Bleav in Miami Heat

Reviews For Bleav in Miami Heat

Norris is diving into some awesome discussion and content. His new co host is asking some great questions. I love this show, have loved this show. So thankful it’s around and a must subscribe as a heat fan!
Great pod, Norris is the best!
Really appreciate you guys taking the time to breakdown and give great perspective of my favorite team each week. Norris Cole! Heat nation loves you and very happy to hear you show the love back each week.
Very simple. Excellent description of the game. What went wrong and how to improve, but leaving all to Spolstra. Go Heat. Great job Joey.
There are very few people I’d rather listen to talk about basketball than Joey Levin. His experience with the inner workings of the league, from incredibly insightful X’s and O’s knowledge, to contracts, to locker room politics, he speaks both to the casual fan and the diehard Heat lifers.