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This show just went from good to amazing, thank you. We are struggling here in WI & this transparency helps educate.


By fitnon
I’m hooked to this podcast! I’ve been listening non stop since I started. I also binge listened to his book. Thank you Michael for speaking out and telling the truth about Donald Trump. And for taking responsibility for everything you’ve done. It’s truly refreshing.
Michael, I read your book, I believe you 100% I am disappointed tho when you said you still cared for the man, He isn’t worth your time, he insulted your daughter, I would have decked him! This time in your life is better, money isn’t power isn’t, family who love you and stayed are all one ever needs God Bless I would love to hear a session with you and Lt Col Vindman, another person screwed by the orange, what he did and what people are continually doing to this hero is beyond me. Ty for this wonderful podcast Michael, I haven’t missed any.
very much enjoy and value Michael’s perspective, but pretty please can you ditch the background dirge the whole time he is talking? It’s like being hit in the head with a hammer - such a relief when the interview starts and the repetitive musical accompaniment ends.
Please interview both Tom and Noel. They are on the same healing path of truth. There sure seems to be a discrepancy of DJT’s drug use. It would be healing for everyone to know everything.
Thanks Michael this is very educational, we learn more and more everyday we listen to your podcast. Thanks again for standing up to the truth. “ You ask me what forces me to speak? a strange thing; my conscience.” Victor Hugo.
Michael Cohen is making it right and I appreciate that. I can listen to his stories all day. Plus I love the song intro, it’s all good stuff!!
When I first saw Michael Cohen on TV, I thought he was just a mean guy. Then through the Trump drama, I started to see someone that was going through a true metamorphosis . I watched him testify and was amazed that he seemed to be breaking free of the demon Trump, with every true word he spoke. When he was sentenced , I kind of lost track of him. Then Covid happened and again Mr. Cohen came into my line of vision. I was happy that he was out of jail and at home, regardless of what the restrictions were. Suddenly he was back in prison. What? Because he was writing a book of his years in the Trump cult? What kind of justice system does America have now? A few weeks later he was released again. I breathed a sigh of relief for him. His book “Disloyal” is a must listen too! He narrates himself and takes you deeply into the hell that he experienced in the Trump cult. His podcast is another piece of his metamorphosis. He is doing everything he can to redeem himself and to make people aware of the dangers of Trump. In a way, one could say he lost everything. But I believe he has found his true self, who he is really supposed to be in this world. Who I thought was just a “mean guy” is turning out to be a guy who has tremendous worth and value. He is richer than Trump could ever be. I’ve listened to his audio book
Michael, I hated you when you were Trumps right hand man but I’m happy that you have turned away from that evil. Love this podcast and look forward to every new episode. I can’t get enough of this podcast. Great!
Fascinating podcast- love Listening to former Trump insiders vent their anger and frustration! Michael Cohen is great at this. James Carville episode is a classic!
Love him or hate him, Mr. Cohen delivers and he is truly great at podcasting! Who knew?😄 It’s interesting to hear his perspective for the obvious reasons but also because he is good at hosting and asking the right questions from his guests. Give it a listen, you will not be left unfulfilled!
I am so sorry that our country is going through this now and will be for many years ahead. You’ve done a good job and a great podcast. You have interesting people who know what they’re talking about. I just can’t get over the fact that you believed in him and you helped set him up as president. I don’t know how you can ever forgive yourself.
I thought of you much like General Hertling did before your turn toward the truth. I despised seeing you on CNN sticking up for Trump. But my heart goes out to you and your family for turning yourself around and making restitution. This podcast is such a revelation. I especially loved your banter with Anthony Scaramucci. Keep fighting the good fight!
I’m really enjoying your honesty and clear understanding of all you have done for Donald. I’m reading your book now and I have read Mary Trump’s book which are necessary to get a good understanding behind why Donald is the way he is and that he will never change. Your guests are very informative and have suffered pain just for knowing Donald. With your podcast hopefully you can reach more people to understand this horrible period in our history. I believe in karma and I think it’s coming in a big way to Donald. The Teflon Don died in prison, just saying. A very concerned grandma


Shows great but could you tone down the echo on the mic? Thanks
When I was 23 I got arrested as a result of drug use and had to go through a diversion program to stay out of jail. IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME! While at the time I thought my life was over, it forced me to make long term life choices that have made my life better now some 35 years later. I see the same thing happening to you here and it lifts my heart to see that you have chosen the correct path. Keep up the good work. You are making an example of yourself for your children that as you evolve will be likewise helpful to them on their respective paths. Keep up the good work Paisan.
He is definitely trying to make right for all the bad things he’s done as far as enabling Trump. I love his New York attitude and “no f’s given” way of speaking to just put it all out there. Every Trump supporter should give this a listen. This guy probably knows Trump better than anyone, and what he has to say is scary. Not that I needed convincing, so for me, this podcast is also very entertaining. I wish it was daily.
My confliction with the host has been surpassed by the candor of every person participating in the podcasts. The information should be heard by every person and I both look forward to the next one yet want them to end.
Love your podcast and appreciate feeling like I’m in the room with you while you talk to your guests 👏👏👏
This podcast bores down to the truth inside the Trump mythology. I was happily surprised to learn Trump’s former fixer is so literate and informed. The podcast goes beyond Michael’s book, presenting interviews with other inside truth tellers and whistle blowers.
Thank you for you honesty and sincerity Michael. I love that you accept your responsibility and aren’t just blaming Trump. We all make mistakes and it truly takes a soul to admit them. I hear it in your voice. This is no act. Thank you for exposing your weakness and telling us how you were taken under this Conman's spell. Well done Michael. 5 star for sure. I will recommend you everyone. My husband and I listen to each episode together while in the road. We love it. Looking for the Mea Culpa ringtone for his phone. Keep up the good work Michael.
I couldn’t get through the first episode. So showy and still dam proud of himself.
You are bringing the truth to all of us. May you be richly rewarded for your efforts. Keep it up!!
Every voter aged US citizen should listen to this podcast.
Hello Michael I’m an immigrant man here and a black man , by listening to your Podcasts I feel that every body deserves a second chance in Life and you already have it you. The American people have granted you a Second chance!!!!!! May The Lord bless you Family buddy*****
I am so on the fence on my personal feelings about Michael Cohen... interested in his stories and input... impressed with his ability to speak out against Trump... disgusted with the fact that he could do Trump’s dirty work for over a decade. I mostly listen to this podcast because of the unique insight into our Maniac in Chief. But I subscribe and eagerly look forward to each episode. Michael, STOP INTERRUPTING your guests unless you have a FABULOUS tidbit of personal Trump info to share... not simply your “opinion”. And try to downplay your tone a bit... We all hate him but if you chill a bit it will make you sound more credible.
Mr. Cohen’s fall from grace is real and insightful. He tells it like it was and is to be in the orbit of Donald Trump. I believe this tell-all podcast is his way of reclaiming his soul that was lost in the world of Trump.
Michael your path to redemption is honorable, and admirable. I hope you realize you have a lot of people who truly care and respect you. We all know how hard this must’ve been, and at least for myself I truly admire you trying to write so many wrongs. You are a Mench
Love your podcast ! It’s funny !
Michael, I enjoy listening to you & think you’re pretty funny. Guests are great and I especially love all the truth telling. I’m so proud of you and wish you and your family nothing but the best! Thank you!
Michael, I love this podcast and everything about it. I love your Long Island sensibilities and pulling no punches. You have redeemed yourself and shown us the man we all knew Trump was. Your guests have been fantastic, Rosie, Omarosa, Carville, and the rest have been fantastic guests. Keep up the good work. I tell everyone who will listen about this podcast and they in turn have loved it to. I hope he be hearing from you for a long time to come.


I respect the hell out of people who can admit fault, pay the price, and then speak out. Even when somebody is busted, they must choose how they bear it. I appreciate what Michael is doing here. I welcome his voice. Thanks, Michael.
I was not prepared to forgive Michael Cohen for helping to unleash Donald J. Trump on our nation. This podcast offers fascinating up-to-date information from interviewees who are in-the-know. Peppered with swear worlds, Cohen’s interviews are raw, emphatic and smart. Seems he is genuinely contrite and I’ve raptly listened to each episode. Looking forward to the next episode!
No one knows the truth about Donald Trump as well as an insider who is willing to say what needs to be said without a filter because it needs to be said. Your NYC edge is an essential facet in this dialog. You are a great host & you ask all the right questions. The road to redemptionfrom trump is an open road. Drive safely @MichaelCohen
But Michael, PLEASE stop interrupting your guests to prove you know more than they. Maybe take the time at the end of the episode to give your take on the subject... but the guest should have time to speak freely. That said thank you for your mea culpa. I accept but do not speak for all. I wish you all the best.
I look forward to every new episode. Michael is honest and spot on about all things Trump. So glad he has found a way to give back.
Michael Cohen’s Mea Culpa podcasts are riveting. He delivers the most insightful and masterfully articulated podcasts on Trump thus far! A must listen!
I wish all Americans would listen to these podcasts by Mr. Cohen. He is honest and thoughtful about his time in the Trump Cult. I have faith that eventually MORE Americans will come to see our 45 President with clearer eyes. They too will come around to understanding that Donald CARES ONLY ABOUT HIMSELF.
Thank you Michael for interviewing Mr. Carville. You have no idea how much I needed to hear everything he had to say. I feel a bit better, less anxious. There must be a Trump Anxiety Disorder and I know I’m not alone! Keep up the great work Michael!
I think I have heard enough, the constant interruptions of the guests is rude and self serving.
I’ve read Michael’s book and am loving this podcast. I believe in redemption stories. I appreciate that Cohen takes full responsibility for his part in creating this nightmare we’ve been living through for the last four years. And now he’s doing everything he can to provide a corrective to his complicity. I’m a fan. Ps Love the Bonus episodes too!
This is by far my favorite new podcast, from the theme song to the way Cohen speaks of his time with Trump, his interviews, and the guests he gets to share their stories of their time with Trump, I’m hanging on every word. I look forward to each new episode and love that it comes out not just once a week, but whenever he has new content. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in knowing the truth of what has been happening over the last several years and what made Trump who he is.
This is a very crude podcast. It’s like listening to a temper tantrum with a lot of swearing. Not fun to listen to. Too off putting for my taste.
I’m enjoying your podcast. Especially liked the one with James Carville. Keep up the good work
I just love it when I see a new Mea Culpa episode in my queue. I really loved the Carville episode and Cohen asked every question I wanted to hear answered. Looking forward to the next episodes!
We all make mistakes and you are powering ahead and living well and telling the truth. It sounds like the TRUTH. When I listen to your Podcasts I feel calm, not alone anymore, relieved. You are crazy intelligent and so Articulate. So grateful for your book too. Listened twice. Be well Xo Vicki Geist
This podcast is raw & real. It’s fascinating to hear the perspective of someone who was on the inside of the trump crime family.
I am not sure what I expected, but I was really pleasantly surprised and impressed by the first episode with Rosie O'Donnell. The honesty about how you wound up being seduced by the dark side was fascinating, and the redemption you are having by finally telling the truth is satisfying.
Whether or not you read the book “Disloyal,” this podcast is endearing and relevant. Michael Cohen highlights the assault on civility by people in positions of power and atones every moment he tries to right his previous wrongs. Coming clean with engaging conversations, he opens our eyes to the depths of corruption he and others have witnessed. I forgive you, Michael.