The FileMaker File

Reviews For The FileMaker File

Sometimes I learn something. Good to hear what FileMaker's view is of things. But this podcast is not really designed to teach, but rather to allow a white-shoed salesman to talk.
I agree with the other reviews! FMP is a good product, but the company isn't interested in anything but the sale! All sorts of hype about how well it performs, the amazing things it can do, and then you have to buy additional books, courses, spend hours trying to figure things out etc. etc. I guess they think their product is only for database professionals.
Someone who is deciding to get Filemaker may find the podcast informative, but it has minimal value for a Filemaker user. It's surprising the company haven't cut a deal with advanced users or developers who would supply their 8-10 minutes hints and tips every week.
This is just one big fileMaker hype, just like their web site. When are they going to learn that brand loyalty comes from really helping their customers -most of us are your customers already- and we don't need to be continually convinced of the hyperbolic value of FileMaker. How about some in depth information instead of the vapid product propaganda displayed here so far.