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Rene and Georgia are funny, lighthearted and play off each other well. I love listening to them every week


By Timaaa
This week 2/28 is a yawn fest. Sometimes it sounds like you’re making it up at air time.Are you too guys busy right now?
Great show! Question for Georgia, in a January podcast you two talked about politeness with digital assistants. Have you tried switching Siri to male? Curious if that changed the feeling for you. We women tend to be more competitive with each other which can lead to impatience. I found the male voice much less annoying than the female. Laughed at myself as I did it but it worked for me.
I’ve been listening to your show for a couple weeks now ever since I heard Rene give a plug on Mac Break Weekly. The banter back and forth between you two is exciting to listen to and watch. The latest episode was even more so with the hot sauce game. Any thought of adding the video version to Apple Podcasts? If not, YouTube will do. Thank you, Robert (Michigan)
It’s just disgusting 😳🤢🤮
The synergy that Rene and Georgia create with their different viewpoints and areas of expertise make this an amazing podcast. I’m not aware of anything else like this show and I look forward to it every week!!
As someone who’s been following you both for a long time, this is your best, most original collaborative work. Your chemistry is genuine and endearing. Please keep being yourselves.
I have recommended segments to family and friends and just love the tech vs. phycology angle. I agree on so many subjects so to me you are very much preaching to the choir. However the manner you mange to explain the issues is very helpful for me to pass the information on to others. Also Rene it was difficult to hear your pain when it comes to being glued to your screens and news and feeling helpless. However both of you provide a very important service and you enable me to listen to you both (Macbreak Weekly, You Tube Shows , iMore Show) so that I don’t have to listen to the News. In time of crises it is always difficult to figure out what ones purpose is. So the best way you can serve is to keep doing what you are doing. Thank you and you have permission to read this on your Show if you so choose :) Christopher
Been listening to you guys since TiPB days... so for over a decade! You’re my go to for all things Apple/Tech. Love the tech/psychology aspect. The last episode about all the negative reviews, I have to say, they all sound like they’re all just entitled brats. Last I checked, your podcast/YouTube channel is free, and you both do a great job at delivering excellent quality episodes. So for those entitled people that expect you to meet their “standards” or else... they got good jokes. For everyone else that knows what good content is... We say keep up the good work and thank you! Can’t wait till the next episode!
Informative, insightful, entertaining, what more could you ask for.
The actual content of this show is really great! These two are just so insightful and fun to listen to. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll give it a listen.
Tech + behavioral = future. You guys are so ahead of the game.
This show is fascinating. The hosts are knowledgeable and interesting.
Very interesting podcast. I discovered Rene while watching twit and decided to give his podcast a try. I have found that both his tech knowledge and Georgia’s insight on the effects of tech and our psyche to be something that hasn’t really been discussed together at the same time.
Really enjoy listening to Rene & Georgia talk about pretty much anything. They do a great job at informing and reviewing all things Apple and how Tech can affect our FOMO, purchasing and sometimes buyers remorse. Keep up the good work!
I have always loved your insight in tech and psychology and as soon as I saw this podcast I subscribed immediately. I don’t watch on YouTube but if it will help I would subscribe to you all everywhere I can!!! You guys are great!!!
Good podcast that offers very interesting perspectives but Georgia’s audio is horrible. It sounds like she’s talking into a mic purchased from Radio Shack in 1975 stuck inside a Maxwell House coffee can.
What a great topic, but I started listening to the latest couple episodes, and didn’t make it past five minutes. In the latest one, the audio imbalance between Rene and Georgia made it difficult to listen to in the car. Either I was turning the volume up to hear her, or down to stop him from blasting me out... And the one before that really turned me off of it. 5+ minutes reading your own reviews struck me as a bit self indulgent and I didn’t care to listen further.
This podcast is entertaining, educational, and short enough!
I’ve only recently started giving podcast the time of day outside of news like The daily or up first ( as that’s just easiest way for me to stay current ) I find this quit enjoyable. Georgia is a new personality I’ve enjoyed listening to, and of course Rene has always been a great personality I have followed closely on YouTube. Not to mention the topics talked about are interesting in a way they get you to think which is always a plus keep it up!
Low time follower of Rene and just found this podcast. Excellent and highly recommend for anyone who wants a deep dive on all things tech.
Most people know RR from his tech podcasts and career, This podcast provides a view into a different more contemplative side of Rene, and the podcast goes into fascinating places aided by the delightful Georgia Dow. Interesting insights and food for thought, oh, yes, sometimes silly too. You’ll enjoy it.


By jarweb
Great Apple podcast!!
Wonderful combination of tech and therapy. Helps bring my works together.
I sure appreciate the level-headed approach to technology. Thank you.
One of my favorites!
Been a longtime lurker LOL. Found both of you through watching TWIT and MBW over the many years, and think the world of y’all. I love the new series your two have here together. The talks are very relevant, interesting, thought provoking, and fun! One of my favorites podcasts now. Keep up the great work you two!!!!
I love going deep into topics, so naturally I loved this. You guys are amazing!
Thanks for an awesome useful podcast.
So much context so much explaining. Well spoken and just great all around!! Love getting the notification that I have another almost hour to enjoy. Thanks for the content.
Go Canadians!
I love this podcast- perfect mix of tech, Apple news and cultural/social insights! No topic feels overly heavy and preachy. I want more episodes! :)
Since Kevin Rose & Sarah! Keep up the great work.
It’s about time we’re acknowledging the effect technology has on our psychology and vice versa. Thank you both for bringing this topic into the daylight. Maurizio


By Alvnb
I enjoy your podcast and your YouTube channel
That assessment of these times by Rene was spot on. It compares well with something Mr. Dickens wrote: "… it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness…" Also appreciated the part where the importance of critical thinking was emphasized. I’m glad I overcame some of my biases so I can listen to your discussions. Thanks for taking the time, effort and energy to make this podcast.
Rene is a good DUDE and his work is IMPORTANT and I am grateful for all his content. Thx 🙏 Bro.
Top tier discussion and analysis
See Kara a swisher podcast on antitrust I agree with over arching takes on big tech
Great tech podcast! Georgia and Rene are thoughtful and informative. I love their way of debating and talking about all aspects of a topic!
2 excellent people who are fun to listen to
Two great thoughts put into one great podcast.
My two favorite podcast hosts meet my two favorite interests!
Great new podcast show my first time listening to your podcast.
Thank you for interweaving tech with social psychology, AND for being voices of calm reason!
One favorite podcast.