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Hey guys live your show found you on tic toc then on Apple podcast. I love how you can bring me back to when I was a kid
Okay, found you on TikTok. This is now my favorite podcast. I don’t know when I became obsessed, maybe it was string things, shark bites and melody pops, the foot clan hangout being awesome, or all of dazed and confused. I’m 37. Nobody hits home like you guys. Even the little Letterkenny mention is so on point. Anyway, looking forward to a possible Great Outdoors review. The Wraith would be awesome too. Lastly, Ninja Turtle Cereal, none of my peers recall it, do you? Side note, when you talked about the drink Surge thought you were going to mention Josta! You guys are awesome, have been recommending to everybody!
I stumbled upon this podcast on tik tok and I have fallen in love with them. My dad raised me on these movies and as a growing adult it warms my heart to come back to all of it again with a deeper meaning of these movies I’ve watch a million times. I 100% percent recommend this podcast to anyone who love some good old boys talking about the memories they have cherished along with these movies. Ps. Thank you for making me feel so important and messaging back on Instagram. You know what you have to do next. “I don’t shut up, I grow up and when I look at you I throw up.. ehhhhh” -stand by me-
I listen to two things during work. Howard stern and this podcast. The memories you have brought back to me are amazing. Have so many movies I wish you would do. Iron eagle, masters of the universe (most insane 80’s ever), just one of the boys (classic William Zabka bad guy), annnnd so many more. Keep it up and thanks for everything, Chris torbert
I don’t know which voice belongs to who… 10/10 best podcast I’ve listen to you guys are awesome and I appreciate you all
Gentlemen, I absolutely love your show! The amount of work you all put in with research, rewatching and digging up old memories are truly priceless! The impressions are my favorite part personally! The only thing I have a problem with is that I didn’t come up with the amazing topic to create a show with. Keep up the great work, I look forward to your new episode every week! Love, Bryan Lee
I found your show from a TikTok tmnt post. It sucked me in …and I’ve been riding this fantastic wave of nostalgia ever since … I’m finally caught up on every episode and I love each of them. It instantly brought me back to riding my Honda scooter to the video store .. grabbing a movie, ordering a pizza and simply loving life. Growing up in Indiana seems so similar to your guys up bringing. Keep it up guys can’t wait for Robocop or Terminator 2 ..oh yeah do you remember burple drink .. good stuff.
I’m loving this Podcast. I’m 34 and I can remember everything these guys talk about pretty vividly and their takes are spot on. Keep up the good work and I’m going to keep eagerly awaiting new episodes!
Boys!! Just wanted to leave you a quick review and give a few kind words about the podcast! You’re absolutely killing it! I’m an avid podcast listener, especially on my hour-long commute to work. So, when I see a new episode of yours pop up in my feed, you bet your blank check that I’m playing it immediately. You guys are great so keep up the solid work! Also: for sure you need to review Baby Geniuses😂
Finally!!! I found The Godfather of all movie podcasts. Through the power of sheer boredom on the Tik Tok platform, I found The Confused Breakfast Podcast. Starting off with one of my all time favorite Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus, I was instantly hooked. As I am reminded how awesome these childhood movies are with each episode, the dynamic between these three guys make you feel like you are apart of the movie nerd club. In an absolute great way. They are knowledgeable about the movies and very through about each movie, funny and just feels like they are your high school or college buddies that you just get along with. I am a fan of each and everyone of the guys. But I can’t help but hear that AJ sounds like the great actor of small parts, J.P. Manoux..if you know you know. I will always be a fan and support the podcast. Keep doing great works!!!
This show is three nostalgia loving guys that are true friends. You can tell by listening that they love hanging out with each other and reminiscing about the good old days. I recommend this for anyone that loves 80’s & 90’s pop culture (except 3 Ninjas) and watching old movies with friends over a beer.
Saw a few clips on TikTok while scrolling through, FINALLY subscribed and gave a listen to a full episode aaand now I’m hooked! Thanks guys for the blast into my nostalgic past.
Where has this show been!! Found it late into its debut and listened to every episode within less than a week, the crew hits every mark with their wit and each experience on every subject. Definitely made me rethink a lot on all shows and movies I grew up watching, I can see now the obvious plot holes like example in ninja turtles 2 the foot already stole the ooze so why did they stick around to fight the turtles hahaha!!! Can’t wait for next week!
Love listening to this podcast, brings back all the memories. So great to follow along on the recaps and usually I’ll go back and watch clips they talked about. So fun.
I usually don’t leave reviews tbh. I almost came to defend 3 ninjas a few weeks back but today I was pretty stoked to see Blank Check. These movies are all classics to me.
I love your podcast. The Mortal Kombat analysis was on point; however, Street Fighter is an amazing work of art and Raul Julia delivers in that movie. He should have won an Oscar.
Hey Gents! I downloaded the Apple podcasts app just so I could give you all a five star review. You guys are awesome and listening to the pod not only is a fun trip down memory lane but your charisma and charm makes it feel like I’m sitting down with three of my old friends talking about the shows and things we grew up with. I love the Fan Theories section that shows up. I love that you guys are informed without being pretentious!! Gonna use the most overused phrase in podcast reviews but… “thank you and keep up the great content!” Ps. As a kid the Badge episode of AYAOTD scarred me for years. I’m 36 now and enjoy horror movies so I decided to go back and watch that episode. Nope. Still scary….
As a man who was raised by the power Rangers, my child hood was all power Rangers I’ve watched every single season and watched the sentai counterpart, y’all are lucky zordon is forgiving. Don’t EVER HATE ON THE TRUE HEROES OF EARTH. Next time Rita tries to take over the earth don’t you dare go crying for help. You done messed up !!! However thanks for the time y’all take to create this amazing pod cast. You guys seriously make my days so much better and i can’t help but laugh and smile while listening to these. Y’all are amazing 10/10 I’ll be sure to put in a good word to zordon and maybe just maybe y’all will be saved. Thank you ❤️❤️
I found you guys on TikTok, not knowing that once i heard one episode, I needed to hear them all. Now, like a junkie, hungry for another nostalgia fix, I wait with baited breath for Wednesday to come. Your movies and mini-byte episodes that you do are like you’re looking directly in my brain and picking all the right things. Thank you so much for all that you do and here’s hoping for years to come of that sweet nostalgic ephemera we all so desperately need!!!
Also that Mike Schulte guy is pretty neat. I heard he was from St. Louis which is pretty neat. St. Louis is a pretty neat town. This podcast is really neat. Can I please request a movie review? Honey I Shrunk the Kids! That would be neat.
Best content I’ve seen/heard in years! Great TickTock account!
Love the podcast, all the hosts are incredibly entertaining. The show gives me the feeling of hanging out with my friends, reminiscing on simpler times/childhood. Keep up the great work guys. Dan from Illinois
Hello! I just discovered your podcast and I listened to the first episode today. I have to brag. I DID see Hocus Pocus in theaters. My birthday is 4 days before Halloween so obviously it’s my favorite holiday. For my 11th birthday my mom took me and my slumber party to see Hocus Pocus at the discount dollar theater near us. The Pinnacle Theater in Thornton Colorado to be exact. (I worked at that theater when I was 16-17 and it’s still my all time favorite job. Sadly it has since closed down.) I loved the movie the first time I saw it and I love it to this day. 10/10 It is a tradition for me and my family to watch it every year. I don’t brag about anything but this one I couldn’t pass up!.. Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to listen to the rest!!! I am already jonesing for the Are You Afraid of the Dark episode. I still watch that show to this day!!!! Thanks for the fun you guys!!! I can only speak for myself but I am so thankful for your humor and light hearted banter. I am grateful for the memories this is jogging. I smile the whole time I’m listening. Keep up the great work! Love, The OG Becca :)))
If you are an 80s kid and love movies you will love this podcast.
Loving this podcast. Found out about it while scrolling TikTok and I’m so glad it popped up on my for you page. This podcast takes me back to the days of my youth when me and my brother(my brother and I) would watch 3 ninjas over and over and make fun of the way Emily says “Did I hear your new name is Ocky?” Keep up the good work guys. I’m telling all my friends about the podcast.
Who doesn’t love movies from the 80s? This is one of the greatest pod casts I have come across. You guys are amazing and have helped me relive my child hood of going to Adventureland Video and renting all of the movies you have reviewed. Keep it up!
Love this podcast! You guys are very entertaining, hilarious, and dive perfectly into the nostalgia of whatever movie you guys are discussing! Keep it up please! You guys rock!
Mike, Sean & AJ discuss the movies that formed my youth and made me fall in love with movies. I always love a podcast that makes me feel like I could be in the room chatting along with them. They continue to make me laugh out loud with every episode. Cheers guys, you’re the best!
I could listen to these guys all day. Full of laughter, poking fun at the greatest horrible films in existence, making you feel like you’re their with them watching it! Keep it up!!!
Stumbled upon this podcast by mistake but have been loving it so far. I always get a kick out of the fan theories because they are ridiculous. Keep the content coming boys! Can we get the American Gladiators rip-off ThunderDome as a mini-byte? As a wrestling fan I soaked in all the outlandish scripted content.
I found this on tik tok, I love the fan theories. Thank you for putting in the research to make it informative. I grew up with video rental being a something my family did together, so I’m happy to hear you reminisce and explore the movies (and other things from mini-byte episodes)that I grew up with.
I stumbled across this podcast thinking it was about breakfast reviews as indicated in the name. Maybe don’t name your episodes ‘mini bites’? But it’s a bunch of nerds talking about movies I grew up watching. So far so good, still trying to figure out who is dating who on the show. I would have given them 4 stars, but they reviewed my favorite movie of all time, Over The Top. That alone is worth listening to while at work.
Brand new this podcast as I write this 30/3/201 only listed to two episodes (Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice). I am looking forward to hearing all the available contact available thus far. The Beetlejuice episode was terrific! These guys broke down the movie in the perfect way possible. Beetlejuice is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I know every part and line because I've been to the film about 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier EVERY SINGLE TIME I see it, but their break down of the movie made me find a newfound respect for the film that I would give 8/10. If you like movie reviews, maybe check this out.
80s/90s kid here. Big was my first episode listen after watching it last night. Dug the format and style fellas. Gonna continue to listen. Keep up the good work! Love you more then a friend. Matt.
Thank you guys so much. This podcast is great. Born in 87, y’all sending me right back to the 90s.
So much enjoyment listening about so many of my favorite movies, tv shows and stuff from my childhood. Love the unfiltered banter, and the way you guys set up your shows itinerary. A joy to listen, feel like I actually know you guys. Keep it up!
These guys are retro archeologists and I’m so happy they are shining the light on all my favorite childhood movies! Light banter, real joy and passion in their opinions and they dig deep into specifics and scenes and reviews and it makes the movie come alive again. Love it!
This is without a doubt one of my top podcasts right now. A perfect mix of nostalgia, comedy, light cursing, and one sided unyielding opinions all held together by friendship with undertones of light flirting. You three are Straight Crushing It.


By NPolum
Mike shared the pod with me and I gave it a listen.. I’m hooked like a Bass on a nice July day. Funny and smart, a combo you only find on those premium dating apps. Keep it up guys it’s a great listen.


As a millennial, I love this trios’ take of the movies of my time. I’m loving these episodes!!
I went to high school with Sean and love the videos he’s done with AJ. As far as Mike, amateur race car driver, amateur hockey player, amateur rock star, professional podcaster. I dig it like coal.
I’ve conversed with Mike a few times. His other podcast (Iowa Music Podcast) has become one of my favorites... but Confused Breakfast is giving it a run for its money. The episodes look at movies that we all know and love, and ask the questions that have plagued us all in a fun and comedic way. Great cast, great people, great listening!
Listening to Confused Breakfast is like sitting at the top of the basement steps listening to your cool but kinda nerdy older brother and his friends talk about their favorite movies you’re not quite old enough to watch yet. If you’re missing your friend group during quarantine, jump into these episodes, because these guys make you feel like they’ve been saving a spot on the couch for you, and theres a cold Mountain Dew and a huge bag of Cool Ranch Doritos on the coffee table just for you.
I would not be considered a movie buff by any means, although I do enjoy them (bc duh). So when I listen to these 3 hosts share so much more research and background of all things film and pop culture (past & present) than other podcasts, it's super fun. Their own dynamics are perfectly balanced and genuine. All said: a fresh & hilarious podcast free from arrogance and stagnation. Nice work, fellas!
We love this podcast. Mike, Sean & AJ make us laugh out loud, take us back in time to relive our movie-watching memories & bring so much insight to every movie review. The episodes just keep getting better.