The ETCs with Kevin Durant

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By tksand
besides appearing as a friend to KD? Driving holistic convos between him and KD. As regular listener, he still hasn't developed the skill of speaking/interviewing on a podcast. With probably being the only media channel that had this close of an access to Kyrie, you missed so many opportunities to ask good follow-up questions that implored Kyrie's thoughts on a lot of topics that he kind of hinted at, but didn't clarify. That's when good interviewers ask the good questions. But you just like to turn it back to "me and Kevin were saying..." lol cmon man. Where is your skill in the podcast game? Almost as annoying as your corny hybrid NY? Accent? Never heard anyone from Sacramento w that twang.


By caesaee
Love the talk with kyrie one of those few people you root for like family in the game of life LOVE THE GUY
I came to hear Durant speak. I’m leaving because it’s mostly Eddie
KD is the best player in the NBA today and his podcast is just as good. Great pod KD and Eddie
totally understandable eddie does a decent job running point to lead the convos but i wish KD gets to ask more questions. i thought i would hear more KD now that he has a pod but its lowkey a little too much of the other dude
KD is the man, Boardroom Podcast is so good 🙌
From the perspective of an NBA player changes the way you see the game. KD has no bad takes. Almost makes you wish there was a behind the scenes of an NBA team. I wish there was something like “All or Nothing” for a small team like the Mavericks or something to view their lives day to day.
Cole World no explanation DREAMVILLE Jermaine hit me @iamchanmann I wanna get some tour footage 📸📸📸🙏🏿🌏
I’m leaving five stars just because KD cooked up a quick 49 tonight


By Kelk17
Shows great but for some reason his voice bugs me so much....
I like the variety of people they bring on, from household names, to rookies in the Rawanda Basketball League.
KD is cool but the other dude Eddie is straight up weird
Love these stories 🔥 KD always insightful. Definitely worth the listen !!
It’s a good podcast to get the inside view on theNBA but the language is pretty rough other wise pretty good podcast.
Can’t hear stories like this anywhere else 🔥🔥
Love this content and the stories - KD kills it - definitely worth it to listen!
It was okay until they got into the lame boomer rant about how everybody's so sensitive. Ironic af coming from KD (inb4 he replies to this). Sorry, proto-boomers, part of having opinions is encountering counter opinions. Then you lamely try to position yourself as being thin-skinned because what? Cause what, Draymond? You picked a fight with the WNBA and people pushed back? Now you're a victim, but you're also super thick-skinned tough guy? Pathetic, man. If you want to be a firebrand speaking their mind you can't also be a wuss crying about backlash.
KD kills this podcast. The most recent episode with Draymond Green is a must listen 🔥
Thx for putting a Period on the Dray/K saga. KD will always be the Basketball Angel to me, rising up and hitting over even Giant Ogres. No contest. Always keep it 💯


By Btrach
So cool to hear from KD and how he looks at the business and basketball. He’s just so open and real. Truly gaining insight from one of the most talented and smart athletes in sports today.
Best podcast! Definitely worth the listen!
Very interesting and varied content. Conversations expand beyond basketball and the NBA. Recommend for anyone interested in the culture surrounding sports or just sports in general!
Amazing selection of podcast and great insights on the inner workings of the NBA and sport.
Great content!
KD has great convos and interesting guests! Felt like I was in the room! Love this pod!!
KD’s always been my favorite player because of what he’s able to do on the court, but this podcast has completely changed my perspective on who he is as a person. Incredible to be able to get this kind of insight from one of the GREATEST to ever do it!!!
My new favorite podcast!!
Always an awesome experience learning from my favorite athletes and personalities. It’s even better when KD is able to pair that with some of the biggest names across every industry. A must listen!
Just a horrible “podcast” if your reading this get as far away as possible from this wretched silly excuse of a podcast.
... and thus KD should nor have a platform until he works through that. Unacceptable no matter his talent.
Very thurl Kevin Wayne Durant i need talk to win the finals tho
Got me dying. But anything KD touches has good content. He's controversial and not just talking about basketball
It's a great listen. They have good conversations. No🧢
The realest talks in all areas of different cultures. Doesn’t miss.
This was amazing. Good questions to letting them talk ratio. Big time guest. Good open questions getting the most out of the guest. No wasted time. 💯
I like KD but I’m not his biggest fan. The podcast is great and there are so many awesome perspectives.
Change the co host Eddie G tries way to hard to sound black like too hard you can tell it’s fake. Hard to listen to. It’s like Malibu’s most wanted. Just be you.
Scoop Jackson’s of color, nah. Let’s say exactly what it is. I’m diggin’ the pod and the initial first shows. Very good guest, perspectives and narration. Keep the bar high...


Fan of ur game and a fan of ur pod! This pod is dope man...keep em comin KD. #HugeFan
This is 1 of the only podcast I will be waiting for!!
So impactful and overall great content. I love it
what’s better then listening to kd conversate for 2 hours ?
I expected a great podcast when I saw the clip of his interview with Kyrie on Kev’s instagram, but man was I even more impressed after listening to part one and 2. obviously the two are great friends off the mic, but there never seemed like the questions were forced and everything was natural. even episode 2 with Noah was great. I really appreciate hearing this side of athletes and their friends just chopping it up. It overall is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard from a player. The only podcast I enjoy more is JJ Redick’s podcast, and Bill Simmons podcast. Great work KD!
They keep it interesting the whole episode. KD & Eddie really doing it for the culture 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Love the first episode. Kyrie speaks his truth and is an inspiration.
I really love the content on this podcast. I was able to learn a lot and change my point of view of certain things and or topics!!! A big fan of this podcast!