The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

Reviews For The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

Eddie can’t add one sentence or opinion to have an entertaining conversation so Dave just has to ramble. Get Eddie out of here please. I have no idea why people think he’s a good host
Portnoy is a ridiculous character now. Not the same dude who took the internet by storm a decade ago. It’s still entertaining because of how self centered he has become and the weird crap he does and has to deal with on a regular basis. Eddie is a good moderator of this show. The audio is terrible on this show though.
If you wanna listen to a dude who has lost all sense of reality talk about how rich he is, it’s a great pod.
Eddie is the perfect host for this fantastic fiasco. I can’t get enough of it
Dave’s a moron thinking that no deal for podcasts gets done without barstool, out of the 70 podcasts you have about 3 of em get regular views and the rest couldnt even fill a high school auditorium
Great podcast, great people. Dave tells it how it is and Eddie does a great job as the host. Thanks to you guys coming from the Rockford, IL area!!
You're pouting Dave because you got played due to your vanity and naïveté. Now grow up and stick to your girlfriend or even better go back to your wife.
Eddie turn your mic up
You can’t hear what Eddie is saying. Dave comes through so clearly but literally cannot hear Eddie when listening at normal volume. Specifically in the hit piece pod.
Eddies comment to KMarko about Ben Simmons was so cringe. Brutal last show.
Eddie is the worst part of this podcast. Sits there like a pile of potatoes and offers nothing to the show.
Love Eddie. Show was great when it launched. Now it’s just Dave arguing the same point with every guest. Sad.
Why’s the audio always trash?
Absolute trash content. Easy FW after a few minutes.
Please turn Dave’s microphone up. Literally the only podcast that I have my volume all the way up and still can’t hear the guy
Audio levels for Dave are so quiet
Hearing his shaky voice ramble makes me anxious
How about interview this guy once a quarter. Soooo annoying and boring. Just an old guy yammering for 30 min
I turn it off when he is on
Would love to see this go twice a week
Loved this pod cast but the 30 mins with his dad was pretty hard to sit through. Can we just stop with adding him
Why are you talking about a wedding for 30 minutes!? Is this really the best content you can come up with?
I listen to this every time I go to hooters
When Dave’s dad comes on it’s a snooze fest! 🥱😴
Very depressing hearing the show is the only time Dave talks to his dad, just catching up.
Been a stoolie since the John Dennis/ryen Russillo voicemail (like 07/08) and I’m just done with Dave. He’s become insufferable. Humor doesn’t hit anymore, all he cares about is himself, he thinks he can’t do anything wrong… thinks he’s better than everyone. Barstool isn’t about humor anymore, it’s about people at barstool.
The show is trash, the people on the show are trash, and they ripped the pirate ship thing off from lebatard. Don't waste your time.


Like Sonny Corleone, all that comedy that Dave’s playing with that young girl are making him nuts. The only way Big Cat knocks out Mayweather is if Floyd is already asleep.
Love this podcast - Eddie is underrated! He’s so funny and the guys have good genuine chemistry together. I’m not an OG stoolie and this podcast isn’t in the genre that I normally listen to but it’s one of my favorites. I never get bored listening to these two even when they talk about older barstool things
Eddie is underrated, I find him freaking hilarious on all his shows
I have been listening since episode 1 and have enjoyed them all!!! Whitney and Prez going back and forth needs to be at least once a month segment!!!! Keep up the great work Eddie!!!
I thought I hit the fast forward button lmaoo
Eddie is awesome and I love hearing Mr. Portnoy on here, he’s gotta be a monthly guest.
I have not received the moon yet but I’ll send you the link for your post in July.
Hey, How do i submit a question for the show??
He’s such a jerk it gets old listening to him be rude just for the sake of being rude.
No perfect score would’ve gone 3.5 on this episode, also if u want to go old school barstool mold me I’m literally hank jr I’m just waiting for an opportunity
Go Prez go.
Portnoy is the man. Love this show.
F*in Goat.


Eddie comes off as a complainer sometimes.
Greg Olsen and Jay Cutler on a pod would be huge! Make it happen!!
I still enjoy the pod, but I preferred the first few episodes when it was more of a behind the scenes of barstool. Ever since the episode that was all about ads it’s seeming to turn into an hour long marketing episode. Last week you have a sponsor who you don’t believe in, than this week you drop BUFF. “Now this is something I can get behind”...seems a bit too transparent and obvious that it was a staged event. That being said it’s still enjoyable, I’ll keep listening, just hope it becomes more of what the first few episodes were about.
I had high hopes for this show, but Dave is gone. He’s a completely different person than he was just like 6 months ago. He’s turned into the type of corporate douche that he’s always hated.
This show is consistently 50% about Dave complaining about ad reads. When he’s not doing that it’s an entertaining rambling show
As a long time stoolie it pains me to see Dave slowly lose interest in the barstool brand in order to thrive as an influencer. Surely he can fake interest in the podcast for 1 hour each week..
I tend to watch the YouTube more now, but great show with awesome production every week
I tend to watch this podcast, but I love listening to it too. Eddie and Dave are great at podcasting together.