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She’s got a lot of good stuff to say. I always come away with something. Wether it be new insights of a bit more stoke. Thanks Chelsea keep it up.
I am currently on a climbing trip in the North Cascades and listened to the Fear or Falling podcasts before going. On this trip I was able to climb harder and more confidently than ever before. I managed to redpoint a 5.10a and send a crimpy 5.10c (a new PR for me). I also took my first multipitch climb and a lot of Chelsea’s advice from her podcast came back to me. She knows what she’s talking about and her programs are worth it if you want to get serious about climbing.
Edited to add: been loving the variety of guests so far and all of the knowledge Chelsea brings to this corner of the podcast world! Keep it coming! Chelsea is such a knowledgeable and encouraging resource on all things related to climbing training. Can’t wait for more episodes!
Love everything Ladybeta. Chelsea knows what she's talking about and it really shows. So many good tools and tips to raise your energy and make positive life changes!
Very informative and not just for climbing. I have take the information and applied it to other sport and even to my daily life.
Love all that Chelsea has to share! As an entrepreneur, novice climber, and spirit junkie, I just totally relate to and love her content! You will too!!
This podcast never ceases to inspire me! I have listened to every episode and share with all my fellow lady climbers. I can’t stop sharing!!
Lady beta podcast is informative and helpful. Its current on issues in the climbing community esp for women
I love listening to Chelsea’s podcast and so much appreciate her knowledge of the female body! Her mind-body approach is so wholesome and empowering. Thank you for giving so much to the climbing community.
I love listening to this energetic podcast first thing in the morning as it puts me in a positive motivated mindset for the rest of my day. So many great topics are covered about climbing, business, life balance and more.
I cannot state this enough: this podcast has changed my mindset entirely. Chelsea’s simple and positive way of breaking things down lets your brain process what she’s talking about (like: why are you actually afraid of falling?) while still delivering a high-value podcast. I always look forward to the latest episodes, even if they don’t 100% pertain to me. She keeps it fun and interesting. Keep it up, Chelsea!
I smile when I start up each podcast because it is getting an expresso shot of Chelsea’s positive, determined but compassionate energy. I started listening for climbing tips but the real benefits have been to my mindset, approach to work, and life in general. Her beta is great for climbing but her perspective is so much bigger than that. And she is so encouraging and inspiring!
Love every episode of this podcast. Chelsea does an excellent job of finding interesting information and bringing it out in a fun and easy-to-digest manner.
Each week Chelsea shares practical and positive advice about climbing, business, and/or brain rewiring. Subscribe and you won't regret it.
Short informative and authentic Love Chelsea showing up as she is!! I thrive off that energy and it totally gets me amped when working on matters in relation to my business.
Chelsea has a wealth of knowledge that can help any climber! I love listening knowing her knowledge will help make me feel more confident and strong mentally and physically!!
Podcasts are good and informative and offer a different perspective than many other climbing podcasts. Also usually the perfect length for the drive to my local crag.
I live on the road, and whenever I am gearing up for a long drive, I always make sure I have the most recent episodes of the Lady Beta podcast downloaded! The epispodes cover such a wide variety of topics, but the most transformational for me are the ones about mindset-money mindest, climbing mindset, and life approach. Chelsea is so knowledgeable and is a great host-I love that she's created such a positive space and community for climbers, business owners, and those seeking personal growth alike!
Chelsea does such a great job not just talking about getting stronger, but about what really is important. She understands that mindset and the mental part of climbing is just as important. Her podcast just continues to emphasize the importance of working on that as part of your training! 100% recommend!!!
This podcast has been especially useful and helpful to me as a female climber, but would be useful to people of all genders. It’s like my version of a self-help podcast. She covers nearly everything climbing training related that I’ve ever wanted to know about, and then some. I’ve really enjoyed listening!
Chelsea is such an amazing coach! She’s got quite the wealth of knowledge and it’s so exciting to see that go into a podcast that’s accessible to everyone. Highly recommend listening - and working with her if you have the chance. She offers such great insights into climbing that you just don’t see other places.
I love this podcast! Chelsea opened my eyes to the holistic nature of climbing and how important mindset is. She asks the best questions and allows you to reflect on your individual needs and areas for growth. She’s very relatable too! 💜 like chatting with a friend. She also turned me on to Four Signatic coffee which I’ve been loving after looking for a low caffeine coffee for months thanks Chelsea 😻
Great podcast! Definitely recommend to all types of climbers!
I love how Chelsea approaches climbing from a holistic point of view. She talks about mindset work and rewiring your thoughts and it has benefited me in managing my self-doubt or negative thoughts. She speaks the truth and I love her vulnerability in sharing her story
Everything about this podcast is the best thing!!! I get so pumped to listen to it on my walks, or on the way to the gym. Chelsea hits on so many things that make you feel so empowered. Even if you aren’t necessarily looking to grow a business, or maybe you aren’t a climber, what she says and what her guests bring can be translated into so many areas of life. I LOVE this podcast!!!!!!!
Especially obsessed with all the business/money mindset/etc episodes.
Chelsea is not only super knowledgeable about all things climbing, climbing training, nutrition, mindset, removing your limiting beliefs, building community, etc. but she is also a super duper human. if you dont have the pleasure of working with her, soak up what you can with her podcast. it's amazing.
I was skeptical, but several times this week I was feeling down and gave this a listen. Chelsea’s positivity and practical messages (e.g., make time for brain re-wiring each day and count that as part of your work schedule) lifted me out of my funk. She is a force for good in this world and she owns it, and this is refreshing.
As a lady climber, I struggle at various stages of the month and for the longest time was hard on myself about it. I mainly climb with men so the conversations about my struggles felt unrelatable. This last year I began to notice more consistent patterns and started talking to some other climbers, which led me to Lady Beta and this podcast. It has been so empowering to not only better understand my body, but how to harness all that to my advantage not only mentally, but physically too.
Chelsea is a wealth of information, and her plan to bring in other experts around climbing training (holistically... and for WOMXN!!), mindset work, etc... is huge! She brings in topics that make you think, reflect, and guide you to better personal choices and more accountability. You may come for the climbing insight, but if you really listen you can leave a different, more confident and capable version of yourself.
I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a podcast about climbing that isn’t just interviewing people climbers. Chelsea holds so much knowledge about climbing, business and brain rewiring, and we’re so lucky that she shares with us. I feel like I learn something from every episode that applies either to my climbing, business or life in general. I love that Chelsea isn’t afraid to talk about the things that no one else will talk about - her episode on money mindset is one of my FAVORITES! I can’t wait to see what else Chelsea comes out with!
My favorite podcast to listen to on the way to the gym or crag! Brings solid info as well as the psych, with all the girl power 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼.
If you are a woman and you climb then you must listen to this podcast. Chelsea has a kickass attitude towards life and progressing as a human. Bravo!!
Chelsea speaks on the mental experience of climbing that is so needed in a community oversaturated with the physical. Obviously, both conversations are needed, and it’s so great to have a climbing podcast that doesn’t shy away from either. As someone who originally came into climbing to work through PTSD but still suffered from trauma triggers within the sport, I cannot stress enough how important it is to talk about brain rewiring, fear of falling and overcoming limiting beliefs and I’m so grateful for Chelsea for normalizing this type of conversation. Her insights also extend beyond the climbing world. I’ve turned some non-climbing friends onto her podcast through the universality of these topics, and also her energizing and engaging persona. Chelsea, keep doing what you’re doing! 10/10 A Big Respect Huge Thanks!!!
Chelsea shares so many valuable insights on this amazing and informative podcast! Her content always makes me feel inspired and motivated to improve in my climbing, training, and life in general. Highly recommend!
I appreciate that this podcast showcases women in multiple facets of the climbing industry. If you’re looking for climbing content with more women’s representation, this one is a great source of motivation and inspiration!
Chelsea is an amazing person
Chelsea is an amazing coach and an absolute BOSS!! great resource to learn from her! Amazing episodes on brain rewiring, motivation, and climbing!
Love your podcast, the one of changing your mindset around money is exactly what I need to here today, surround yourself of the love and abundance energy
Chelsea’s podcast is amazing! I started following her for her training nuggets on Instagram, and when she started her podcast I was stoked! It’s really incredible that she puts such an emphasis on mindset. Two things I never thought to factor into my climbing were hormones and emotion, and my training has completely changed since I’ve made adjustments based on her recommendations. Can’t recommend her podcast enough.
I am a huge fan of Chelsea Murn’s and her podcast is no exception. She talks a lot about topics that are foundational to climbing -how are you talking to yourself, how are you eating, etc. An excellent podcast for female climbers but not exclusively so! Climbers across all genders are sure to like this content.
(Pun intended) Honestly just found her this week and I’m obsessed. I’m a pod cast junkie and I love that I can include mental training into my drive to work work or to the crag. Thanks for all your hard work!
Lady Beta podcast is packed with informative relevant information for both lady crushers and entrepreneurs alike. I listen to a LOT of podcasts but this one remains in my playlist consistently. Her fresh perspective and direct communication are just what this space needs. Can’t recommend this podcast enough!!
Chelsea's knowledge base is incredible, guests are awesome! Even though it's a climbing focused podcast so much transfers into other life areas. Highly recommend!
chelsea gives absolutely incredible information and advice! it has become a bit of a ritual for me to listen to her podcasts while cleaning my room! any female athlete or climber should def give these a listen :)
I’ve been looking for a training podcast specifically for climbing for a while now and I’m so happy Chelsea was the one to do it! I’ve heard a few here and there but never one that actually sparked my interest. I’ve been loving the topics so far and it’s so cool how she’s using this platform to showcase other amazing people in the industry - for example the most recent podcast with Mercedes. I’m loving the podcast so far and can’t wait to see new ones coming up in the future! #subscribed
Chelsea is an amazing resource of information. Ladybeta is always providing inspiration, information, and community for free even while being a successful business. Looking forward to more podcasts!
So excited to hear more about mindset coaching, nutrition, hormones, etc. Listen to this podcast if you want to stay stoked about climbing!!!
Love the podcast!! I can relate to everything she says and my struggles with climbing having a hard time reaching higher grades of climbing and the mental game of it. For me personally she hits the nail on the head in everything she talked about and can’t get enough. Hoping to improve my game by learning more.