Managing the Gray

Reviews For Managing the Gray

I enjoy listening to CC when I get a free second. He always provides food for thought even if its something I have been at for months! He still makes me think out of the box!
Great advice spoken with a caring, genuine voice. He has a wealth of knowledge to share within this new age of social/digital media. If you haven't yet, subscribe to the Media Hacks podcast as well. It's like a roundtable discussion with the pantheons of social media (CC included). Thanks and cheers!
What I like about CC's podcast is that they are always upbeat and punchy. For my consumption, his 20 minute segments are just right... great content, ideas, links. After listening to the podcast for a year, I can say that I am a regular ...
I love Managing the Gray. Beyond sparking new ideas in the marketing and social media realm, CC exudes passion that is contagious. This podcast is a great resource for staying on top of trends and is a tremendous motivator.
C.C. Chapman is a top notch professional that works the marketing field. He not only understands social media, he goes the extra mile in explaining the everchanging concept that is social media. He is open and always will share his insights. In a nutshell C.C. gets it and you would do well to become a regular listener to "Managing the Gray"
Love the energy and the expertise CC! It's time well spent on my train commute listening to the latest and greatest. Best, Erik Qualman author of Socialnomics
Great 'social media' insight and topics while being very inspring at times. CC Chapman is very informative and easy to listen to. He is having fun and your learning, great combination.
I'm a busy entrepreneur--so I rely on others to sift through all of the marketing and productivity stuff out there to find the rare ones that are really useful. CC Chapman delivers it. Thanks CC!
I love C.C.'s energy and Social Media know-how! Keep up the great show C.C.!
CC Chapman's Managing the Gray is one of the podcasts that my Marketing Team and I look forward to every week. We listen together and take notes - there is ALWAYS something new we can use in creating our social media strategies. I highly recommend subscribing.
Want some inspiration and fresh ideas for marketing your business using new media? Managing the Gray with CC Chapman will get you focused on the passion that drives new media ventures. Well worth the listen!
You are not alone. C.C. Chapman is with you, supporting you, sharing his foibles and successes. This podcast is a heartfelt exploration of one man's career in marketing and his deep assessment of the Web 2.0 world.
In the world of new media, C.C. Chapman is a bellwether for me. I have listened to his other podcasts for some time, and for the past seven months, I have caught up with Managing the Gray. As a podcaster and new media enthusiast myself, I've been drawn into the discussion. How about U? R U Listening?
Managing the Grey is filled with great advice all about new media. C.C. shares his personal experiences in new media areas such as Second Life in a very postitive way, and I always come away with something new that I can use in my own business or personal life.
And that is a good thing. Check out this podcast to get a feel of what can be done with podcasting and Social Marketing. Great Stuff!!
CC Chapman has been on the forefront of new media for a long time. He is well versed in the subjects he speaks on in addition to encouraging, adivising, and sharing his expertise and wisdom to those who are new to this area. CC has made a great name for himself and it is a priviledge to know him.
C.C. has his finger on the pulse of new media. I have listened to every episode and love them all! It is fun to listen to as well as exceptionally informative. Seriously, if you have your own business or are in marketing and don't want to be left behind, than I suggest you subscribe to this podcast.
Produced well, great voice, up tempo and excitement all provide a good listen. The information is solid and if you are interested in marketing and business then this one is for you. In any event this one is worth a listen - insightful commentary.
A great source to check for what's new in Marketing - almost as good as The M Show!