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Very well researched and approached. I highly recommend these resources.
Wow everything said here are lies. I can't believe how uninformed you are.


You shouldn't add "Jehovah's witness" in your name. Its not proper, just call your selfs Catholic, or something else. Because your not don't want to be a Jehovah's witness, doesn't mean you need to degrade the name and put Catholicx"J.W.".
I found these podcast great and informative. It was nice to almost feel the journey Jeff talks about.
What a waste of time, iTunes space, and an RSS feed. This podcast provides nothing useful, it is just some preacher (or more likely, some disgruntled church-goer) who has nothing better to do than bash other people and provide them with incorrect facts. Come on, you're catholic, at least do your church proud and lie better.


By amwamw
Poor research.
Jeff does a great job examining the Jehovah's Witnesses in these podcasts. Very informative and beneficial to those who may be struggling with how this religion is affecting them or someone they love.
Write about your own religion. Quit bashing others'.