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This podcast is eh. After listening to a handful of episodes, it feels “judgy” & self promoting. 😬 I don’t always feel uplifted or inspired. I feel like I’m walking out of a conference Hotel bar where I just just gossiped for 45 mins... and hey if you’re looking for that, then ignore my feedback! I am SO thankful for the Pilates industry. It’s given me strength in ways I never thought possible. I started it because of an injury & have had several teachers both contemporary and classic over a long period of time. I feel it’s important for clients to do the same & find the teacher that makes YOU feel your best & continues to challenge you! Just because you hear ‘one instructor’ say something ‘one way’ doesn’t mean it they are teaching it to every person that way or that they think they’re a ‘know it all’. Pilates is very much a gray area. Any elder teacher will tell you there’s not one specific way to do an exercise. Within the classical method I’ve never heard teachers say something ‘was wrong’ or made students feel less than. It all depends on the body. To ignore that all together in this podcast feels lazy. At times I feel the hosts create their own myths and catch phrases to create a ‘following’ for their training courses. Not all instructors have hard rules set & it’s misleading to say “that a teacher’s cue is complete B.S.”, when it could’ve been customized for just that particular client (whether the client is bored with it or not). Some clients think they can do things they honestly just shouldn’t until they have the muscle strength to do so. I felt the need to write this review because this industry is still on the smaller scale in comparison to other fitness methods. I would love to hear more real discussions about supporting one another, highs and lows of running/starting a business, tips to doing so and teachers who have been in the industry for a long time. Most teachers I’ve met and practiced with are continually working to grow in their own teaching even 20 + years later and are very upfront about that. I appreciate the candidness on this pod (that’s what drew me in) but would love it to have more of a purpose outside of dumping on others or self promotion. ❤️


By tfroemk
Finally some continuing education that makes sense. Thank you Raph and Cloe for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. More instructors need to hear this! This has become my favorite listen on my work commute. Lots of “ahh 💡” moments.
Raph and Cloe are top notch educators in the Pilates industry. Every instructor and instructor-in-training would benefit greatly from these episodes. Thank you to Raph and Cloe for gracefully tackling these true Pilates elephants.
Best podcast for Pilates professionals! If you are a movement practitioner you NEED to listen to this podcast as a source of continuing education. As a professional dancer/teacher and Pilates instructor, I have found this Podcast to be essential. Cloe and Raph have made critical thinking around the Pilates technique to be funny, well researched, and accessible. As a researcher of the body and movement, I find it refreshing to hear folks discuss current problem areas in the field, while also providing listeners with resources and solutions that will help all movement practitioners improve their teaching. Thank you Cloe and Raph! You two are AWESOME!!
unfiltered and unapologetic with a lot if wow moments. Love it!
I want to thank you guys from Tucson,AZ, USA at In Balance Pilates disenfranchised from Club Pilates. Just thank you for giving me the permission to do whatever I want without guilt or fear. I’ve been teaching for 6 years and I’ve always felt inferior to the “real” pilates notion. When I first started teaching I was fearless and time and time again I was slowly knocked off of my pedestal until I followed along with the snotty pilates. I feel empower and ready to take on the world after listening to your podcast. Keep on what you’re doing! It’s amazeballs! And I feel so good now teaching and just having fun. Without looking over my shoulder or worrying about what the snotty pilates police have to say. ❤️
I was waiting a long time for a podcast like this! Love it! Finally discussions about what really matters and what we need to know to become independent professional instructor. You answers and talks about so many confusing subjects for us. Thank you!
Love this podcast. It’s changing the way I teach and think about Pilates. I needed to hear this! Totally mind expanding. Thank you
Loving all of your podcasts! As a New Yorker I believe we definitely over cue. Giving the client the ability to be autonomous is an exciting suggestion I’m looking forward to exploring with them! Keep the podcasts coming !