Reviews For Gaelcast - Podcasting in Scottish Gaelic

As someone who is learning Scottish Gaelic herself, this podcast as a learning tool is absolutley invaluable. I competely agree with the other reviewer that one of the cornerstones of learning a new language is to listen to it used in conversation with locals. This podcast produces that in spades. Scottish gaelic is a beautiful language to listen to, which makes this podcast a real pleasure even if you aren't 100% sure of what's being said. I notice they haven't produced any new episodes in several months, I hope they haven't discontinued the series!
I'm just beginning to teach myself Gaelic and one of the learning tools is to listen to native speakers talking about everyday things. I love being able to listen to your podcast and seeing if I can pick up what's being said (honestly, I just love listening to people speaking Gaelic period). I'm eagerly awaiting your next upload!