Children of the Stones

Reviews For Children of the Stones

It bears A LOT of similarities to Unwell. Not sure if both stories are connected, but the storyline reminds me a lot of Unwell. —AND— they have the same weird ambient spooky music!!! However Children of the Stones starts off a little confusing. It didn’t start to make ense until episode 7—there are 10 episodes. Even though Unwell takes place in Mount Apselon, Millbury shares a lot of similarities. Both shows mention a stone that controls the small town and the people in it; and the stones in both shows require a sacrifice (they need to be “watered”). Curiously enough both stories mention an observatory. The one in Mount Apselon has a telescope that points to a black hole, a black hole that’s very powerful and can control your mind—Raif in Children of the Stone, speaks about a black hole (M87) where the voice of god exists and controls the mind of the town’s people. Both are great shows.
The acting and audio quality are really incredible. At this point, I don’t expect anything less from BBC Radio 4. However, I felt the story was a bit thin. There were so many side characters that I didn’t get to know enough to connect with them.
Way too much of trying to blur things