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I love watching Anna Beys YouTube videos and I am so happy she launched a podcast! I listen while I do my makeup and get ready in the morning. I love her advice and how she helps so many women 🤍
I love Anna Bey’s podcast! It’s such a great addition to the free content she already shares with the world. Her free content has helped me level up all areas of my life and I’m so excited to get into her online program! This podcast is a sort of behind-the-scenes of her life. I listen to it while folding laundry, working out, or washing dishes. Sometimes, it’s so good I have to stop what I’m doing to take notes!
I recently found Anna on YouTube channel and have devoured all of her published podcasts which I love love love! Waiting to hear more of Anna on podcast form.Hope she make a comeback here soon!
I find Anna to be very relatable. I want to work on making friends and improving my social skills. I find her advice on confidence, interpersonal skills, and respecting others and yourself positive and insightful.
I’m in love with the context and Anna’s fun personality! She’s unapologetic and honest. With staying at home due to the pandemic, I noticed my appearance starting to decline. This was a great reminder to elevate my style and my life. It’s about being classy, elegant and empowering my femininity.
Anna- thank you so much for your content- on YouTube and now that I’ve added into my life your podcast. You have brought up so many things that I find important, I know I can learn from you, and you also just have helped me realize in my transitional point in life that I can do and be truly whatever I set my mind on being. You made a point in an older podcast episode that really resonated, and it was about another lady who had friends that were bringing her down, and I really loved that. For years I have been told that (because of my education) the way I speak is ‘uppety’ or I seem ‘full of myself’ bc of the way I speak/ but my listening to your lessons etc has truly shown me that it’s other people’s insecurities that are the reason they say these things; Nat that these are the better qualities within myself. I know I have a long way to go, but I appreciate your uplifting content for those of us ladies that want to upgrade ourselves every day (even if it’s just learning a new fact or a new word) - I appreciate you- Alexandra
Listening to Anna’s podcast is like listening to the stories and life philosophies of that articulate and fun, kind, and oh-so-posh friend we look up to and want to copy. If you don’t have that kind of girlfriend, find one. Or just listen to this podcast. (One small warning: just like me, you might be more into science than into astrology, and more into positive psychology than “law of attraction” stuff, but listening to Anna is still worth it, if only for working on your self-esteem, style, and social image as a woman. Hey, no girlfriend is ever perfect.)
Anna you are truly a master of the elegance life transformation. Ladies, this podcast is fundamental during your life upgrade journey, don’t miss any podcast not a single one!
I love her sense of humor. She presents her lessons in a fun and informative way . Stay classy and live your best life . Powerful advice .
This podcast is for ladies who want to learn how to be feminine and elegant. To be of value and be a gem among the too casual and often vulgar ladies. It helped me elevate my lifestyle in a big way! Thank you Anna!
I love everything Anna Bey creates, she is an enormous inspiration to me! I appreciate this podcast, especially the episode about imposter syndrome. Listening to her voice just soothes me and her content is so supportive on the level up journey!
I can’t get enough of Anna’s podcasts. Her podcasts are informative and are always about interesting topics. I think I’ve listened to almost every podcast. She is definitely living out her purpose. Keep up the great work Anna.
I genuinely wait for Anna’s podcast. She is the best! She changed the way I dress up when I’m home and lounging. Being home & comfortable doesn’t mean you look ugly. 💕🤗 I care take of myself more
I appreciate her sincerity when she speaks about her roots , her journey and travels as an Elegant lady. She does come across as a friend , instead of an pompous snob, which I am grateful for. I appreciate her podcast “ to achieve success “ , ep 9. She mentions the importance of self care as “essential “ to continue in the journey. Such a true statement , have come to apply it in my life . Thank you for your unique approach to teaching to level up and your sincerely when sharing your life . 💕
This is exactly what I needed to hear. I love your podcast thank you 💗
Thank u Anna for all the content you give us. It is so useful and inspiring for the leveling up journey.
Anna, You have done so so much for me in the last year, and I want to thank you for being here and teaching us ladies who aren’t as fortunate to learn about affluent society. I am definitely focusing on being more traditionally feminist and drawing out my femininity in all aspects of my life. Your ladylike charms and value of traditional femininity is what first attracted me to you, and now you inspire me to reach a level of life that I never thought possible for myself. In one podcast, you asked your listeners if we prefer shorter length or longer length podcasts. I think both are influential, not only because every lady, and her needs, are unique. But also because the shorter podcasts ease the mood and mind into thinking about self care, femininity, affluence, goals, manifestation, and everything else you cover. The longer podcasts are really useful to delve completely into certain topics. I personally use the short podcasts to get myself focused on your conversation. And I then switch to the longer podcasts when I am ready to delve deep, which is when I am doing household chores or exercising. Also, you refer to your audience and base as twenty year olds and up. I am sixteen. A very focused, motivated, and independent sixteen year old. We all love your tips and experiences. Thank you so much, Anna! Much love from Alaska, USA 🇺🇸
Anna’s content on her YouTube channel and her podcast really inspire me, I have had a great mindset and great life changes because of her.
I have been following her on Instagram and YouTube. I really like how she is honest and real she is. She truly give valuable advices as she is your own sister. Thank you Anna!
This podcast is an extension of Anna’s online work on YouTube, and I’ve become seriously addicted. She is funny, smart, and has become my motivation to improve my life if every way. Can’t wait for more episodes to come out!!
Very sporadic with uploads. I enjoy listening to her friends talk about what it was like growing up in their respective countries.
Oh dear…
Anna changed my life with her knowledge on how to be the best version of myself. I’m truly grateful to be able to apply practices I otherwise wouldn’t have without her sharing her advice. Thank you so much Anna for the essential information that has developed me into someone I’m proud of. I’m always sending love your way and best wishes!
I can listen to you all day 😁 #classy
I prefer the longer podcast. I feel like we are friends chatting. Keep them coming!
I’m so happy I found Anna’s YouTube channel and then super thrilled about this podcast. I’ll be honest and say that the first video I watched I was a bit dismissive since my style is a bit more grungy and artsy. However, the more I listened the more it made sense to me. Her advice started to resonate in the sense that you can be the best version of yourself no matter who you are and what your priorities are. I think any woman in this modern world would benefit from her advice and feel uplifted and motivated to go after her goals and be a better and more refined version of herself. Keep the awesome work Anna!!
I am so excited that Anna Bey started a podcast! I came across her YouTube channel accidentally one day and I’ve been hooked since.
Although I am Christian, I am fully aware of law of attraction! I believe that the way people interpret the Bible is not what the Bible is saying. I believe that having a open mind and understanding that everything is not what it seems, and you have to do your own research wen it come to interpreting your religion and spirituality.
Anna, it’s so refreshing that you are a feminine feminist. Thank you for sharing your advice about the Law of Attraction, dressing and behaving in a classy way, and travel tips. I also love how you encourage positivity, self-improvement and mental health. I enjoy the long poscasts as well as the short ones. I think it is nice to mix it up.
Been following Anna for almost 3 years now. And I have grown so much mentally/emotionally/aesthetically as a person since. Thank you so much Anna !
I love you Anna... I love u sooooooo much
This is an interesting podcast, and Anna Bey is a fun and charming communicator. I rarely have time to sit and watch YouTube videos, so I’m grateful that this podcast exists too.
This podcast came into my life at just the right time. I watched some of Anna’s YouTube videos first and was thrilled to know she started a podcast. Such excellent advice and inspiring words to help motivate you on your journey. Highly recommend!
Hi I enjoy shorter podcast as I am busy mom with two boys and I don’t have time for longer podcasts .
Longer episodes please
I really enjoy listening to Anna . She is so honest, genuine and refreshing. Alma
Although I enjoy her content, I dislike that she does not post consistently as she states she will.
I’m absolutely in love with Anna Bey and everything she has to say. I love the way she carries herself and I 100% agree with her point of view on everything. I love that she speaks her mind and tells it like it is without sugar coating anything. Will be attending her next School of Affluence for sure to learn more. Thank you SO much Anna ♥️👸🏼
I enjoyed listening and watching your YouTube chanel as well as podcast here. Can't wait to see the next. Thank you so much for your hard work.!!! I have learned a lot from your sharing. By the way, could you please to share with us the proper outfits or clothings we should wear in bedroom? That'd be a very interesting topic to learn and improve as well. Thank you very much and I'm very appreciated Anna ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lily- from Washington- U.S.
Anna gives us good information from her perspective and although I’m married for over 30 years, I can see the benefit of her thoughts. Not every experience is 5+ star and we shouldn’t criticize places not living up to our expectations. I do like how Anna positions her critique in a way that doesn’t throw excessive shade!
Anna, would you please continue talking about this subject. Than you ❤️
I really appreciate Anna’s straight forward nature. I agree with many things she says and I believe she gives significant advice in a world filled with women who need this advice. Thank you, Anna!
It goes very deep into the Depths of Shallows.
It’s so refreshing to hear Anna talk as she would to a friend! Love this podcast 👍👏
I can’t have enough of your podcast! Keep on the amazing work. You the best
I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Anna is so very entertaining, informative, and insightful.
I very much enjoy this podcast and your Youtube videos. Thank you for sharing this with us! You are very inspiring and I'm happy I found you during this stage in my life!
Thank goodness there is a woman like you in this world! Thanks for this episode. I share the same opinion with you, thank you for encouraging me to change some things in my marriage.


Thank you Anne for talking about these important topics. Yes, men should always pay because being a woman is hard enough.