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This podcast has helped open my eyes to chess. Easy to understand videos and great advice! This along with tchess will improve anyones game. Thanks
I'm just rediscovering chess after giving it a rest for a few years. The podcast is truely wonderful!
Keep it up
Though my interest in chess has waxed and waned, PE's Chess Cast has remained true and faithful. The content is always top notch, and you can't beat the price! PE typically takes the viewer through a game or portion of a game and points out all of the different lines, variations, and pitfalls one may encounter in the various position. PE also asks questions and gives the viewer time to respond. Thanks, PE, for producing this high-quality chess podcast! Brilliant! :)


By Gecha77
Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de hacer este video podcast. En verdad es muy didactico.
I just started watching this podcast but already it's got me thinking about a few things that never would have occurred to me before. Very interesting stuff. Highly recommended!
PE's Chess Cast is really helpful and helps me in my games. I learn a lot from it and the tactics are great!
EXCELLENT.... Short one idea thoughts about a position and reasons behind the the move for any given strategy. Explained so a beginner in this great game we all love can understand. Excellent tool for the beginning player to pick up ideas about their own game !!!
Great Podcast
This is one of the best resources I have ever come across. Puzzles are nice, but thoughtful analysis and tutoring on all aspects of the game are better. I challenge anyone to give this podcast a try and not get better at chess. I am immensely grateful that someone is out there doing quality work like this to share with the world.
Thank you for devoting your time to this podcast. Each show is very well done. They are very informing, interesting and fun!! Whether you’re new to chess or just looking to improve your game this podcast is a must have.
I enjoy the content of this podcast a lot and I appreciate that someone takes the time to create it. This is one of my favorite podcasts and it has helped rekindle my interest in chess.
It is always a pleasure to view this podcast. We are presented with very interesting topics and special tutorials on the use of chess tools.
I recently began playing chess after a very long break (20yrs). I quickly realized that I needed help. PE's Chess Cast was the perfect antidote for my ailment. Thank you so much for taking the time to produce such a high quality product. I'm an addict now!
Thanks for going to the effort to create this podcast. It is fun to watch no matter what your level of play!
I love to watch this podcast. I have played chess for 40 years, in tournaments, against computers, and everytime i watch this podcast, I want to play some more.