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I enjoy these ladies so much. I was always a Blanche myself 🤪
I started listening to this podcast about 6 months ago while on a long car trip. I now am 8 episodes from finishing the entire series to date. I loved Superstore so it was part of why I chose this podcast since Lauren is hilarious. What made me keep listening was Christy. I am a Golden Girls super fan and have felt so connected to her and love her personality. I am a 90’s kid- and so much of their banter hits home. Love this team and will forever listen!


By mom2ere
I started listening to this podcast about a year ago and I was hooked from the beginning! These two are hilarious with their banter and stories from childhood. This most recent episode had me laughing so loud listening to them talk about what the neighbor guy might have done to Lauren’s facial products. So freaking funny! The cases they present are always so informative and you can tell that they take the time to gather and give all the facts. I hope they stick around for a long time!!
I had seen this podcast in my you should watch list and was listening to other ones at the time and was like ill wait. I should not have waited this one is so good. I listen to them on my drive to and from work. I am coming late to listening but im plowing thru they are so funny and informative. I loved lauren from superstore and then with Kristy. Them together are magic. Im so glad i wait longer to listen to them.
Love this podcast! Not only are the cases presented very well researched and interesting but listening to these two is a hoot! Easy to listen to and holds your attention. Keep producing more episodes. It’s great.
i have never written a review on a podcast before but this is the best podcast ive come across. when i realized lauren was from superstore i was jazzed to say the least. absolutely love the show and listen to it everyday! there’s something for everyone in their episodes and ill always recommend!
Christys voice is literally so soothing. Idk why but she kind of reminds me of Melissa McCarthy, but I listen to this show either a)When I’m really stressed and need to calm down or B) when it’s bedtime because it’s like a lullaby. Thanks so much for the comfort 💖💖
The first grandchild will be the one who determines the name for you. And you will accept it because you adore your grandchild. It all is determined by what the child can actually say when he or she starts talking. My child only heard the names Nana and Grandma. She could only say Memaw. My mother-in-law hated it. She shamed my daughter into calling her grandma. Please be happy with the name that is chosen by the precious child. Thank you.
I came from True Crime Obsessed, Obsessed with Disappeared and thought this can’t be as good. I was wrong!!!! Love you both!!!
I was in the mood for a good laugh so started rewatching superstore and remembered Lauren Ash had a true crime podcast that I’ve been meaning to listen too. Came here for Dina Fox, fell in love with Christy Oxborrow! These ladies are hilarious and such a joy to listen to
One woman has the worst voice ever and talks way too long. Feel bad for the other woman who does the actual research.
I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning. I was a huge fan, got all of my friends and coworkers listening, and even paid for premium Patreon membership—HOWEVER, while I still think Christy is amazing and want to be her friend in real life, Lauren’s ego and psychological labeling of people has started to turn me off in a major way. I’m unable to enjoy the banter between the ladies as I once did because I’m so frustrated. It is incredibly irresponsible of Lauren, who has no psychology degree, to label people the way she does—even when I agree with her assessment as a layman, I think it’s horrible to use this platform to put that sort of judgement out there when you really aren’t qualified in any way to speak on it. I’ve also never seen Superstore but you mention your acting career in almost EVERY episode and the inflated sense of fame you have just because you were on that show is nauseating. I’m not trying to rip your confidence down—I’m sure you’re a very talented actress and there’s no doubt that you’ve worked very hard to get where you are —but for those of us who have no context for you as an actress, it comes off as braggadocious and conceited. I’ve unsubscribed to Patreon because I also feel frustrated that you pick and choose the same people to interact with week in and week out, while ignoring messages from everyone else. There aren’t bonus true crime episodes available to Patreon members, just content where the ladies talk to each other about cases they’ve covered or personal stories, and it’s not worth the money. Lastly, the episodes have gotten too long. I blame the 30 minutes of chatter at then beginning and the psychologist hat at the end. I’d enjoy this pod a lot more if you got straight to the case with the detailed research—and PLEASE cover more cases that aren’t already huge in pop culture (when you’re the 80th show to cover a case with no new information, it’s not interesting anymore).
A true joy. These two chuckleheads provide thorough researched cases, and bring much needed levity to the darkness of true crime. It is one of the best true crime podcasts I have listened to that present a different case in each episode. I have learned something I never had heard before in all of the most well known cases that have been presented and they give thoughtful analysis to the crimes. Give this a listen and you may give up on your other beloved true crime podcast…who knows?
Gahh, I really wanted to love another true crime podcast but this just isn’t it. Another true crime podcast with a political agenda - frustrating!
I’m excited every week on Tuesdays because there will be a new episode of this show. The cousin banter at the beginning used to be too much for me, but now I’m so invested in it. I almost get sad when the true crime gets started. Love their positivity with each other. The side characters/personalities in the show crack me up. I live for the side notes. And the side notes within a side notes! The number of times I’ve sung, “Christy, she’s a science nerd” to myself is embarrassing.
I love how long each episode is. Starts out with some relaxing, aimless and sometimes silly conversation but THEN…a deep dive into the topic at hand. Great research and a thorough discussion. Thank you for your smart, funny and informative podcast. Count me as a devoted follower!
Discovering this podcast has been one of the greatest joys of my young adult life! I listen every morning while I’m at work and it brings me laughter and joy even on the most difficult of days covering the darkest of cases. Lauren and Christy’s laughter and chemistry together is so contagious, it’s a true privilege to be able to listen from the sidelines and indulge on all of their incredible true crime research. This isn’t your average podcast folks, this duo is one of a kind!
I can’t believe I just found you two…. Your research is amazing and find my reactions and opinions to be completely in-line. Thank you fir helping me get through my work day….
I came across this Podcast while moving. I was looking for something to listen to to make packing/unpacking just slightly more bearable. I can now honestly say that I am hooked! Each episode is such a joy (and yes I know that’s weird when talking about true crime) as well as informative and insightful. It took me an embarrassingly long time to place Lauren’s voice, it wasn’t until she mentioned Superstore that I realized who she was. It was a favorite of mine! Great job ladies! Christy and Lauren, keep being your beautiful selves! I look forward to many many more episodes <3
These ladies are fun, down to earth and smart! The cases are interesting but the first segment of their banter is my favorite, of course! So go grab a slurpy and enjoy some wonderful entertainment!
I love this podcast and I love they way the cases are researched. Christy and Lauren do such a good job incorporating their personalities with the info. On the Selena episode, something happened that gave me pause. When talking about the most successful albums that passed a million Christy listed light or white artists such as Eminem, Taylor swift, & Mariah Carey. Then for the artists that made the list that “surprised” her included Lil Wayne and 50 Cent, both extremely successful and deserving to be on a list such as this. This felt colorist and uninformed to me and I still love you both but I wish you would take time to analyze that statement and why you truly felt that way about dark skinned artists when Eminem, their peer, didn’t surprise you at all.
Please note in every episode when you start discussing the case. I really don’t care to listen about your personal lives for the first 30 minutes. Research on cases is great!
I came here as a fan of Lauren, I’m staying because I’m in love with both of them! Lauren & Christy are the smart, empathetic, funny and thoughtful women we all wish we could be around. Huge new fan!!
Not sure why they think every sentence needs a sarcastic undertone. If your familiar with true crime stories you won’t learn anything new. They actually present a lot of false information and spread rumors and have already proven to be false. I gave it 10 episodes, this is not just based one 1
If you want the same old, over-done true trime stories retold by self-important, judgmental women who enjoy mocking victims, you’ve come to the right place.
These are to of the sweets and and funniest women out there they make you laugh will telling a story and paying due the the victims if these crimes. There small stores and commit to bits is one of my favorite parts of the podcast!! ( if you see this don’t listen to the haters it is so fun and makes me feel at home)If you want a true crime podcast this is the one. I would highly recommend!
I love true crime and love these two!!!
I’m new here, listening from Kentucky. I’m going to spend my weekend binging out on you two!! Keep up the good work ladies!! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
So freaking funny, obsessed!
I love listening to Lauren and Christy present a story of not only a tragic death but the life of a person. I enjoy the way they lighten the heaviness of the case just talking back and forth. The 2 and a half hours is more than just brutality. You feel like you are one of the girls hanging out and just having a good time.
I find myself laughing out loud and pausing to admire the eloquence, wit and just a sheer beauty of the chemistry and smarts of this amazing duo. So well done. <3
This has become one of my ultimate favorite podcasts to listen too. I love Lauren and Christy’s friendship and how it’s relayed onto this show. And they will make you feel as though you are part of the group or true crew! Give them a listen. You will not regret it!
Y’all…. This podcast is fabulous! I have been bingeing all episodes and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life! Ladies, keep it up and stay unique!
I’ve binged all of the episodes, and now I eagerly wait for Tuesdays to roll around to listen! They are the best duo, and are so funny, all while doing the most incredible research! My favorite podcast!
These quirky ladies go so far and above in their investigating! Their dialogue is addicting! Onward, Ladies!!
One of the most enjoyable true Crime podcast ever ! Love Lauren and Christy.💚 Thank you for bringing a respectable true crime pod cast which lately feels like there are just so few. I appreciate your hard word and empathy and compassion.
This is my new go-to crime show. I truly enjoy these two ladies. Big fan of Lauren Ash and now I love Christy too. They have an amazing dynamic, which a lot of true crime shows don’t seem to have.. or other shows attempt to project this level of friendship but it’s disingenuous and you can see it come apart at the seems. Meanwhile Lauren and Christy have a wealth of old stories and experiences to call back to, amongst their general banter and camaraderie. They (Christy especially) do a lot of research for the show. Like A LOT. Which I appreciate, and they cite their sources. Many true crime pods do not either thoroughly research OR they don’t cite their sources and I think that’s another issue in the true crime space. I’m glad these ladies are doing it right!! There a few minor things; 1) They sound a lot alike so sometimes I can’t tell who is who especially when they are laughing. But I think that’s bc they grew up together almost like siblings. 2) It can get a little long, some episodes I end up not finishing bc it’s almost TOO detailed. 3) When they talk about their theories seem like they forget they are talking about real people and real lives. Overall though it’s the perfect mix of true crime, and light laughs. Thanks ladies.
I consume so much true crime and True Crime & Cocktails is at the top! It’s hard to listen to my old standby podcasts now because of the level of research Christy and Lauren do. Even cases I think I know a lot about, they always turn up something new. Their banter cracks me up and when they go off in a wild tangent, I’m always right there with them. It’s the best and AS A MOTHER I highly recommend it!
So smart! So funny! Simply the best!
I can’t say enough good things about Christie and Lauren! I love everything from their chatting in the beginning to the long, detailed stories about the crimes. Something about the way they really show their emotions to the victims and the content is amazing. I love them and I always look forward to new episodes! Please keep going what you’re doing ❤️
I’m completely hooked. I have binge listened over the last couple of months since I found TCAC and have caught up to “real time” - this podcast is great in so many ways it’s sooo hard to wait a week for “the next TCAC”. I love the conversations before the true crime and absolutely love both hosts!!! ❤️ Thanks ladies!
The chemistry between Lauren and Christy is so amazing, and the research is so well done! Additionally, it always gets me when they talk about self-love. It’s refreshing to hear people who don’t exclusively self-deprecate, lift each other up, and aren't willing to downplay their beauty, accomplishments, or skill
I listen weekly, but needed to take the minute to express how much I appreciate your comments at the end of the Susan Cox Powell episode about safety in American schools and public spaces. Gun conversations are hard, and I applaud you having the courage to speak your truth - you echo my thoughts and feelings exactly. Thank you for speaking on this! Every episode is incredible! You are empathetic, informative, and funny. But your words in this episode on assault rifles made me take the time to give you the review. Thanks!
Absolutely wonderful podcast! I listen daily while doing paperwork and it fills the dark terrifying void in my soul for true crime. Love the banter, love the wit, love the insights.
Otherwise known as a complete waste of time
This is by far the best podcast I’ve listened to I’ve listened to it since 2020 and these cases and information is fascinating and I want to congratulate True Crime & Cocktails on their award wins at the communicator awards keep up the amazing work and here’s to many more entertainingly fascinating stories and seasons
This is possibly the best podcast and team. I love the updates on their lives that they give us at the beginning of each episode…it is part of the True Crime and Cocktails experience. Their storytelling is just amazing and hilarious to listen to. The details they give to each investigation is chef’s kiss…you can tell they work so hard to bring us so many facts that we definitely don’t hear on other true crime documentaries. And I love the Fairytale episodes that are randomly thrown in! Also…not sure how I missed that they put these episodes on YouTube, but I now listen to the episode and then watch it on YouTube! Thank you for making these episodes for us. Please don’t ever change 🥰🤗
I absolutely love listening to these ladies. I find myself responding the same way to the information as they do. I love how detailed they get, I literally could listen to these fantastic ladies for hours.