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It’s like hanging out with your open minded mom friends. Realistic advice and so helpful as a first time mom - keep it up!
This is such a great podcast for Real Moms. I feel like I’m listening to friends. I can relate to so much of what is said. The topics are perfect for soon to be, new moms or seasoned moms. Definitely worth a listen!
I stumbled upon this podcast recently when searching for pregnancy related podcasts, and I love it so much! They remind me of myself and my close friends and our husbands. I’m so grateful that they truly are real and down to earth about all things marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, friendships—all of it.
Amber & Nikki make me feel like I’m sitting down getting advice from my girlfriends - I love it! I’m a dog mom, getting married soon, and will hopefully be bringing human babies into this world not too long after. I have taken so many tidbits from this podcast already and love how real and authentic these conversations are. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to at the beginning of every week!
First, it’s just so great to finally see a woman of color in the pregnancy / maternal podcasting space. I also really enjoyed the storytelling in episode 2, and am excited to dig in. The one piece of feedback I have, is the conversation about weight — when you throw out numbers (i.e., I hit 200, but I mean I’m 5’9) and two people who have “always been thin” assign numbers to what they think is normal or not, can be really harmful. Please just consider contextualizing those numbed with what you are comfortable with for your bodies, not what is normal or that other woman should measure themselves against.
I’m not a mom but enjoy listening. A few learning lessons.... ya, definitely thought “active labor” meant actively pushing. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤯 Lesson learned. Enjoying tuning in and participating in the conversation.


By Adobs
So great! Thanks ladies!
I started lab new job doing data entry recently and listen to podcasts to get me through the day. I happened upon The Real Moms while searching for pregnancy-related content as my husband and I are trying for our first. I have since been binging all of the other episodes! I absolutely love the flow of their conversations, I get a lot of good advice about being a future mother as well as just being a good wife now out of what Amber and Nikki have to say. I highly recommend this to anybody looking for something both entertaining and informative to listen to!
These days we don’t get to hang with our friends so these two have been my go-to for listening to a podcast that gets me laughing and feeling less isolated. It has filled my need for new voices and perspectives to help fuel motivation and happiness in my life. I love the conversation and the fresh ideas or affirmation that this weekly podcast provides. Love you so much, Nikki and Amber. Thanks for bringing the fun! ❤️❤️ (and merry Christmas!)
Nikki and Amber give me life during this crazy time of covid. I look forward to their weekly episodes to give me that “best friend type of love/feedback and laughter”.
In these modern mom times, it can feel like you are never doing anything right, but with Nikki and Amber’s insightful and authentic rapport, you know you’re not alone. They are your emotional support moms that help keep you sane and laughing at the craziness of mom life.
Listening to Nikki and Amber is like chatting with my girlfriends about the good, bad and ugly with being a mom. So real, so refreshing and so fun! ❤️
I love the honesty and candid conversation this podcast provides. I literally laugh out loud, nod my head and sometimes reply as if I’m a part of the conversation. It’s like hanging out with your bffs.
(A review from a non-mom) I loved the free flowing conversation and the very evident friendship these two women share. Loved listening to their histories - as women, with careers, and with families they love. Looking forward to more episodes about their lives and what makes them real moms.