Reviews For HFSM

OH my gosh i miss you all! i loved just hearing your voices! and that cute little laugh of erinn's and the hysterical one of deborah's. Joey you're just great all the way around. and joel..well he's joel, enough said! and by the way i am omish..so you guys totally offended me! ha. but really you all are hilarious! and greg coe was definetly around during my "era" and i think he's the bomb and he needs to come back to youth ministry! (and no deborah didnt pay me to say that) and he's cool b/c he is one reason why i'm a christian! and he has cool hair and wears cool shoes (sometimes). well ilove you all..keep rockin!
Hey!! It's kristen again... I just wanted to let you guys know you all make me laugh... hard :)!! haha well i thought in ep. 4 "jay are just has personal problems" was hilarious!!!!!! hahaaa well I love you all and thanks for all you do! -kristen
Hey i go to highlands and i think it is sssssoooooo amazing that you got this on itunes i really love it that i can download the services on my ipod and listen to them over and over again just to remind me that God is always with me! I love highlands and i think it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me thx for putting the stuff on itunes!!!! : )
I must say this is the bestest podcast ever. Deborah and Erinn are amazing, they bring a whole new female aspect to the podcast. They remind me of those two girls that are really cool. Oh and Joey is da bomb ba deer or something. He makes me laugh till I wet my pants. I love the guy J.R., he's the coolest ever. If you combined fonzie, chuck norris, and fabio, you would have J.R. I promis this is not J.R. writing this, why would he write something like this about himself, unless he's the most self-indulged person on the planet. Sincerely not J.R., Jay Are