Hell & High Water with John Heilemann

Reviews For Hell & High Water with John Heilemann

Great conversation
Excellent Don Lemon interview!!
Excellent, highly informative, entertaining, and John’s voice is so easy and comfortable to listen to, like maple syrup.
Loved the episode with Corey Booker
This was one of the best podcasts ever. They are the only 2 docs I listen to (except Dr Fauci sometimes). To hear them together was informative and interesting. I felt like I was getting straight information without network correctness. Please have them again. I try to listen to your podcast every week. I also enjoy you on MSNBC. I think you are a 10 on roomrater. Your fan, Julie Geller
Love Heilman and his POV!
Fantastic discussion. Been listening to them this last year, so appreciate all they have done while we dealt with Trump. Now, good, fair and insightful about where we are. Balancing need for science with reality of much of our citizens’ thinking/positions.
Interesting content, could sure do without the profanity, and wonder why intelligent and educated people do that.
Just happened to listen to the last three episodes (Leonard, Booker, Lucas Brothers) back-to-back. Excellent conversations and interesting to hear together.
John Heilemann is the most outstanding interviewer around! His interviews keep me enthralled. I listen to them multiple times. The depth of his questions, his ability to listen, the subjects he tackles are bold and revealing. I know of no other who speaks with folks on such a deep and intimate level. I NEVER miss an episode of this podcast!
I extremely enjoyed Cory Booker. What an incredible, intelligent, sincere and compassionate “real” man. I am always moved whenever I hear Cory speak. His moral compass moves my soul. I love how your podcast covers real people that are working to make positive change for all people.
I’m late to the game but there is no better way to learn about and get perspective of the state if the nation than listening to Nichole Wallace and John Hellman. It’s like a great glass of Pinot noir and a bite of dark chocolate. Yummy.
Loved hearing the singular focused pod with Senator Booker. It goes without saying, the topic is both a necessary and pivotal fight, but hearing the authenticity of *why* we fight, the humanity of *why* we fight fuels the soul. Thank you!
Whether it’s on Nicolle’s show which I love & watch faithfully or here in John’s Podcast, I always come away feeling a little smarter because of his analysis, a little less downhearted because there sre kindred spirits out there & in a better mood because of his humor. Bravo John.
Jon does a great job and his interviews are always top notch. Jon always asks great questions and builds strong rapport with his guests, even with the horrible Zoom factor. The only thing I’d change are the incredibly long introductions. He gives a sort of 101 intro to guests that frequently don’t need such thorough exposition. Like, your audience probably knows who Cory Booker is, at least well enough that we don’t need a complete step by step personal history/explainer that he’s a senator who just ran for President. That’s a nitpick though, and you can always fast forward. Awesome pod!!
Thank you for this podcast with Cory Booker. So important to hear from this intelligent, compassionate man.
I really like this podcast. Great guests and love Heilmans comments. Like the straight language too!! Keep them coming!! I listened to the two part Nicole Wallace casts. They are both great and insightful and really like Nicole’s insights and thoughts on a variety of topics. Nicole is really smart and attractive. I listen to your podcast regularly and enjoy them. Thank you.
Great interview with Nicolle Wallace! This podcast is informative and fair. I am a huge fan of the both of you. When is your next podcast ! We are ready for round three.
Stunning personal, realistic and professional accounts of perceptions over the past year. Am fan of both of you, enjoyed hearing a more private reflection on your personal lives; especially with recent airing of the 'trial'....have wondered why am so teary these days but now understand it not a singular issue. Thanks, judith
You guys are wonderful. Thanks for the depth, intelligence, humanity.
I agree with a lot of what he says but his smug disposition and gratuitous vulgarity is a real turn off. Just do your work and try not to seem cool. You’re not.
Have been reading dealbook since it’s debut and everything Sorkin has written, avid fan of cnbc as well - good interview!
Despite being a long-time fan of John, I’m relatively new to the podcast and I must say it’s fantastic! Exceptional in terms of substance and entertainment. Keep up the great work.
I love Nicolle and Deadline White House! My husband and I really enjoy you too John; also we watch The Circus!!
Love Nicole, smart, insightful and bold. Love the straight talk. Not afraid to drop the f-bomb.
You guys need to do this once a month!
Daily I get my news explained and spirits raised by Nicole Wallace. I Share her fear as we have endured the traumatic years of Trump and the pandemic. Now that I can enjoy your friendship and humor, I have come to appreciate John beyond the facts he presents on the circus. As your dynamic duo shows friendship, shares facts, and uses humor, I feel I can escape the fear while I listen to you both. Thank you !
“Hi John”. I love when you start your conversations with Nichole Wallace that way. It’s what I do with my friends before I have a political nutty. I DVR Deadline White House everyday. I love it. Lives well lived rips my heart out daily. The 2 of you are a joy in this bleak and insane time. I also DVR Political Circus. Alex and Jen are my favorite warriors. Thanks for helping to keep my blood pressure manageable-ish most days. Love all the pods. Love all you do. Please keep it up.
LOVE you and Nicolle together! More more more!
You guys are terrific together. It was such a luxury to hear your thoughts develop over this splendid conversation. More, please!
You both are the best ever. Two hours of intelligent insightful enjoyable commentary.
Simply amazing. You two need a podcast... cannot get enough of your magic! Brilliant logical, thoughtful observation on it all!!!! Thank you.
There they were , two of my favorites. I’m educated, comforted, edified. Thank you and HELP!
I thoroughly enjoy your interviews, John Heilman! Finally all caught up. p.s. Thanks for Feb 23 episode. “The Good Lord Bird” mini-series is fantastic!
John cannot complete a sentence, ‘right’, without saying ‘right’ 3 times, ‘right’? Utterly pathetic. ‘Right’? A shame that a communicator can’t communicate without the patronizing ‘right’, right? Moving on from this pod. Delete. Right?
Loved it. I love your questions because it reflected what I was interested in. Clint’s answers were informative. Thanks to the two of you. I like your podcasts because you don’t tolerate fools kindly.
Superb podcast. It’s refreshing to hear the truth from individuals who know what they are talking about. Thank you for that.
Fantastic job on all of your podcast John and team.Every episode has been tremendous so far, great interviewing and guests are top notch.
John, I follow you and whenever you are on ANY program I listen to your words! Like EF Hutton, people should listen. I tip my hat to you. Keep up the good work! Post the good lord Bird; you know John after listening to this podcast, I think the schools should feature this as a module in American History class. Just Saying! Thank you Brother!
Only have a second to tell you that this episode is IMPORTANT. I ordered McBride’s book, The Good Lord Bird, while listening and now am not sure whether to read the book and then watch the series or the other way around. Regardless, listen to a great conversation that goes beyond the book and Showtime series.
Awesome series of American history that has too often been neglected. Great podcast.
I’ve loved them all, but this is a really terrific episode. My very favorite newish-for-me podcast!
This was a very interesting episode about not only John Brown, Frederick Douglass, and the terrific limited TV series TGLB (based on the novel), but general history that needs to be better understood. The 10-year-long Kansas-Missouri border wars are key to understanding how the Civil War broke out. Here’s hoping Ethan Hawke wins the Golden Globe this Sunday.
I learn so much Week in- Week out. Excellent topics, discussion and guests.
John nails another excellent in depth interview.