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Came for the crime, stayed for the laughter. Great chemistry of you 2!
This podcast covers all the best cases. It’s serious and full of information but still funny. So happy I found it
This has quickly become my favorite podcast. I loooove the banter and stories and how supportive you two are of each other. Everything is really well researched and I love it!
I absolutely love listening to Christy and Lauren…all of it! The stories and laughs at the beginning of each episode are the best! Then, y’all get into the nitty gritty of the cases…and do some awesome detective work, i might add! Thank you for the countless hours of entertainment!
I listen to a LOT of true crime podcasts and this is one of the best researched and easiest to listen to. You can tell a lot of work and pride goes into it and I love their take on cases, especially loved the Chyna case which brought me to tears. They show so much compassion to the victims and survivors while also having the right balance of positivity and even humor.
I’m there for the banter, don’t change!! The storytelling is awesome and the research is so detailed!
I love this podcast sooo much. Every time I listen I feel like I’m hanging out with my gals! Plus they do a crazy deep dive in all the cases which I love!
I LOVE this podcast! I listen to it every day on my way to work! If you love to laugh and love true crime look no further!
I’m another fan that came because of Lauren on Super Store, and stayed because if they dynamic duo that is Christy & Lauren. I understand that some might went them to hurry up and get into the case… but I LOVE the chemistry & banter between these 2. Their conversations make me feel like I am just hanging out with 2 good friends.
I love the banter. I feel like I’m sitting right there with Lauren and Christy and we are all friends and laugh and laugh…then talk about true crime. All of my favorite things right here. Xo
I’ve loved Lauren Ash since I saw her in Superstore! After hearing that she had a podcast (wayyy too late) on her tiktok I’ve spent the last few weeks binging every episode while I clean my house and nurse my newborn! As a fourth time mom this is my “me time” and I couldn’t be more grateful! Christy and Ash feel like long time friends and are so hilarious. You get real cases and ridiculously researched details with lighthearted banter. This podcast is amazing!
This was one of the most suspenseful episodes ever, no lie and what PRESENTATION 😵 OMG! I can’t wait for the next one — but can my heart take the gory details??? You betcha 🤨.
I started listening for Ash and stayed for Christy’s research skills. Great long podcasts that get me through cleaning my house. Great at keeping me interested on cases I even already know.
This podcats is the best!! Lauren & Christy’s fun naughty banter has me laughing hysterically for hours!! I honestly can’t stop telling people about it!!! Tuesdays can’t come fast enough!!!
This is my favorite podcast EVER!!!
Updated review: Whomever is sending these ladies hate needs to get a life! I love their personal stories before the show! It makes me feel like Lauren and Christy are my friends. The research put in is amazingly detailed and well done. Don’t change a thing and tell the haters to get lost! Love this podcast! It’s pretty funny and has detailed info on the crimes! I love Lauren Ash as well. Hope they make this for a while!
There is drinking. There are laughs. There is also tenderness and real investigative research happening here. The hosts like talking to one another, thus making it an effortless listen. Goodnight, Dave Grohl.
Weird to think of a true crime podcast bringing the humor but it’s true. Love the beginning of the show banter between the two. Dan Akroyd and a can of pringles I’m looking at you!! I also love the interesting side notes they bring to the episodes as well. I learn a little something and get to listen to my favorite genre of podcast at the same time. Definitely worth a listen!!
Absolutely love these two! I’m a stay at home mom and recently found the podcast. It has made having to watch Mickey over and over again far more bearable as I don’t have to hear it! Love how appreciative they are and just their over all attitudes!
Also the research is well done and the affection between the cohosts is delightful.
As a mother…please do NOT change a thing! 12 mins into the episode of Sophie & I’ve never loved you two more!!! Unpack it all-so grateful for you ladies and the realness you both bring to this show. Y’all’s dynamic is 1 in a million. Call it cousin connection etc. y’all just have “it” keep up the good work🥰#gettheblanketsblanche
I actually love that they share some of their relationship with us - I was having major anxiety and turned this on and it immediately helped to calm me down because I got pulled into their lives. Also, I love how in depth they go! I thought I hadn’t ever heard about Bruce McArthur - I was wrong, I had but the explained so many things that my other podcasts hadn’t.
One of the best podcasts I listen to! I love the relationship the Christy and Lauren have. And they do such a thorough job looking into cases.
My favorite thing about these amazing humans is their banter!! They are amazing and lovely!! I love Lauren Ash, and hearing her and Christy is hilarious. You can feel how much they love each other and how close they are! I love true crime and I love their research and their takes on everything. Their pop culture references make me feel like I could easily sit with them and laugh and hang out and quote Speed right along with them.
The fact that I can’t get enough of this podcast is a true testament to how funny these two are!! I’m honestly not a huge fan of true crime but I’m so entertained by the banter & enthusiasm that I devour each episode. Keep up the top notch research!!!!
It’s like my two BFFs are talking to me about one of my favorite subjects: true crime. I laugh, I cry (not really, but I drink along with them so sometimes tears come and idk why), and I learn! The Princess Di episode is amazeballs. Love it! Five stars, highly recommend. I’d love to add that it would be great if they added the minute mark where they start the case. Sometimes, I’m in the mood to skip the banter.
Christy and Lauren ARE a warm blanket. This podcast has everything you want if you’re a true crime fan. They dive DEEP into their cases always bringing out new information and excellent theories while always remaining respectful and honest. They are hilarious and you instantly feel like you’re their new best friend. You can skip over their personal dialogue at the top of the show and get to the crime of it all but I don’t know why you’d want to. Can’t recommend this baby enough.
I love the dynamic of these two. Relatable, hilarious and super deep dives and hot takes of stories we think we already knew. Always respectful of victims, but also not afraid to call out creeps. I have never laughed so hard while listening to a podcast. Please keep this up!
If u just want to listen to two people talk about random stuff this is the podcast for u. Hosts tend to wander about convo ALot. I have hit fast forward Just hoping the hosts get back to topic.
I love the dynamic of these two lovely ladies! They always make me laugh and I am always learning something new, even after having heard some of these stories before! My favorite podcast to date! 😊
I really adore this podcast! As someone who finds true crime interesting but can’t listen to shows like crime junkie without decided to never leave my home again, this podcast is a gem. They cover true crime stories that are really fascinating without being so creepy it makes me want to curl up and cry. In particular I love the episode about the Glee curse and about Armie Hammer’s family history. I hope they keep covering these unique stories! It feels like I’m hanging out with two friends.
My daughter recently introduced me to this podcast. I am having so much fun catching up on the past episodes. The research is great. And i am learning things I never about some fascinating cases. The genuine fun they have together makes me very happy to be included in the pajama party.
The misandry in this show is disgusting. They blame everything on men and it’s disgusting because instead of looking at the facts, they blame men because that’s all they know. I’ll give you every answer to every one of their podcasts, it’s the mens fault. I’d give them a zero star if it let me.
I love how I’m depth these gals get and how they tell a story! This is one of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to each new episodes!
21 mins in and theyre still talking about nonsense. No one cares.
This was such a find !! I love the girls relationship and all of their amazing research.
I have been slowly making my way through the episodes for a few months and I am so obsessed! They genuinely make me laugh out loud every day! You can tell they love the podcast and are authentic people. I love it!
They tell true crime stories in a way that doesn’t make you afraid to sleep at night. A rare feat in this genre. They’re both hilarious and vibe so well together, with insightful analysis and fun stories that can entertain any listener.
Just a delight! Christy BRINGS IT every single week. Love love love!
This podcast is wonderful. It feels like you’re just hanging out with friends and talking true crime.
This podcast came into my life during a true crime podcast drought. I was caught up on all of my other podcasts, and just finished my first ever binge of Superstore, prompting me to follow Lauren on Tiktok. She just happened to mention her podcast and I was invested before I listened! What more could I want?! True crime, Dina from Superstore, how could this be topped?! *Enter the lovely Christy Oxborrow* Christy is so amazing and thorough in her case files, it puts most other pods and documentaries to shame. I love they go so in-depth and allow for longer times than most pods so they can fill in us, the listeners on EVERYTHING! Christy and Lauren have AMAZING chemistry and balance laughs with concise and reliable information—much of which is new to me—which is saying something, I am a huge true crime enthusiast. I joined their patreon after only a few episodes because I knew I would need more of them in my life and had to support their work. They are seriously gems—I sometimes I pretend I am their 3rd sister cousin because I hope to be as cool as them. Love the pod ladies! Keep it up!
I started this podcast because I adore Lauren Ash’s character, Dina, on Super Store. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m in love! I feel like I’m hanging out with two friends when they banter. I adore Christy too! Sweet duo ❤️
2.5 hour episodes of 2 females talking about everything BUT true crime and cocktails.
Well I saw the interview with Kelly, and so…I gave in and listened to my first podcast. I’m on episode 12 now…and I listen to it every day now. I listen to it only in my car, and it makes every ride better. I feel like they are my friends and I’m helping do commentary with them. My fav guest appearance is Brandy lol. I am ordering some merch. I’m a fan! Keep them coming ladies.
I've been following Lauren Ash since Superstore and got so bummed when it got cancelled! Thankfully Lauren is a jack-of-all-trades and with her cousin, created this awesome podcast! The level of detail and the amount of effort and research is incredible. The topics range from true crime to celebrities to tragedies to mysteries! If you want to know everything and anything about a topic, definitely check if they've covered it! Love this podcast; it's funny, smart, and a great time!
I have never left a podcast review before, but The Little Mermaid episode of this podcast brought me so much joy that I had to do something to show my appreciation! I truly enjoy this podcast every week and feel like I’m listening to my friends debate true crime theories. The ones that aren’t as dark tend to be my favorites, but the hosts do a great job of researching and keeping every episode as fun and entertaining as possible.
I absolutely love this podcast! I look forward to listening every time I’m on the car. When I’m alone and watching tv or listening to a podcast, I never laugh out loud but this podcast gets me ROLLING every episode! I also now feel like these two are my new best friends! They are so relatable and hilarious and I swear we would be the best friends! All around the best podcast!


You ladies are so entertaining, I’m so happy to have found your podcast. Thanks
Despite some of the content being heartbreaking, the chemistry between Christy and Lauren is undeniable and it makes listening feel like hanging out with two of your best friends/sisters. I have been a big Lauren fan since Superstore and Christy is hilarious. This is definitely my go to true crime pod along with Let’s Go to Court, another duo of amazing women.