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I wish you did it more than once a week! I am always excited when a new one comes out. Thank you for all of it! And the inspiration to become Disney crazy lol!
I totally love listening to Chris and Amanda’s podcasts. They’re so funny and they make me laugh.
The Provost family is beautiful. We follow them on YouTube so you better believe we started listening to their podcast. Love the energy Chris and Amanda bring and they are the ultimate goal for perfect Disney family
I’ve been watching the provosts since almost the beginning of their YouTube channel. It is an amazing, high quality YouTube channel and now they have a awesome podcast. This podcast is fun like the YouTube channel and this is super high quality and amazing. Keep it up Chris and Amanda! -it’s ASHER!
This is a perfect addition to their channel!
The first time we took our kids to Disneyland we were pretty clueless, but we had a blast. After discovering PPP our next Disney trip experience was enhanced exponentially! They put so much effort into sharing Disney and we love love love every time they share more content!!!
I’ve been a big fan of their YouTube channel for ages and I’m so excited to be able to listen and learn more about my favorite topic from provost park pass!
I absolutely love Provost Park Pass!! They are amazing and so funny!! They have so much energy and I love them so much! I love the sound effects, and Chris and Amanda are just so awesome!! Keep spreading the magic!!❤️
This is the best podcast ever 🤩👏👏👏🤩
I discovered Provost Park Pass on YouTube when I was researching for our first Disneyland trip last year and now I can’t get enough! So informative and fun! Love Chris & Amanda and I hope I spot them in Disney one day!
I love the energy not only on this podcast but on youtube. Ever since I found them on youtube they've become a part of my life, which sounds crazy, but they always makes things so light! I hate to compare, but they always have good positive energy compared to other disney podcasters and youtubers! Chris is the dad that I strive to be! Super outgoing and knowledgeable, and they are 9 times out of 10 the first people to report on news. I really do appreciate you guys! I also love your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By sjp_4
You are great to listen to and your excitement lifts the current mood. We hope to try the tips you suggest and wish you the best of luck! Keep going!
I don’t know what it is about these two but they are so calming. I love Disney and listening to Disney is amazing especially when it’s Chris and Amanda talking.
Chris and Amanda, My hubby and I LOVE YOU two so much! I’m so happy you’ve made a podcast!! Keep spreading the magic!
Since I found you all in YouTube, I have been hooked, now that you have a pod makes it even better. I love all the insight you all have and as a former cast member this is super comprehensive info and well done. Must Listen!!!
I could listen to Chris and Amanda talk about Disney all day! I love all of their awesome Disney knowledge, tips and tricks.
I have been watching you guys from the start on you tube. I love that you have a podcast. I feel you guys can discuss limitless things about Disney and branch out to other theme parks. Having guests on here is highly encouraged. Good luck to you both!!!! I miss Disneyland sooooo much!!!!


I accidentally hit one star to go through and hit them all to a 5 star. This is ABSOLUTELY a 5 star!! Love both Chris and Amanda!
I’m a big fan of Chris’s and Amanda’s YouTube channel, and they are making a great transition to podcasts. A lot of the skills are the same, but there are some differences, and it turns out Chris and Amanda are great are both.
I have loved Provost Park Pass on YouTube for years, and now I am so excited to get to listen to them on a podcast! I have listened to many different Disney podcasts, but theirs is the best! They have great information and their energy is AMAZING. I would highly recommend them!
I absolutely love Provost Park Pass. Amanda and Chris are just the loveliest people! Not to mention their adorable son, Miles. If you haven’t already checked out their YouTube channel, do it NOW! It’s the best! They are so much fun, and have amazing content. True Disney people. So happy you two have decided to start a podcast!
Wish I could give 10 starts, this podcast is amazing 💯! Funny, interesting and perfect! All things you didn’t know you needed to know about Disney! Provost Park Pass is the best!! ⭐️
I want to say thank you to Chris Provost and Amanda Provost for making this Podcast possible and many more. Supporters in the patron thank you for making this possible. Thank you so much for Chris and Amanda making this possible again.
We love the Provost’s YouTube channel and are so excited for this new podcast! They are so passionate about Disneyland and WDW, and they love sharing their knowledge at tips! 🥇
Our family loves Provost Park Pass on all media platforms!
Love the provost park pass YouTube and was stoked to hear about their podcast! Anything Disney is my happy place and cannot wait to hear more of their positive content!! 👏🏼✨
Chris and Amanda! I watch every video you put out and I am very excited to have more! Now I can listen while working out, traveling, or working. Thank you for keeping the magic alive during this challenging time! Jake
I love Provost Park Pass on YouTube for all my Disney secrets, fun and facts! But I don’t always have time to sit and watch the videos. *so sad* A podcast is the perfect thing for me! Brimming of the same happy energy and chocked full of Disney Parks information in just the right length for me to listen on my commute or even at work dredging through a mindless report... Thank you for doing this!
If you love anything Disney(like me) then you will love this podcast. These two are so amazing and truly are some of the brightest and loving people in the world. Love this podcast and PROVOST PARK PASS!!!
Wonderful info on Disney Parks and such fun, positive energy. I am enjoying Chris and Amanda’s podcast and looking forward to more!
Chris and Amanda are amazing!! Love their positivity as they share all stuff Disney!! And it is very pun-ny too!! 😁
Chris and Amanda are the best. They bring you all the content from all the parks . Five Stars all day , every day !!!
I give this a podcast a 5 star since it is a amazing podcast and I love the podcast and I love Disneyland and they are super funny and nice and you learn a lot of stuff about Disney Parks from them!
Just a great podcast to listen to for Disney info and host have get voices for easy listening
I’ve been watching Chris and Amanda on YouTube this entire pandemic, and their infectious light hearted spirit is just a joy. Their love for Disney and the people who work at and for Disney is unsurpassed. Can’t wait to make this part of my podcast library.
As always, the Provosts have the best energy! Perfect for the commute to work! 💕
Great family friendly content for Disney fanatics like myself… Amazing work
Chris and Amanda are such infectiously positive hosts. My only problem with this podcast is it really makes me miss Disneyland... 😔
I really love this podcast. Chris and Amanda are so knowledgeable and relatable. Can’t wait to hear more episodes in the future!


Amazing podcast, can’t wait to see what else they publish.
Great family content. I first saw their YouTube channel last year. A week later we went to Disneyland and we actually found Chris in ToonTown LIVE!! So happy they finally have a PodCast, congrats!! Can’t wait for Miles Minute Segment- well it’s a suggestion.
Good job 👌
This is a great addition to an already incredible YouTube video blog about all things Disney! A must listen if you’re a fan of the Provost Park Pass YouTube channel!!!
Nothing but positivity from these two! Thank you Provost Park Pass for spreading joy everyday!!! They have so much enthusiasm and a huge love for Disney. Always my go-to family when I am looking for any info Disney-related or just for a breath of fresh air in my day. ❤️✨🐭
Our family loves the Provost YouTube videos and I’m so glad they started this podcast!
Love the hosts and channel, so I’m so happy about the new podcast!
Chris and Amanda have a vast knowledge of Disney and it shows! They run an awesome YouTube channel with the same name and I have a really great time watching their videos and this provides the same amount of enjoyment as I like audio books and podcasts this is great to listen to while I’m on a run or just hanging around the house!


By Uceo
So happy you guys have a podcast! Can’t wait to binge all of them!
This is the best podcast out there! The people running it have such amazing personality’s and are super helpful! I came from their Instagram and YouTube channel, where I am a patreon member, and they really are such amazing people who spend so much time to help inform others. Please subscribe to their podcast, YouTube channel and follow them on Instagram to help them and stay up to date on your park knowledge!!! Oh and don’t forget to hit that bell!!!!! ❤️