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All these shows about Reality Steve seem a bit petty. Just let the guy do his thing. He apologized for his mistakes. Tayshia actually said “i hate him”. Joe called him “a middle aged man”. I mean, those are forms of harassment too. I am his age, and still enjoy the show. Not defending his actions. But you should just acknowledge his faults belong to the past, and are looking forward for a brighter future. Move on
TAYSHIA you are such a great personality, you need to be on a podcast with less people. Your who people want to hear from, the others are sadly irrelevant and baggage you don’t need to lug with you. Go get your bag girl! Maybe bachelor happy hour.... 🤭🤔
That’s all lies. He is simply a man who is doing a job to make money, spilling spoilers. Tayshia is clearly mad about him interviewing her ex, Kristina is mad he spilled tea about her and Dean. For Demi, it’s because Nick hates him and she’s trying to be loyal to him. 😂 calm down, it’s not that serious. 🙄 Making something out of nothing.
Enjoyed the most recent episode, but gotta say-reality Steve DOES go for men as well- see Matt, pilot Pete, nick viall, arie, and jef. Wrote negatively about them in the past, but because it’s men, people don’t care (with the exception of Matt, people care about him).
These 3 work great together They ask the questions I would ask and they don’t talk above each other Very respectful
Take all the time you need. If it wasn’t for The Bachelorette you would not have the platform that you have. You made the choice to be in the public eye. You found your man go live your life.
Love Tayshia! Joe is hilarious! Natasha is annoying...... other than that, I like their topics they speak on and love the guest they have on!
Ya’all are way off regarding your critique of Game of Roses podcast. Please listen to their response and follow up by actually having a conversation with them.
No Natasha.... she’s rude, interrupts every guest on the pod, and it just truly annoying.
Throw in some non white people into the bachelor mix and they go absolutely mental as usual. These comments are insane. Leave your opinions about game of roses on their page it is not relevant to Click Baits ratings. Just because GOR insinuates on their podcast to leave bad reviews here doesn’t mean you have to.
I think it would be really helpful if you guys included a link to the click bait article you’re discussing in the “Episode Notes,” just in case we want to read it, too.


By njgrob
Natasha is negative and annoying. She needs to go. Everything is about race with her. Love Taysha and Joe. Joe doesn’t add much but.... he’s still funny. Taysha carries the podcast.
Natasha seems nice but listening to her talk tends to border obnoxious and I have to turn it off.
No chemistry with the hosts whatsoever and when did Joe become so arrogant?? Don’t even get me started on the Game of Roses talk..... At least do SOME sort of research or prep work or something. After how supportive they have been?! I’m going to guess that was producer driven, I’m hoping! They all need to go!


By 957284
Idk how you talk about Colton without addressing that he stalked and tracked his ex gf, not okay


By MC-_
Great podcast
Yes, Colton has struggled and it’s good that he is out and free from the secret, but what happened with him and Cassie isn’t just “drama.” That was violence and dangerous and deserves to be taken more seriously.
Natashia please!!!!
The 3 of them have a good dynamic between them. I listen to a tonnn of bachelor pod casts & this ones definitely one of my favorites¨̮ Weird that it’s the only one where almost every single review mentions Game of Roses (which I’ve never even heard of in all my bachelor groups), kinda seems like they wanna make themselves relevant by riding Click Baits tail. Strange. Just listen to the podcast & enjoy, you don’t need to compare it to the exact same podcast every review.
This is my favorite podcast. The hate in the comments is confusing to me. Joe, Tashia, and Natasha are great together! I love listening to Clickbait during the week!
The three of them flow together so well! I love Natasha. Tayshia is a light and Joe is by far the funniest guy from Bachelor Nation..
Okay you guys are protecting Chris Randone?! Must be part of abcs plot to make him likeable. He is troubled and should not be on Bip to disrespect anymore Bach women.


I was laughing out loud at Joe talking to Victoria F! One of the best episodes yet! You three have an great dynamic and bring different perspectives and a ton of fun to the podcast. Love it!
From Tayisha...ugh. I thought Valley Girl speak was from the previous century. Joe is fine.
Had to turn it off once Abigal came on. The amount of times she said um........... was so irritating.
Tayshia does not speak eloquently. Plus she is very condescending in her treatment of Joe. Why does he put up with this? She treats him like a dummy. So off-putting! Don’t know if she has the chops to be a mentor on the next Bachelorette. Listening to men and responding is not the same as directing the flow of a season of a show. I think TPTB are giving her too much credit and is way overrated. The rating of this podcast should be much lower. They should realize that it is only thanks to GOR that they have received so many 5 star reviews. People who gave them five stars and mentioned d GOR should change their reviews to one star and amend their comments to explain why!
idk if y'all are company men to the max or just naive, but regardless you should really have on Game of Roses to have an honest conversation about their analysis of the show because i don't really think you guys get it
I listen to so many podcasts — an embarrassing amount of them are bachelor related — and I’m not sure what took me so long to dive into Click Bait. I started midway through Matt James’ season and have gone back to listen to old episodes. So good!! Living for the trio of Tayshia, Natasha and Joe! And I love that they mix episodes up by chatting about other topics, too. It’s a great find. 💜
Fun to listen to. I’ve watched Bachelor since day one. I liked Matt during the season but was disappointed at the end. I’m tired of hearing about racism. When you had a chance to work it out with Rachel. If you truly love someone you will. She did nothing on purpose. He was so cold. His mother stayed and raised him. His dad left and he forgave him. I like both new bachelorettes. They are amazing girls.
Just a friendly suggestion ,,especially since you are going to support bachelorette coming up say “you know what I mean” constantly , let others have their own response not soliciting a yes answer all the time or rushing feedback.
I love your podcast. I have to say something about this season. Did anyone notice how happy Matt was before he talked with his mom and brother. Maybe they make those walls go up. Maybe he feels he has to be a certain way around them. His mom isn’t the best one to tell him about love. She hasn’t had great experiences with it. He just seemed so happy and then so very very sad when he left their house.
Love this podcast and all the hosts! One of my fav podcasts
Love Tayshia. But have made a drinking game out of how much she says “know what I mean” 🤣 Joe is SUCH A GEM. Natasha is a bit much for me. She talks over people unnecessarily.
Love you all. You are all amazing people and so glad Tayshia and Zac found each other 🥰 I would encourage you to have a real conversation with Game of Roses. The headline analysis of them was really unfair, and they have always been vocal supporters of your podcast.
I’ve read the reviews for your podcast and find the negative reviews and comments sooo off base. Please ignore them. I love your podcast and gave it the CORRECT AMOUNT OF STARS (5) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. You’re personalities are very definitely different and that’s what makes it work for me. You don’t BASH people you give your opinion on both sides of an issue which is refreshing.. I want to point out one statement that NATASHA made about everyone makes mistakes and even gave an example ( Pocahontas) this is the FIRST TIME , that I’ve heard anyone says “As an African American woman I’ve made mistakes, I didn’t realize dressing up as Pocahontas would or could offend “ I made a mistake and learned why it’s offensive “ I listen to a lot of Podcasts and it was the very first time I heard someone of color admit that they made a mistake and learned that it wasn’t culturally appropriate. I Applaud you 👏👏‼️ If Miss Nolan could have done the same, before the all the tweets came out she would have had a big platform for examples of how people can change. ( People of all colors and cultures could have been impacted by her story) I think she would have a huge platform for learning and change. Unfortunately that’s not what happened BUT it could have, I think people sharing their stories of lessons learned is a lot better then yelling, screaming and criticising people that have made mistakes doesn’t help the person or is helpful in making changes.. Alcoholism/Addicts learn from others sharing their stories and mistakes and how helpful would it be to them if someone stood there and screaming at them how horrible their actions were to others ?? IT WOULDN’T !! It’s all a learning process and speaking to someone with distain is hurtful and harmful. Yes accountability is key. But the Hate given out freely to others must stop. LOVE ❤️ YOUR PODCAST AND I SUBSCRIBED TODAY BECAUSE OF THIS PODCAST EPISODE AND CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE LIKE IT ‼️👏👏👏👏 KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK ‼️🥰


I love Natasha and the rest of the group. You guys make me laugh... and I need that during the week.
Y’all you have come a long way. I think Natasha being part of the podcast made Tayshia be more herself and Joe actually be interesting!!
For the most part I enjoy this podcast. I feel sometimes Natasha talks over the other hosts and guests. Sometimes hosts are talking at the same time too and it can be overwhelming. This is just constructive criticism as a listener, I still love all of the hosts!
If you’re looking for a Bach related podcast, Game of Roses is a million times better than this one.
I look forward to listening every Thursday!
I’m not sure why there is so much hate in the comments here, but I think this trio is great! I loved hearing your prospective on the current events in bachelor nation! You have a way of connecting to an audience as a whole, while not ostracizing a whole group of people! As a republican who wants to see this world a fair and better place for all, I didn’t feel attacked like I do listening to other bachelor podcast! In turn, it makes me want to listen, grow and be better, rather then feeling defensive off the bat! I’ve had to unsubscribe to so many that seem to be on a high horse, and have everything and everyone figured out just by their political officiation! I’m excited to see what your show has to offer for the future, and just let you guys know, you are doing a great job!! Thanks for


2 stars because I think Joe should get replace, or also let’s just make this click bait podcast Natasha and Tayshia!!
I loved the podcast to start but the more Natasha mmms and mmmhms at every single sentence said it’s becoming unbearable and I had to unsubscribe. The 3 of them are amazing and the conversations are great but it’s like hearing someone start every sentence with um and it’s awful
Natasha is incredible, great addition! If this show was just Tayshia and Natasha, it would be much better. As it is now, I always get to like the 10 min mark and have to turn it off. Joe is really hard to stomach. Like one of the other reviewers said, some people just aren’t meant to podcast. I’m sure Joe is a fine person, but I’m not into him at all as a host. Also, agree with all the comments about GOR. Love Game of Roses, it’s an incredible show. The way these three interpreted the article and the GOR podcast was so off base it was hard to listen to — they clearly read the Vanity Fair headline and made all of their commentary based off that. 1 star from me. 👎
Honestly I really cringe at a lot of Joe’s commentary. He can be problematic and have an arrogant attitude/tone at the same time which makes it worse. Love hearing from Tayshia and Natasha every week and their humility with which they lead conversations.
Do you even prepare?? How could you all discuss another podcast without listening to it and know what it’s about? What a disservice you did to GOR!! You sounded like a bunch of idiots with all due respect get yourselves together!! Joe really misses the mark and well Natasha don’t get me started! Taysha I love!
I’d give more stars, but I was angered at Joe’s words in regards to Taylor Nolan who has been a champion of anti racism in the franchise and he clearly interpreted that as negative. Holding white people accountable of the franchise and comparing the privilege they have to the POC Bachelor people is doing the work, Joe. The bachelor franchise IS racist! And what have you been doing, selling pasta sauce? And I’m disappointed in Tayshia who hasn’t spoken about anything in regards to Rachel Lindsay being off Instagram and who basically implied Chris Harrison shouldn’t be fired. I just also got the gist that Tayshia hasn’t really understood what Taylor has said in regards to her anti-racism work. And joe clearly doesn’t want to listen to what Taylor has said either. If you really understood what she’s said, you’d know she’s been calling IN people- ACCOUNTABILITY IS NOT CANCEL CULTURE. When you do wrong, there’s consequences people! Also I hate how the franchise basically used Tayshia and Natasha as mouthpieces to speak on racism in the franchise- instead of the franchise itself speaking on it. I’m slowly drifting away from being a Tayshia fan BUT Natasha is brilliant. I give all my stars to her for this review. Out of all the hosts, she’s the best to speak on these topics and I agree with everything she says.
Love this podcast but this last episode made me mad. I feel like Natasha gave Taylor more grace than she deserved but isn’t giving Chris Harrison or Rachel that same grace. Taylor had numerous blatant racist tweets towards a number of different races and people. How can those be forgiven but words of ignorance from Chris Harrison can’t? Chris never specifically said terrible, racist things about a particular race while Taylor did and I felt like Natasha gave her more grace, it felt like a double standard. Any acts of racism need to be called out and held to the same level of accountability.
Funny, amazing chemistry, I LOVE these three together. Look forward to this every Thur!