Reviews For LambOfGodPodcast

haha, my friend got hold of their new cd and gave it to me 2 put on my ipod. theyre heavier than ever :)
The Metallica of the 21st century. The Adler Bros. Music Factory Reins!!!!!
this is scary oh well 3 review
Worthless. I cant belive this ranks high enough to be in I tunes.
Come Florida- This Good Ole Boy Southern Charm is killing us Metal Fans - and there is only 1 real Metal out there - These Podcasts on the otherhand, can they put someone else on the scene - I thought i was really gonna see some real studio footage or excerpts from future footage of a video making - loG keep it coming support locals bands....... CAM Xposure
Lamb of God is the greatest band ever, and I dont know why iTunes says that Chris Adler's drumming sounds like tight skinned home made drums. Anyway, this podcast will quench your lamb of god needs, so download it now !