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They mostly seem confused as to what this podcast is supposed to be. They have nearly zero memory of anything that happened, which would be fine if the wasn’t about, oh you know, the show!! When they do discuss the show, it’s only for about 10 minutes and the rest is just catching up with their lives. Which again, would be fine, if this wasn’t a recap show. And why a host? She doesn’t seem to be that much of a fan of the original show either. I loved that show!! I’m not obsessed, but I watched it enough times to actually know what’s going on. Come on ladies.....try!!!!!!
I was a graduate of 1992 and being a year a head of the TV gang was great. I watched all the time even in college, the summer of 92 was awesome being in the dorms and it was mania, all of us around a 13 inch TV, lol! I then married and we or I watched SoapNet and the reruns all the time, it’s always been a joke with all of our friends. I can now watch y’all without commercials on the CBS App but I have the upgraded no commercials. I adore you both and have watched everything y’all have done apart from 90210 and of course I’ve read all of the books. Y’all helped me heal too. In 1998 my husband and I had our first child, a son, Erich but he was stillborn. I was 38.5 weeks and full term pregnancy, text book pregnancy so it was a shock for us both. 90210 came on in the hospital and you all helped me even though my heart was breaking. Luckily in 2006 we had our son Jaxon and he would dance every time the theme song came on, it was great, he would bop up and down. Then I would say wave to Aunt Kelly, Aunt Donna, Uncle Brandon, Uncle Dylan and he knew the characters. In fact Jaxon is 15 now and when he hears Tori, Jennie, Jason or Ian he can absolutely say that’s a character from 90210, especially Jennie and Tori. It’s crazy he’ll hear me listening to the podcast and he knows what it is, and when y’all are on a different show or movie it’s funny when he sees you all in a different role. Jaxon says he has all this 90210 knowledge, and with some girls they think it’s cool he knows so much and that’s only because the TV was on 90210 all the time, pregnancy, birth and even when he was younger and then of course I watched BH 90210 and I watched y’all in Mystery Girls and he watched the show with me too abc loved it! I adore y’all’s friendship and I know y’all have bigger fans who have flown all over for signatures etc but I have always had a special place in my heart for you all. I mean I felt as though I grew up with you all, in fact I too am 47, March 1974. Thank y’all for the podcast, it’s really great to rewatch and relive the show with you both. I love the guests y’all interview and I too enjoying hearing the behind scene stories- Thank you for the memories and the great laughs! Love from Austin, TX!!! Melaina Gautier FYI: Sis, you’re a great host, fan and I love you on the pod cast! Sorry forgot to say something the first time I send it.
As far as nostalgia recap pods, other podcasts (the OC, one tree hill) are doing a much better job and without the help of a random third person. As far as 90210 recaps go, Again With This has already recapped every episode and while I don’t always find them humorous, they’re doing it better. Casa Walsh is the NPR style recap pod, and has already interviewed Brian Green (David). So this show breaks down as follows: 20% ads (you’ve heard us talking about Raddish, the cooking ap for kids? If you HAVEN’T…) 20% questions that the ladies don’t really answer because they don’t remember or they don’t want to spoil a 30 year old TV show. Also a good time for them to talk about how women should build each other up followed shortly by Jennie snarking about Jessica Alba. Build other women up Jennie, remember? Her recollections are her own, and jennies recollections don’t exist because she doesn’t remember anything. 10% talking about the actual show, although not a lot of recapping because clearly only Sis has seen the show before. The other two are missing pretty much everything (wildfire episode they were going to perform a parody of addicted to love called addicted to shopping—Emily’s idea as she overheard them brainstorming in the bathroom. That’s why they were dressed that way. Then they changed right before the performance what song they were going to sing. You guys did watch the episode…right?) 20% talking about Sis. Who is this woman? Why is she the third host? What are her qualifications? She admitted herself she’s not even a super fan. Also, why do we care about her personal life when for the life of me I don’t know who she is? 30% Tori and Jennie talking about the same stuff. Tori likes saying Jennifer Eve. Jennifer Eve hates Tori’s dagger nails. We hear about the 24 hour trip to Israel a lot. How cute they each find the other. How seemingly horny for everyone they are. They Apparently like to drink a lot. Jennie hates Jessica Alba. The good: they’ve had on a lot of original guest stars and some original cast. It’s fun to hear those people talk about the show. It should be fun to hear about these two talk about the show. Too bad they want to talk about everything else instead.


Was looking forward to this but it has been disappointing. It was interesting when they were actually talking about the episodes but that doesn’t seem to be their focus. I don’t care two shakes about Tori’s kids’ birthday parties. And having a third host is ridiculous. The ladies from The OC and One Tree Hill are hitting it out of the park. So sad because I’m a huge Jennie fan.
I loved 90210 years ago, I love rewatching it now and I love listening to this podcast!!
I love this podcast it makes me laugh and I love reminiscing the old episodes.
Arguably one of the most annoying humans I’ve had the misfortune of listening to. My ears were bleeding.
There isn’t much talk about the episode itself each week. Recently, Jennie & Tori were so excited to talk about the Camping Trip episode. Rather than delve into the episode, they had Matthew Laurance (Mel Silver) on the show. I realize that his schedule could have impacted when he was on the pod, but it felt so out of place. This podcast in general is very disorganized and is my last resort when I have nothing else to listen to when walking my dogs.
I love revisiting the episodes and your various topics Enjoy you sharing about your current life too
I was looking forward to this podcast and did enjoy the first few episodes. As they’ve done on it’s become glaringly obvious that they are not really watching the episodes. Some of the most memorable moments that have stuck with me over the last several years don’t even get mentioned since they didn’t watch. Reading a synopsis from a book and that being the only recap and then current small talk just feels like a waste of time.
Good lord, you two aren’t even trying huh ? Straight cash grab like the office ladies.
This is one of my favorite podcast.
So I could not be happier being able to listen to my all time favorite show 90210 and hearing about it from Jennie and Tori my faves! Also today started the Drama Queens podcast about One Tree Hill. I loved how in the beginning they talked about how their parents wouldn’t let them watch 90210 because a parent saw how Kelly and Dylan went out behind brenda’s back so that’s why Sophia’s mom wouldn’t let her watch! How funny! I was 8 years old watching 90210 lol I told my mom I can’t believe u let an 8 year old watch this show I’m not even sure I would let my 8 year old watch it! But I’m glad she did because I’m obsessed with the show! Thanks ladies for all u do!
i have watched all the 90210 episodes multiple times. i even own the complete DVD set. i love the show but listening to Tori rattle on and on is just too much. i’m deleting from my library. i can’t believe Jenny is BFF with her. she is so shallow b
When I seen they were doing this podcast, I was so thrilled! These two beautiful ladies and sis have made my monday drive commutes inbetween patients (I work for hospice) brighter. The show to me will always be such a classic and I love watching it. But it is so nice to hear their thoughts and their perspectives on it as they in a sense relive it. So happy you all decided to do this and I can’t wait to hear more. I listen to this. Every Monday since day one and I don’t plan on stopping now! Love you ladies! Curtis
Jennie and Tori (first names only!!) are superstars and bring me so much joy every Monday. I’m loving re-watching the episodes with them and hearing all of the behind the scenes information. I had to privilege of being on set because my friend’s twins played Andrea’s babies and everyone was incredibly nice, especially Jennie and Tori. This show makes me feel like I know them. Keep up the great work, as usual Gals!
I was so excited to listen to hear all the behind the scenes but the first episode Jennie admits she doesn’t remember anything. Anything Tori brought up Jennie didn’t seem to remember. What is the point of the podcast?! So annoying.
This podcast was fun at first because we would learn interesting facts about the show. But now, it’s all about Tori and Jennie’s kids, and Sis’ pregnancy, which is tough for all of us out there who can’t have children. Honestly we don’t care about your kids and I wish you would talk more about the show itself. Sorry for the tough comments but a lot of listeners have lost interest…
Thank you for what you shared in episode 9 about how you wish you had waited to get plastic surgery, along with regrets. I am a therapist who specializes in women’s & teen Eating Disorders & body image issues. I wish more celebrities would share their candid thoughts, advice, & regrets in this area because teens these days need positive female role models more than ever. It makes a huge difference, and it’s good to explore pros & cons with therapists & supports before taking this huge step. Thank you! I Love the podcast! It’s helped me stay healthy during Quarantine. You guys rock!


By jlwunc
Love everything about this podcast. Feel like I am hanging out with the girls. Thanks for bringing back all the memories from high school and college ❤️
I am having some of the best memories listening to this. 90210 was my first “show”. Rewatching has been so much fun! The nostalgia for me is real!! I love how open your being. I have laughed, cried (RIP Luke Perry my first crush) and just have had all the feels! Thank you so much for making this and I hope it continues for the whole 90210 series!
Thank you so much for this podcast!!!! I find myself laughing so hard every time I listen. 90210 is my whole teen experience and listening to you two precious friends just takes me right back to high school and college!!!! Recording episodes on my VCR if I had to miss or gathering in groups each week to watch. Love you all so much!!!!
Do the reboot😀
I love the concept of this so much. I have watched all of these episodes over and over again. I want to know the behind the scenes take of them. We see the shows, we know the shows, tell us what we can’t see and don’t know! Another epic fail today when we find out the slap is real and we will never know the behind the scenes of it! Don’t tell us that if you aren’t going to tell us! Geez. If you need Sis to run things, fine, but she doesn’t need air time. Don’t talk about outfits and favorite lines. It’s redundant.
Anything for the wetbacks.


Do It! Do It! I enjoy listening to your podcast. I’ve watched all the episodes multiple times. Rewatched the reboot BH90210 this week. It was creative with a lot of twists and turns. I loved it! I’m always wanting more! Any chance for a movie? Those writer friends of yours could help us out!
This podcast is amazing. I’m currently binge listening and it’s taking me right back to high school. I was in the same grade as the characters so it was quite the topic at school the next day. Keep up the awesome work!!
Kept listening hoping it would get better but it hasn’t. The latest episode was 25 minutes before they even MENTIONED the show which they BARELY talk about! And when they do talk about the show they get facts wrong constantly and don’t bother to research, (except when Jennie is stealing material from “A Very Special 90210 Book by Tara Ariano and Sarah Bunting! Hey Jennie, if you’re going to blatantly steal material at least give a shout-out to those authors and their superior 90210 podcast). They should’ve just started a podcast where they hang out and talk with Sissany (sp? And who cares, who is she? We hear a lot about her life and I have no clue who she is!), because that’s clearly all they want to do. Seriously, the show is barely mentioned. Waste of time if you want 90210 content, if you just want to hang with Jennie, Tori and that other woman I guess check it out.
I like Sis but still feel she’s unnecessary to this show. Each episode ends too soon-right as they get comfortable and start opening up. I still wish they talked more about the episode and maybe had on the writers not so many minor minor guest stars. I appreciate Jenny’s opening up and honesty about things.
I don’t like listening to talk radio or podcasts but I LOVE this series. It may be the nostalgia of reliving my high school and college days along with Jennie and Tori, but I really love this Pod Cast! Great job ladies! You’ve made Mondays one of my favorite days of the week! 💙💙
I love, love, LOVE this podcast, so much so that I managed to catch up on the entire podcast in a little over a week! I am a true super-fan, but haven't watched the series in years. However, as I listened to each podcast episode, it truly brought me back and I remembered every detail of the show! While listening I find myself smiling, laughing, and at times even getting chills listening to Tori and Jennie recount their time on 90210, share all their memories and spill some inside gossip! It's seriously like hanging out with 2 of your best girlfriends and now that I'm all caught up, I can't wait for Monday's to roll around! It also made me restart the series again on Hulu! You have to listen to this podcast, you'll love it as much as I do <3
Listening to Jenni and Tori brings me back in time and I love hearing them talk about each show but I love more hearing them just talk about anything and everything. I can’t believe there are listeners that complain about this. I love it because I feel like I’m right there with them and they make me laugh all the time.
I am so loving this podcast right now! So many juicy details and extra behind the scenes. Nice to hear two best friends interact. Comforting to reminisce about easier times. Thanks!! Please don’t stop taking amongst yourselves at the beginning. I love hearing you talk to each other and relate as friends.
One of my favorite things I look forward to during the week is listening to my favorite podcast with my two favorite ladies that I grew up watching. Jennie is meant to be on the radio. She continues to become even better each podcast. She is so honest, knowledgeable, and provides real insight on issues that we go through. She really translates her own life experiences and gives amazing advice to the point that I get a pen and paper out . She is so relatable. Tori is always funny and absolutely adorable. She also has such a realness about her that is endearing. She also gives great advice too. Recently, Jennifer Aniston and David schwimmer admitted to having feelings offscreen or never passed those boundaries even though it was tempting. My question is Jennie Garth did you feel that way about Luke Perry throughout your friendship. Was timing always the problem that stood in your way??
I’m enjoying this so much and especially the path down memory lane. It’s bringing back so many wonderful memories of how I was truly obsessed with this show and all of the characters/actors. I had every magazine, poster, shirt, pillow, you name it. I also recorded every episode of the high school years and pretty much know every line, lol. Thank you both for putting this podcast together and sharing your memories ❤️💕
As a new fan of Beverly Hills 90210, this podcast is great to listen to during work. You ladies are iconic! I think it would be interesting if you watched an episode of the “new” 90210 and have a discussion on that.


So fun to listen and rewatch with them!
Love going back in time with my favorite characters and learn so much more about the show this time around and this podcast gives you that extra magic about 90210 that you knew was out there ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love this podcast so much!! And I absolutely loved BH90210 and I think doing this show after that - the stories are that much richer!
LOVE Deborah and April Fools Day!!! It’s one of my favorite movies. Love everything she was in. Great show gals!
Every Sunday night I watch the episode and look forward to starting my week listening to you both Monday morning. I loved 90210 the first time around (and then in reruns) but it’s so fun to watch it with you guys. Thanks for doing this!!
Love this show!! I love hearing the behind the scenes info. And Sis is great!! But Tori is so loud, which isn’t her fault. Someone turn her mic down. I turn the volume down for Tori and Jen is so quiet I can’t hear her at all. The sound person has got to start showing some love to the listeners. Love you guys! Keep on keeping on. Bring more cast! Can’t wait for Shannen!!
I just stumbled on this podcast after hearing about it from you both on a satellite radio station promo! I’m following along with the episodes while you review them! It’s been fun to rewatch after all of these years and the background info is the best!
When the show started I was instantly a fan of Kelli Taylor..but today I’m obsessed with Jennie. She has the best personality. Tori is awesome too. 90210 was my show and even today I watch the seasons over and over. Love this podcast.
Never thought id look forward to monday!!! This podcast is the highlight to my monday! Its never dull and always interesting. I cant wait until more OG cast members come on!!!
Thanks for being so open Jennie. So happy with the consistent drop of the podcast. Love the show!
Jennie’s tag line should be “I still choose me!”
I absolutely love the dynamic of this podcast. I’m need to podcasts, but once I started listening I was hooked! Tori & Jennie bring back a piece of my childhood with this show and hearing their views on the episodes and bts stories is great! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Started rewatching and listening for the first time since the 1990s. Love it!!