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Ashley & Jordan, please come back and do a Port Charles Podcast. I miss you guys!!


By 76stpod
Very well done show
I love the Pine Valley Podcast so much. I hope that it can continue as our beloved soap under goes it's transition. Ashley and Jordan thanks so much for the many happy hours of entertainment.
So glad that you are updating more, because I missed my Pine Valley Podcast fix! You guys are hilarious, and I love when you talk about other TV shows besides AMC (Although your talk about our favorite soap is super fun). Thank you so much for all of your hard work putting this together :)
I love the hosts. They are so freakin’ hilarious. The most important thing is that they make watching my favorite soap opera circle the drain actually endurable. If they weren't here to snark at the bad acting and even worse writing currently on display in the form of All My Children, I am not sure I would still be able to watch!!! So, I sincerely hope that this podcast continues, as it has become one of the only reasons All My Children is actually palatable. So, Ashley and Jordan I love you both, thank you, thank you, thank you and please keep it up!!!
I am addicted to this podcast. It's like having two smart and hilarious friends to hang out and talk AMC with. I hope they never ever stop doing this show.
If you're a fan, past or present, of All My Children, then you have to subscribe to this podcast. Jordan and Ashley (as well as original co- host and special guest Taylor Crawford) always find a way to bring some value and entertainment to the state that is All My Children right now, and even though they watch so we don't have to - God, bless their souls - every now and then, you might feel that inclination to just to see how bad or momentous a certain scene was. I love the intros, the impersonations, the euphemisms/acronyms, the old fan clips that play at the end of most podcast, the casual outing of alleged celebrities / hollywood actors, and the cuts to One Life to Live. Thank you PineValleyPodcast for the headsup on Prat Falls - what a treat. P.S. I personally say SPOIL away, but I suppose majority rules.
Ashley and Jordan are hilarious. I laugh out loud at their comments, impressions (Ashley is dead on when she does Opal and others) and just hearing the two of them crack each other up. Wish they did this podcast daily. I find myself watching AMC more often now, just to catch things I know Ashley and Jordan will discuss. Too bad they can't do commentary as I actually watch. I am catching up on past podcasts.
I absolutely LOVE this podcast!!! I patiently wait every week for it to post and sometimes during the week at work I listen to it not only once but TWICE!!!! They give great commentary on AMC and OLTL even tho its the PVP :) Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!
A must download for all All My Children fans out there. Perfection, makes me laugh every time!
A must listen for all AMC fans! Very refreshing & real.
This is probably the funniest podcast ever. My husband even likes it, and he has actively not watched All My Children since the mid-80's. Ashley and Jordan entertain and inform....and most importantly they make All My Children (and One Life To Live) watchable.
These guys will have you laughing no matter what there talking about.
I listened to this podcast for a couple of months because it was really the only one out there for an AMC fan. I got used to Ashley being way too loud and talking over poor Taylor. I even dealt with how long it would take them to get to the actual podcast, but they just seem to hate on the show more and more. I know AMC and all soaps really are doing their best work right now, but I don't want to hear how awful my fave show is for over an hour. They hate the writing, the acting, and most of the storylines. I want to hear what is good and positive for once.
I am just starting to watch All My Children and my knowledge of the show is not big but the PVP helps me catch up with the good and the bad times that wisk through the town of Pine Valley.Thank you Ashley and Jordan keep up the good work XOXO ,AMC Fan 4 Life
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. The intro songs, the impressions, the AS-TOOT commentary is wonderful and entertaining. When Ashley has to take a break for a week I am really bummed b/c I can't wait to hear it every week so I go back and listen to previous podcasts again. It's a must have on your iPod if you love, like, heard of All My Children. Keep it up!
Can I give this Podcast, like 10 stars!! The Best Podcast out there!! I have been listening to this podcast since the very beginning, and although All My Children might not always be as riveting T.V. as it once was, one thing never falters, and it's this Podcast. Ashley and Jordan do an amazing job of recapping the weeks events, as well as coveying some very "astute" observations and comic relief,while never forgetting the amazing history an the heart of this soap. Not only is the pair great on making the show seem better then it is, JorAsh displays their endearing love for the show, while reminding viewers of the rediculousness of it all... Simply put. "They Watch so You don't Have To!" Although "All My Children" seems to be having never ending difficulties in terms of writing and charcter structure, Jordan and Ashley somehow makes it bearable each week. And as much as I would love to hear a Lanview Podcast, I think for the time being Ashley and Jordan are right where they need to be, bring the stories of Pine Valley residents to those who lack the determination to watch every single day...


By tmy3
Simply the Best!!! Its my favorite podcast out of them all. Have been a AMC fan for 37 years and love this podcast. Thank you for all your hard work on the show Ashley and Jordan.Thank you.
i love this podcast. i never used to watch AMC until i begun to watch soapnet while getting ready for school in the mornings and now i am virtually hooked! whenever i miss an episode i dont have to worry cause i know that if my cousin doesnt fill me in then Ashley and Jordan would. now i find myself thinking what Ashley would say when certain ppl appear on the show. lol, i recommend this podcast to everyone.
I've watched AMC since the black and white days. The astute, intelligent and often hilarious observations Ashley and Jordan share on the podcast really enhance the viewer experience. It's like a bookclub with great friends to dish about the show we love!
You only need one Pine Valley Podcast. This is the podcast to hear. I am totally rolling on the floor laughing. Ashley & Jordan make my day. I can't wait to download the latest webcast. I listen to the podcast on my way to work. No matter what the mood I'm in, I know that when I listen to the podcast, I will be smiling the rest of the day. Keep up the great work!
This is an AWESOME podcast. The hosts are extremely funny and there is never a dull moment, unlike the soap. This podcast is the best thing that has happened to my ipod. Ashley and her co-hosts are just GREAT when talking about the show and the characters. I crave it each week. I wish it was longer. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Half the reason I am still watching AMC is because of this podcast! Keep up the great work.
I love the podcast. I can't watch AMC everyday and you make catching up easier. Plus, well the Podcast is simply very entertaining. Keep up the good work and Thank you Ashley, Taylor, and Peter (Pedro).
This is the best Podcast ever for a fan of All My Children!! The idiots in charge of AMC should listen to this show, if they did our show would soar in the ratings!!! Love, Miss Kane
your host ashley mendoza is not only hilarious, but she knows her stuff. a long-time AMC fan, she's seen the show through good times and (lately) the bad. her co-hosts (Jordan is the most prevalent) add a lot to the podcasts, each with their own flavor of insight and humor. "We watch so you don't have to!" She totally ought to be selling ads on her podcast and making a few $ at least for this podcast... Her fans adore her so I don't think we'd mind!
Ashley and crew are funny and astute. Her impressions are dead on. The podcast is better than the show now. I love them and their blog. A big fan. Laura
If you are an All My Children Fan, this is the best Podcast! Even if you have never watched AMC, this is an entertaining podcast! From the opening to the close, you will love and laugh about the best Soap on DayTime TV. Love you guys at the Pine Valley Podcast!
I look forward to this podcast every week. If you love AMC you have to give this one a try.
This is a great podcast for those AMC diehards! Ashley with her cute Rosie Perez like accent is able to transform her voice into most all of the Pine Valley residents, and her banter with her co-hosts is always entertaining. The sound quality is also good.

By pson
I can't listen to this before I go to sleep because it really affects my dreams, people! I love this podcast and look forward to it weekly.
Ashley you are so funny!! Keep it going !! LOVE to start my week out with you. I love all your guest hosts-Each and every one of the guys have great insight Taylor ,Jordan,Peter(Pedro) you all are WONDERFUL!! You were the very 1st pod cast I ever down loaded. Sometimes when you feel like it's not worth it. It is !! You keep people like me going. You are spot on with your Ms. Luci impersonation and you totally crack me up with your ''clodumbo'' poetry readings... I am a 43 yr old woman from Virginia with 3 boys 13,6,4. They have total control of my TV during the day. You have kept me in the loop while it was slow . Thank you!! (I started taping it again after Jessie & Angie came back.) You keep it up!!
This is one of my favorite podcasts, I look forward to it all week. Ashley and her various co-hosts (Taylor, Jordan, Peter aka "Pedro", etc.) are funny and informative. What I really enjoy is how naturally the conversation flows. It is never feels forced or awkward like some other podcasts I listen to. Keep up the good work!!
First off, let me just say that Ashley Mendoza does a dead-on impression of Susan Lucci. I was so sure that she was using a recording of the show, it was that good. The show is hilarious. I love both Taylor Crawford and Jordan (forgot his last name). Jordan especially knows his AMC history so he's a great resource for filling in the blanks (or often pointing out the blanks and plot holes) in the long story that is this soap. They are knowledgeable, fun and always tell it like it is. I laugh out loud listening to them.
Oddly enough, this podcast somehow makes AMC more interesting to watch. I've been watching this soap for years and have come dangerously close to giving up on this show but the podcast makes so many great points in the funniest ways. I have to stop myself from laughing out loud at work. By the way, the impressions of "Blandie" and "Greenlee" are the best. Keep the episodes coming!!


By bbmm
Ashely and Taylor crack me up. These two are great together. If you like, hate, watch, use to watch all my children then you should subscribe. They make Sunday nights better.


By Jane215
I love this podcast. Ashley and Taylor are so funny. My favorite parts are when they immitate people. Especially Di, Anne, greenlee, and josh. they do trash the show a little too much, but its a great podcast if you love all my children. Ive been listening since December, and have laughed everytime
If you're an AMC fan, listen to the podcast. It's way better than the show.
I look forward to listening to this podcast every week! Taylor and Ashley absolutely crack me up. I'll be listening at work with headphones and laughing as my co-workers look at me strangely. One of the best parts are the opening songs and Taylor's Josh impressions. If you are even remotely interested in AMC, this if for you!
Recaps have never been so much fun! So hysterically funny- good podcast!
Any AMC fans must add this podcast to their Itunes. They are a hoot and they do say the things the fans have been thinking and saying on message boards. They are just much funnier in the way they say it.
I am literally crying listening to this week's podcast and highly highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a laugh.... i've been watching AMC as long as these podcasters so I fully enjoy their references to the old AMC as well as their comments on the show as it is now... They are sooo funny ... please - do yourself a favor and download this podcast now!
I just wish I could get in the conversation and discuss with them, too. It is funny and informative, in an Erica Kane way. It will be nice for AMC writters to listen to what people think!!! LOVE IT!!!


By ShelleB
Ashley and Taylor are hilarious and a great team. I only ask them to consider doing longer podcasts! Even if, like me, you don't watch AMC regularly, you'll get a kick out of the Pine Valley Podcast.
If you love AMC and have a sense of humor about the crazy happenings in Pine Valley, you must listen to this podcast. It's a snarky look at the weeks happening in our favorite soap town.