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Do you ever sit too long in your car before going In Your house? Do you ever just want to redo, and replay arguments or interaction you had earlier. Well every Tuesday I sit in my car until I finish this podcast. I look forward every week to hear Jamie and guy. They are so realistic and funny. I love learning little tweaks and big improvements I can make in my life to help with all my relationships and mental health. Here is to getting fewer and fewer redos and learning the first time. Thanks for the weekly Davenport time!
Thank you for the insights, tangible takeaways, laughter and moments of reflection. I look forward to your podcast each week and have shared many episodes with dear family and friends. So grateful for your time and teachings. You two are a gift. Happy 50th Birthday, superstar Jamie! ⭐️💛⭐️
This is by far my new favorite podcast! It feels like I’m sitting down with my best friends discussing relationship topics that are important to me right now. So informative & fun! I’ve listened to every episode and it’s been a helpful reminder of little ways I can improve myself and my relationships. Keeps me on the right track! Thanks Jamie and guy!


Love this podcast! As a trauma therapist I love listening to podcasts that entertain me but also teach me something! Especially on the hard days! The Davenport is just what I need! So happy I found it! Keep up the great work! son did basic for the Marine Corp in San Diego. I loved visiting during his graduation!
Jamie & Guy are a great team! I love what they share. I listen to them while driving with my teens, and everyone listening benefits from their wisdom. I love learning about how to better take care of myself and relationships, and this podcast is top notch. Highly recommend!!
It is awesome listening to you two and I have enjoyed learning from your experiences, comments, and advice. I have checked out some of Gottman’s books from the library. There is wisdom in tuning up on those communication skills as life gets busy and kids become teenagers. I had a long drive somewhere today and got to catch up on a past episode on gratitude. Your Honduras flea story made me think of the book the Hiding Place—a great Memoir. There is one part where the author Corrie ten Boom challenges her ever grateful sister that there was no possible way she could be grateful for the fleas that were in the straw bunk beds in the concentration camp. Later they discover that the German female guards would not enter the sleeping area because of the fleas which allowed them to have their moments of reprieve to study the Bible they had managed to smuggle into the camp. Hard to imagine having the mental strength to come out of a situation like that. Thanks for the positive podcast. I enjoy listening.
Loving the episodes on the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Jamie shares great insights and practical tips with empathy and humor in this podcast. Helpful tips and reminders for taking better care of ourselves and our relationships.
I really like that all the advice comes from such a positive place and is super practical. Always a fun listen and I always hear something I can work on.
What a great podcast on the topic of shame. Loved your guest Mara Vernon. She provided such great information in such a relatable way. Wonderful mix of information and humor. Looking forward to the episode on Boundaries. I’m now a Subscriber!
Things we’ve read about relationships/life, we’ve been taught, and LOTS we never thought about! Jamie and Guy remind, teach and enlighten us in a whole new way! Funny & light, yet insightful & powerful! Wish everyone could listen to this! Recommend it to everyone! Helps with human relationships in a very crazy world!
I’m so proud of my mama!! I love you Mom! Jamie’s my awesome mom!
Love this podcast because I always learn something new! The variety of topics are super applicable and helpful
So many takeaways and refreshers to incorporate into everyday moments! Thanks Jamie and Guy!
We’re all starving for authentic real conversation. That’s what this podcast is. So much heart here ❤️
I learned so much every time I listen and I always get lots and lots of laughs :-) My favorite time to listen to you guys, is while I’m on a walk. I look a little loony while I’m laughing on a walk, but I love it!!
Listening to this makes me want to come visit you guys! But seriously, this show is my weekly vice haha. Thank you so much for being willing to share your thoughts and experience to everyone! Love you guys!
I love this podcast. Great content and fun and informative. I highly recommend to listen on a drive or a long walk.
This is a really fun podcast. The hosts are authentic and engaging. They make me laugh but I also feel like I gain some new insight into practical life skills in each episode. Even my husband, who isn’t a fan of podcasts, enjoys listening to Jamie and Guy.
This podcast is so fun! I’ll be crying at one moment and laughing a few minutes later. These two offer a perfect balance of fun as well as sharing personal experiences that have brought about opportunities to learn and gain valuable wisdom that is shared with the audience. Highly recommend it!
Not only is this just fun to listen to, you’ll find yourself evaluating and bettering yourself. Jamie, you have always been a light to those around you, and you continue to do so! I have missed your fun and laughter, so glad to have it again in podcast form! Can I come to CA and go to dinner with you guys?! 😂 -Andrea Wilson, UT
I’m hooked! This show is happy, upbeat and informative all at the same time!
I’m already taking some introspective time to think about my values. Thanks for sharing a podcast with a purpose and actionable take-away. I appreciate the anecdotes particularly, which are relatable!
I listened to The Davenport podcast trailer and episode 1 and really enjoyed it! The co hosts have a great rapport with each other, conversation seems to flow naturally, sound quality was perfection, didn't seem overly produced. Just an easy conversation between two good friends with an important message for their audience. And I love the significance of the name of the podcast! I'm excited to hear future episodes!
Any friend of Guy’s is a friend of mine! I look forward to learning from their upbeat content on The Davenport.


By x2bprn
Jamie!!! I’m so excited for this podcast. I have missed hearing your laugh!