Reviews For videogrunt

This is one of the best made podcasts (image, concept, info) I have ever seen, can't wait for the rest of them
Craig is awesome and nice, he is really cool and this is a cool idea.
You've got a great thing going with this, just stick with it. The only reason I'm giving you three stars is becuase you've been so inconsistent.
Enertaining plus teaching at the same time. Well worth your time to see.
This series is great for someone like me who is completely new to video/audio production. The history of why things are the way they are really makes it easier to remember, and little humor certainly adds some fun to the presentation of technical details (for example, I love the bovine part in episode 005). And, as a copyright lawyer, I can say Craig got the details on fair use (end of episode 004) exactly right.
It hasnt been updated since July - hey just give us some kinds of heads up! I would rate this 10 stars if could see one every month even.
This is a fabulous podcast and the information given is core to understanding the principles which underlay video production and related technology. This is one of my two favorite podcasts and this podcast, as well as the Multimedia 101 podcast from CreativeCOW, taught me many great principles that I have often wondered about. Man, you gotta love podcasting and the ones who do it right. Thanks, videogrunt!
These Podcast's have lots of intresting info, for the people who dont know much about digital cammras and such, these Podcast's teach you interesting stuff.... well thats all i got to say... they are free so get them and watch them
Great podcast. Thank you for answering the questions we have no place to ask or recive the answers.
This has the potential to be one of the greats! The information so simple and delivered in such a manner the complete novice will get it. This is entertaining and worth while if you want to learn digital video and podcasting an all the techie stuff they don't tell you about in the manuals... Perfect length for the short attention span audience and just plain fun. Subscribe now and reap the benefits of this guys mind!
Absolutely fantastic job presenting material in a concise yet but not simplistic fashion. I just stumbled onto this and I can't be happier. Knowledge is power, and I suddenly gained 20 pounds of muscle.
I teach a graduate course in digital video. We recently redesigned the course to include podcasting (enrollment is up 500%). I stumbled onto Craig's podcast and have been showing it in class ever since. It not only nicely articulates why we do video as we do, but it also is a shining exemplar of excellent video podcasting. He's got a telegenic presence and explains things in non-videophile vernacular, so it's a perfect introduction for the beginner and a nice buttress for the more advanced videographer. Well done!
Supposedly industry research shows that 99 percent of amateur videos people record never get watched. When videogrunt catches on, watch out for a global jump in the quality of video shot out there. A gift to the world of amateur, and professional videographers alike. Everyone predicted that low-cost, high quality cameras would spark a revolution in video storytelling. Maybe videogrunt is the REAL spark. Keep it up Mr. Syverson.
I just found this series along with podgrunt. I really like the format/design/style of both shows, and I think the information is presented in a pleasing manner. Keep up the great work!


Finaly someone to break down all the bacics!!! Great!
This is no doubt one of the most informative podcasts I've ever listened to. Great graphics, and I love the old screen beginnings.
I love it! If you are in or just thinking about a video or a/v type job. Or just want to learn more about video in general this is the place. This dude is on point and has never made it easier to understand the basics of video. Get on Craig's-list and subscribe to this podcast! HaHa!
Ok - this guy is a major graphics dude. Along with his videography, I really enjoy just watching his style. Very informative, lots of research and work done for each vidcast. And he must have some cool toys (equipment) to do what he does. I'm sure he'll share what he has, and how he uses it. Well done grunt guy.
Great podcast. I look forward to the next show. It is nice to see a podcast that is breaking down the complex world of Video.
Even after two decades of filmmaking, we find videogrunt engaging and informative. Who knew there was one guy who came up with 16:9? Even an old Moose can learn new tricks. Craig distills complex ideas to easily understood core concepts. We want more episodes!
Great info, great presentation...I highly recommend it!
craig keeps the mood light and fun as he gives us a solid understanding of video. i'd reccomend this product to anyone interested in video production.
So often in technology-intensive areas, I don't know if there is a deep reason behind some fundamental aspect of the field. It's comforting to know that inventors make sensible decisions, given the conditions of the time. Videogrunt's explanation of the origins of the 4:3 aspect ratio made me laugh. I'll never forget it. It makes good cocktail party small talk (okay, only within a geeky subset of people, but that's pretty much everyone I hang out with), and it will help me understand display formats with greater depth while authoring. Very professional, memorable and entertaining.
I wish Video Grunt would have been around when I started in the biz. In fact, I think I’m going to send a few newbies here to get some tips and tricks.