Setting The Captives Free with Bev Tucker

Reviews For Setting The Captives Free with Bev Tucker

Pastor Bevs deliverance teachings AND ministry is FRUITFUL, and so powerful. I am so thankful to have access to her pour!


Pastor Bev is near and dear to our family. She walks with integrity and speaks truth. She loves deep and she glorifies Yahweh in her ministry.
Pastor Beverly Tucker is a humble woman of God with a big heart to serve and really help people no matter the cost. I am blessed by her ministry.
Great words of wisdoms for all walks of life.
I love the teachings and knowledge I get from Bev Tucker.
Love love love Pastor Bev and her content. This is sure to be a podcast you don’t want to miss.
Thank you pastor Bev! You are a blessing to the kingdom of God and your ministry are freeing so many from spiritual. Thank you .
Her deliverance workbook is such a blessing , her one on one sessions are life changing . I’m so excited for this podcast
My first introduction to Past Bev was in 2017 at Millions Conference. My life was changed that day! She spoke with so much Authority and truly came to Set the Captives Free! I’ve purchased her Deliverance Manual Setting the Captives and the Children’s Deliverance book; both books it’s are great tools and resources for me while I minister. I’ve always desired to be trained by Pastor Bev in the area or Deliverance and Healing. This podcast is needed and it’s truly a treat for those of us who have been called to Set The Captives Free. Thank you Pastor Bev for answering the call to bring your wisdom and anointing to the world on this particular platform!