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His jokes are sophomoric and based on ridiculing something or someone especially women. He's a total horn-dog and obviously did not get laid in high school and this have had a resounding effect on his personality, now he's constantly qualifying himself and its annoying. After the first 10 minutes of the show it's pretty much "Joining me is Chad Burton..." which is a badly edited prerecording of a little cocky jockey always pushing his investment firm. Both of them obviously lack fundamental knowledge of how interest rates work. I will cede the fact he's pretty good with stock valuations and general Peter Lynch stuff which is why I attempted to give him a break in the first place. However, this is a day-time infomercial designed the average listener to freak out about his finances and come running. Does he pay to be on the radio? Because he should. I would rate it 1 star if it wasn't for the excellent bumper music.
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Rob.
Rob gives you current financial news. His quests are very knowledgable in their respected fields. He makes the podcast interesting by throwing in his personal experiences with some humor!
Best podcast ever!
Great podcast! Great humor! Some people talk slower than others so I listen to Rob at 2x speed; Chad at 1x speed :-)
I would recommend to all.
He's my #1 go to guy for financial news. He isn't selling anything, his seminars are $5.00 - and he passes the profit onto charity. Only recommends reliable, smart, and honest people . And funny. Yes , he is kind of a big deal!
Rob does a great job of keeping the financial news interesting. His point of view is very Gen X & I love it... Segments with Chad Burton are great too
I had been listening to Rob for 8 years now. If I had only followed his advice faithfully, I'd be mostly immuned from this market today.
Best daily financial news analysis show I have heard. Even keeled, non biased opinions delivered with hilarious sarcasm. His in focus non-radio podcast is great, just wish he did it more often. Radio show is great too. I listen to it on the KDOW app. Rob Black is bad ace.
when I listen to the podcast via my headphones on my iPhone it only comes through one earphone. Please put it back to stereo.
Just stand up guy... I've attended his workshop and I've gained alot of insights. Too bad i didnt listen to him about not picking stocks or investing in options. Im back Rob ready to get rich slowly the only real way.
Been listening to Rob for a long time since he was on KNEW 1220. I like his ideas and style but lately he is blatantly plagiarising BusinessWeek for news stories. Most recently his Friday 5/6 show when he reported on Donald Trump, couldnt have been any more word for word out of the BusinessWeek story. I've noticed it before and just thought i would point it out.
Truly the best financial radio show and second opinion in your money matters. Very honest and real. Educational and informative. Teaches the basics and engages the listener to consider all angles/sides.
Unlike other financial talk shows Rob is NOT trying to sell you something or push their latest book. He already made his money during the tech boom of the late 20th century. This podcast doesn't include all of the content in his 2 hour daily time slot but you'll still get the essentials.
Love his no nonsense style. Terrifically helpful.
What's the catch he's not trying to sell me something? Oh!
I enjoy Rob's analysis and the way he cares about his listeners.
This is a great financial show. Rob is a super smart financial analyst. He is also super funny and is great at bringing complex wall street information down to main street! Awesome show. No crap, no annuities, loaded funds and such. He sells nothing. He is here to help us and thank god for that!
Overall solid advice. Doesn't seem to have a hidden agenda like most financial "gurus". Rob Black just wants us to get retirement well and avoid eating cat food till the day we die. Thanks Rob!
Wish I could have listened and learned from him in my 20's. Thanks for keeping us invested through the tough times!
The best two hours of radio out there. Rob mixes money, current events and life into one great show. Rob makes you really think about your finance. I'm suprised he isn't on a bigger radio market.
Rob has some good insight but sometimes veers into areas in which he has little expertise. Good at pointing out some good opportunities to investigate, not so good when trumpeting his skill based on his history and track record...overall worth listening to from time to time.
Some topics are difficult to infuse with any humor let alone drama. Rob Black & Your Money was once an honest title for the show. I think that because Rob is so aquainted with radio he is able to add the flavor of lifes journey to spice the main course he serves. Is he a master of show biz? I think not. Rob knows and loves radio and has a passionate message about money. Money is interesting stuff but I like to hear about Life too. I like a good radio voice. That is my first reason for listening. The the life topic, then the Money talk, then I like the real fan topics. Topics like what's KitCatBlack up to or a weird urge to one day drive around the USA in a Motorhome. Finn Dittles
Rob like other stock related talk show hosts have lost me a pretty good amount of money. In 2007 when more people talked about a recession Rob recommended VICEX. People still drink beer and smoke during a recession...This fund was hammered as much if not more. WOOF a vetenarian related company. Dog lovers will pay $5000 for a surgery, little or no medical liabilities. Oops people will and do let there dogs die during a recession... That was hammered. Recommended getting into financials in spring to summer of 2008 again big losses. When GE was was below 7 dollars a share he was not comfortable with the stock. Up to about 14, Up 100% from their lows. That being said Rob is a great person to listen to and can have some good insights. Only maintain your normal asset allocation. Put only %5 into these recommendations.
Hilarious to boot Id slam shots with this guy anyday
I listen to RB from time to time over the years. Is it me, or has he taken his sarcasm to a new level? Every time I hear him on KNEW (910AM) he comes across as so mean-spirited. The show has lost its value. I'm not alone. He keeps complaining about empty phone lines. Hop to Ray Lucia on KDOW (1220AM) instead .
Unlike Dave Ramsey you will learn new stuffs from Rob.
Miss hearing him on the drive to work...this is the next best thing.
The best financial advice I can find anywhere - what a shame Rob is not popular at a national level yet...
Intelligent Relevant Insight into the markets, Ive been a follower of Rob for ten years.
Most investing podcast try to sell you on "buy this, sell that". Rob shares with you how to determine on your own if a stock is worth a buy or not. I like the up front no BS stance he takes on the show. Looking forward to a video cast!
Great podcast. I hope this podcast continues even though Rob is moving on from his radio show. Highly recommended. Good unbiased financial investment advice.
Rob does a great job covering all aspects of finances. His regular guests are always enlightening and bring real world expertise to topics such as real estate, taxes, and retirement. His witty delivery of market news and events makes him fun to listen to. This is by far my favorite podcast and I listen to every episode. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
Gen X perspective on the world economy and market. I even like his music choices but mostly his entertaining but not candy coated money talk.
This show is great. Rob really points out a way of thinking about financial news. How to pick out those tasty morsels of information and make wise decisions about wealth building for both high and modest incomes. He often invites CFP, Chad Burton to expound on the topics of the day. A very raw and honest show with great sound production as well.
Rob is original in bringing the listener the information needed to make good investment decisions.
I think Rob is awesome. I listen to him every morning. He makes learning about investing & financial planning entertaining. He covers just enough news to be informative without being boring and then explains what these stories mean for our investments. His stream-of-consciousness style and Gen X references are far more enjoyable to listen to than those other dry, repetitive business shows where all they do is complain about politicians and the government's energy policy. Two BIG thumbs up!!!
Rob's podcasts help the listener develop an overall assessment of market conditions.
It's refreshing to hear a young person talk to young people about retirement. Rob Black is the perfect antidote for Cramer, Ramsey, late night infomercials, and just about anyone else out there today. He’s not a loud guru or cheerleader or Wall Street homer and he doesn't encourage people to watch the cable business channels all day. He just gives common sense advice on long-term investing strategies and accumulating wealth. He offers a straightforward framework for thinking about the markets and news. Rather than rely solely on charts and numbers, he encourages listeners to think about the companies and the stories behind the companies when looking for growth or value. He also forces listeners to think about their own situation when evaluating an investing strategy, instead of tossing around blanket recommendations. Rob's is definitely a message that needs to get out there. He's also funny, candid, and makes perfectly appropriate inappropriate comments.
This is one podcast that I listen to everyday. Keep up the good work. Thank you
Rob's radio show and podcasts are always packed with information about the markets, sensible investing and perspectives that get you thinking. Rob stands apart from all of the financial blow-hards and book peddlers.
Love his in-depth coverage of the markets, specific sectors and companies, well suited for the long term investor. His no holds barred, and sometimes funny, style is refreshing as well! In addition, he provides an informative daily market wrap as a blog.


This is the best financial info you can receive. He covers so many relevatnt topics. Hes all about helping you get to retirement. He offers so much information that this Podcast probably shouldnt be free. I started by knowing nothing about investing at all and after listening to his Podcast I am pretty confident in making my own smart financial decisions. Give it a try you can thank me later!
If you're like most people who don't have the time or inclination to follow every ebb and flow of the market, Rob Black is great for the common long-term investor. He's not a day or options trader, nor does he pretend to be. He knows his stuff, and I think it's great that he passes along free knowledge to the best of his ability. I like his dry wit although he can be a little condescending at times. He doesn't throw darts on the board like Cramer and he admits if he's been wrong about an investment. How many media guys do this?
Focuses on more long term. Not for the day trader. He does have the typical california attitude, which is negative.