FFRF.
Like all the news upfront. I am pressed for time and just want to get the news and what progress you are making. Would love more interviews. Can live with the music. Glad to be a supporter.
Thank you so much for keeping me informed and fighting the good fight. I listen as soon as the podcast becomes available on ITunes. Have you considered doing a show on Jesus Christ Superstar? I find it interesting that this is being redone and shown on Easter as I find the musical to be sacreligious.
While not an atheist, I’m a firm believer in the separation of church and state. The degradation of that separation with the new administration and Congress makes the work FFRF does even more important. I really enjoy hearing about what you’re doing for all of us who don’t want religion in our government.


I was attracted to this podcast because of the title. I am agnostic and can’t prove one way or another. And was hoping for a un biased discussion. However the problem with the episode I listened in on was how they TARGET schools for religious insignia or beliefs. While I’m not a believer one way or another this county WAS founded on the belief in Christianity. Targeting schools is not helping the youth in this county with the moral identity problem of this new generation. Wow...
I love hearing about their court cases, but all the music, oy vey... I always attempt to listen but some weeks are way less interesting than others.
Thanks, Annie Laurie, Dan and visiting Andrew on the new show. Very informative and fun. Well, mocking religionists is fun anyway I can get it but you guys do it smarter.
Love all the work these guys do. Keep it up!
A great way to learn what this organization and others are doing to maintain the separation of church and state. Especially enjoy the interviews and updates from the legal team at Freedom From Religion Foundation (which owns this podcast).They have a newspaper that covers the same material but the podcast provides additional detail and color commentary that helps you better appreciate the importance of keeping church and state separate and how determined faith leaders and some lawmakers are to mingle the two. Agree with some previous reviewers that the musical numbers go a bit long - perhaps consider playing clips from the songs vs playing the entire song? Anyhow, keep up the important work you do!


By Lickd
Very boring and could use a format change. There's too much music for a talk show. The music is corny and they only spend a few minutes with interviews, leaving the listener wanting more. Lose the music and become a real talk show!
This unassuming little podcast has TEETH! Wish I had known about your show when I lived in Madison. Just found it and I love hearing the background on current lawsuits and church/states violations. Keep up the good work!
I'm an atheist and unlike some reviewers I do care whether local governments endorse Christianity. FFRF is on the frontline of defending the secularism that our founders designed America with. We can no longer be called a representative secular democracy when government officials promote their brand of religion above others and try to govern all citizens by the tenets of their religion. Even the tiniest promotion of their religion gives the appearance that the promoted religion is preferable to our government all others. This makes us no longer equal and takes away our ability to be free and our right to liberty.
I start my Monday mornings with this show and it make a refreshing start to the week. To hear two great leaders in the freethought movement every week gives me hope that it's getting better for those of us who are good without god. Annie Laurie and Dan, thank you and FFRF for all your work.
Dedicated Podcast listener. Thanks for all you do!
i can't think of a better podcast to update those who are interested in court cases involving separation of church and state. but the music and jokes by dan barker make it unlistenable. i really really want to listen, but turn it off after a few seconds of dan.
I listen to several atheist podcasts. I love them all but none make me feel more human than this one.
Important and pertinent. Agree with others on some deficiencies in the presentation.
FFRF is the best organization out there to defend our rights against religious infringement. I look forward to listening every week to hear about the incredible victories won throughout the country. I enjoy the interviews and historical lessons regarding separation of church and state. I value this amazing organization and encourage everyone join FFRF.
Thank goodness I have unlimited data. I listen to this in my car a lot. Excellent work.
Most of the subject matter is good, interviews could be better, but I agree with others; the jokes are lame and Dan's music is "fast-forwardable". When I put this on my iPod Shuffle to listen on-the-go to all the freethought/atheist podcasts I get, Freethought Radio is put near the end. I think if the podcast ended, I wouldn't miss it at all.
Keeps me up to date on separation of church and state. This show is how I start my week.
I thoroughly support the work that the FFRF does but this podcast is killing me. The intro, including music and the introductions is often over two minutes. The piano/show tunes are incredibly dated and dull. It’s great that host Dan Barker is such an accomplished pianist and I think he’s very talented, but the style of music only appeals to a small number of people. The constant inclusion of Dan's songs are a huge turn-off. The show needs a lot more energy and I just don’t know if Dan and Annie Laurie are up to the task. I’d like to see them hand over the broadcast reigns to some fresh talent and relaunch the show. Until then, I don’t know that I can keep on downloading the show. Based on the work they do, I give them 5 stars. Based on the listenability and enjoyability of the podcast, I can only give them two stars.
I just started listening to this podcast last week, and find it refreshingly balanced. The hosts present a balanced look at atheism, which contrasts the sometimes shrill pro-belief crowd. I could be wrong, but they seem very live and let live - they don't seem to want to impose their beliefs on you, but by the same token, you have no right to impose yours on them, either.
You would think that for the years that Annie and Dan have been doing the show that they'd stop trying to talk over one another. Happens all the time. Also, WAY too much time is spent on Dan's religious parody music and no enough time on news and interviews that freethinkers would prefer to hear. On a recent episode they cut off a guest mid thought...but 5 min was wasted on a stupid song. A cutesy song is ok once in awhile but this happens too often. Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist has screamed by them in professionalism and entertainment.
These are the people at the front of the battle to get religion out of our public schools. They do important work and their podcast is great for news and interviews, but I prefer the irreverent humor and fact-checking of religious fallacies in Irreligiosophy.
I listen to and enjoy this podcast. I wish I had an ounce of the energy these two have. I do my little things in my little way and live my little atheist life. But these two are dedicated go getters accomplishing a wide variety of things on a daily basis. How could I criticize them ever? Yes, Annie is outspoken (you go girl) and Dan can be corny (you go guy). So what? I know They are real people whose skills may not be rooted in broadcasting. I love that about them. A & D are honest hard working dedicated people contributing their skill set(s) so that we all might be better off, more informed, able to participate ourselves if we so desire. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I enjoy you both just the way you are.
I love FFRF and I love this show! Very informative, serious issues are discussed, but they leave plenty of room for light-hearted banter. Overall, very positive and uplifting. I am happy to know someone is fighting to ensure all Americans have equal freedom - especially when many are content to sit on their hands and make excuses.
This show is refreshing! I, too, grew up in a small town and was bombarded by faith systems. We the people do have the right to express our belief(s) or non-belief(s). We do not have the right to express them on neither government property/time nor title. Thank you to both co-presidents of FFRF, all supporters, and even non-supporters. The differences keep the conversation evolving. The only time I'm disturbed is when "good Christians" offer obscenities and violence (via threat or blatant action) as their answer to reason. My best to you all on your journey. The biggest favor I did for God was absolve him of responsibility for my life.
Love the show, great hosts and guests however the songs by Mr Barker have to go. Not everyone likes that type of music and honestly the rhythm is a bit off. If I operated a business with my family I would have to refrain from squeezing in my "singing" and if I did I would also share the stage with other agnostic/atheist artists.
Annie Laurie and Dan are engaging hosts, and they always have interesting topics and guests. Dan is a former Christian minister who truly understands the mindset of American Christianity.
A podcast after my own heart!
They gets some interesting guests.
Enjoy the content at times but can't stand Annie's constant interruption of guests while they're trying to speak. The constant whining by her about the atrocities of the religious right. I'm an atheist but could really care less if the workers at my local city hall put up a religious display. I live in a small town in Missouri of approximately 800 people and know being an atheist I'm in the minority, that being said if the believers in my community want to display their support in their beliefs that's their right.
Well done......
I am a former worship member at an assembly of God church. I was raised Baptist. Back and forth going to church as an adult. I had been going the last 4 years at the A O G church. After watching the tsunami in Japan at work, I told a buddy,who also is a minister, how terrible it was. His reply went back to the "garden of Eden" and the "fall of man". I had always in the back of my mind kinda felt what I was always taught as a child wasn't true. All the bible stories were unbelievable to try to believe. I read and researched how I felt and now i'm OUT OF THE CLOSET ATHEIST. People at church and MY WIFE really think I'm off my rocker. My pastor has met with me a couple of times and has told me to have faith. I told him if he was raised in India that he wouldn't believe in Jesus. He agreed. By the way, I gave 5,000 last year to "GOD" ( our church ) And that was about 1/2 that I was suppose to give. (10%) My marriage my not last, but I love my new way of thinking. I encourage my wife of 3 years to go and believe, if it fulfills her. She's not in support of me,and what makes me fulfilled. I refuse to be intimidated with HELL or tempted with HEAVEN. I'll never go back to church, and want the world to stop all the hatred ,bigotry, and homophobic attitudes, in the name of GOD.


By jrs4osu
I listen every week. Thanks for all ffrf does!
I look forward to this podcast every week and I find the hosts' voices very soothing and personable. Sometimes they poke fun at the believing which doesn't bother me as a non-theist but it comes across as a little unprofessional. Plus if there were potential converts in the audience they may feel less respected as they start or continue along their often times difficult transition to reality.
Unlike so, so many podcasts, the hosts of Freethought Radio simply discuss recent state/church violations in the news--with frequent actual media clips--and directly go to an interview. There's no unnecessary chatter, and no "posse" of 4 or five "hosts" bantering back and forth incessantly as with other podcasts. Plus, Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker are about the most knowledgeable hosts freethought has! You will not be disappointed with this terrific show!
I love the content and love Dan the Man! What KILLS me is Annie Gaylor constantly Inturrupting her guests. It breaks the flow of thought with her need to be included in content. I have dans books and listened to hundreds of hours of this podcast. I can no longer endure Annie's need to be heard. Sorry Annie, sure you are a sweet gal but take some classes on broadcasting. Let your guests SPEAK!
The FFRF is a crucial American (and global) organization. The podcast presents good and diverse guests with their OWN stories and sensibilities concerning rationality and secular humanism. However, the hosts, while committed and good people waging a heroic effort, can come across as shrill and indulgent. I really can't stand Dan's singing compositions that he basically forces us to listen to. Nor do I like the snide comments (i know its tempting and easy to be this way towards religion, and believe me, I've done much worse in informal conversations) but for a show to represent rational thought done professionally and for a wide audience (and maybe that audience has someone on the fence or needs guidance and support) cannot come across this way. This show, while massively important, needs to let the facts speak for themselves. Condescension and cutting comments are for colloquial and informal conversations. Religion is insane enough as it is. We need more 'grace' on this show
This show manages to get some very good guests; but the hosts nearly sabotage the power and authority of the guests with their constant, nagging "see, you're an atheist too, right?" line of questioning. The gleeful, self-superior manner that the hosts adopt when they report on extreme examples of religiosity and faith is annoying and amateurish. Example: the Gore Vidal episode could have been fantastic had they let this brilliant man talk and stopped proctoring him into parroting their line of thinking.
Love it!!! I'm working my way through to listen to all of them and I feel like I'm learning so much. Thanks!!! Keep it up!!!
Great show. I love Annie Laurie Gaylor's opening salute. Always informative, cheerful, deserves more air time. Congratulations and thank you for your work!
Keep it entire family loves you guys! We love listening to all the work you are doing with separation of State and religion. You are doing great things for our Country to keep our freedoms alive and protected from the Dogma of Religion...THANKS!!!