Reviews For 石川・ホンマ・ぶるんのBe-side Your Life

(You must understand Japanese to enjoy this show.) Welcome back to Podcast! Ishikawa-san, Honma-san, Burun-san, you guys are hilarious, and I love your show! The hosts of this show are well-known writers of radio shows. I am a big fan since they started their previous show called "Gekinishi" with Nippon Hoso Podocasting Station. They left Nippon Hoso in May of 2006, and they came back to Podcast with an independent show! I hope it will be much better than Gekinishi. Ishikawa-san, Honma-san, and Burun-san! I will be listening to your show as long as you keep your show going on.
Must listen to this. Too bad this is in Japanese only! Let's go age↑ age↑ !!