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Your story pierced me. I’ve been on my own, very similar journey. Praise God for bringing me out of the pit. So thankful for the truth, the rawness, and the emotion. Thank you for sharing your story - to help others and speak HOPE into the hurting. By the way, “Sweetly Broken” is a song that has incredibly deep meaning to me - powerful lyrics.
Love this couple and how they are so genuine as they navigate through real life scenarios on a weekly basis. If they talk about problems, they will always bring solutions. They hold nothing back...all cards are on the table. They will keep you grounded in your faith and walk beside you when you have fear. I tell everyone about this podcast because we all need a little difference in our life.
Just started listening to this, but I’ve loved getting to know this couple at church. You can definitely tell they’re passionate about it! Thankful for their hearts for ministry!
Hey Shayla and Brian. Thanks for being real. Your podcasts are down to earth and such everyday topics that we deal with. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone. Thanks for the reminders which stems around WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. We were all uniquely designed by our creator.
Love this couple and this podcast! I have been to their Anguished Hearts retreat and learned so much that we still use the Biblical advice we learned from them. Two people with hearts of gold who truly care to help people grow closer to Jesus. They are game changers and kingdom growers!!
These are the three words I think of when I think about Bryan and Shayla. They have been through nearly every extreme that two people individually and collectively can experience. What they’ve learned, and what they continue to learn, is the foundation of their podcast, their ministry, and their marriage. Please listen to their show. You’ll be glad you did.
Bryan and Shayla bring such a realness to their podcast. Their style of conversational teaching is refreshing. I can’t wait to hear the next podcast. Thank you for diving in and sharing your story and your experiences with us.
Pulling back the curtains to share truth and hope with the world. Transparent conversations that will leave you encouraged and ready for the next episode.
Amazing couple that speaks honestly, openly, and lovingly to all people and couples. My husband and I attended one of their Anguished Hearts conferences and found it was based in solid Biblical truth. I can’t wait to listen to what they come out with!
Bryan and Shayla are a great couple and their ministry is likewise...amazing. Having been to an Anguished Hearts retreat - I am excited to see that they’re doing a podcast. Go check them out!