PEDS Season 1

Reviews For PEDS Season 1

At First I Thought This Was Going To Be Stupid But It Was Pretty Cool. I Can't Wait Till Season 2.


I agree with the other 2. I believe the idea is gold, but I would also like to see some weapons. Also it would be nice if you could fit Tommy in there.
okay the graphics are cool it kinda neet to try and gues whats being filmed in what area (i no im weird) i agree with the on guy i wana see sum guns in there but i dont think it posible because it looks like your using the one view mode to just get footage of each ped then you add vioces but othe than that these are great whats next libirty city peds, san andrease peds? or are you going to keep it on vive city
this looks really nice. i've only watched a couple episodes, the graphics are fine, but, its kind of boring. maybe if you made them use guns and car chases, like the game was meant to do thats it
With the end of season one coming soon, we'd like to know what you think about the video podcast for it. This will help us get to know what our viewers like, and what they would like to see. Thanks, Adam Albert Pawfect Films