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Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the last two episodes. It was a two part interview with an Imagineer about his history with Disney and his view of current events at the parks. Very insightful. Thank you Greg
This podcast has the honor of having a great and well informed host. It is an extremely well done podcast. Greg plays great music and really connects with his audience. I, having been to Disney World 7 times to Disney Land 1, I tend to favor WDW and sometimes Greg and my opinions differ. However, this podcast is based off of Greg's opinion. Well done, highly recommended! Bryan Grilli
I just love this podcast. The host is friendly, and i would love to meet him in person. I also love how he gets his facts from acctual experiences and makes a ton of really funny jokes. Everybody should listen and subscribe to this podcast. It RULES!!!!!!!!!!
It is a fun show to listen to but it lacks some historical accuracy. I would like to see them do a little more research before they produce their content. The latest show made mention of the "Main Street" Electrical Parade having been taken away from Disneyland and moved to Florida when in fact the current parade was Florida's parade in the first place. It had been brought to Anaheim a few years ago, long after the original Disneyland floats were torn down back around 1998 or 99. I saw the original parade and this one and several of the floats were quite different. Keep up the good work though fellas. Just do your homework. I like this one the best of the current Disney crop since the Meandering Mouse meandered off to points unknown.
Greg does a great job with this podcast. Greg's no nonsense cut through the BS style makes this podcast very enjoyable, as is his other podcasts and guest appearances on other podcasts. This is a very unique look into Disneyland and actually does some research for this show unlike the Micecast shoot from the hip style. If you enjoy Disney podcasts you will enjoy this one as long as you are not a easily offended, politically correct type.
I've been a subcriber from the start and I must say my two favortie segments are "dopplegangers" and "the bulldozer". With so many Disney podcasts it's great to have one like yours that goes in a bit of a different direction. Lot's of information, history and entertainment. Also like when you talk about the attraction that never where or that are gone. I don't care too much for live recorded sound bites, but I fast forward through them. Even when you don't record shows on a regular basis, you'll have me patiently waiting for when you do. Great show!
This podcast is great! It has great information with a cool perspective. Greg loves Disney but its great that he is willing, and often, points out its faults. However, there is a HUGE pitfall, the HIT PARADE! Save all this music, unless it is Disney and is related to what the subject is, for the Hit Parade podcast. This is completely different and just shut off your ipod and go to the next episode when the Hit Parade comes along. Ranting over, this is a great podcast that I do enjoy.
This is podcast is just simply FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! The walt disney company must be really stupid not to be bulldozing the things you're bulldozing! Keep up the great work Greg, I'm a huge fan!
VERY informative and Greg's re-imagining of certain things is awesome. I only wish he released shows more frequently!
Greg does a great, well produced podcast which has a very different feel from many Disney podcasts. He has great segments where he always lets his opinion be known. While listening, you may agree or disagree with what Greg has to say. You can be taken back to an attraction of a Disney park's past. You can have to a current attraction through high-quality park audio. Greg obviously spends tons of time on production and fills the show with facts, and actually credits his sources. If you want a fresh change from other Disney podcasts, download this! You won't regret it!
Love the podcast! It is great to get background on some of the attractions and comparisons of similar things at each park. Even though you may not always agree with Greg (even though he thinks you should) he does bring up good points that often should be considered. Whether you agree or not, if you are a Disney Park fan, you will enjoy this podcast.
When I first started listening to IMW, I was a little taken aback. This wasn't the normal "rah rah sis boom bah" Disney podcast (not that there's anything wrong with that). The show gives information, history and displays a unique and refreshing wit. It also isn't afraid to say it when show or attraction needs to be 'bulldozed' which is refreshing in this PC, afraid to hurt anyone's feelings day and age. But it isn't about only tearing things down. If something is ripped down, there is always a set of new ideas to take it's place and build it up hopefully better than before. This show may not be the most polished on the Disney Podcast Network, but it's raw and eclectic style grows on you and I've come to really enjoy the surprises. Give it a shot and I think you might find you feel the same way too.
While Greg does look at the park with a critical eye it is also an eye that has thought behind it. This is an enjoyable podcast and tells you how it is and how Greg sees the park. Doppelgangers are great in that they compare Disneyland to Disney World. This is a very good addition to Micecast and At the Main Street Cinema. This is the serious podcast and Micecast is more of a comical banter about the parks.
Greg puts on an fun and informative show, he has some great source information and responds well to listener feedback, if you're looking for a podcaster who might be willing to address an attraction you are a fan of, or better yet share your opinon with on attaraction you don't like you might want to drop Greg a line, he's almost certain to have something to contribute on the subject
The last few reviews seemed to be a little harsh on the podcast Greg is putting out. There are some things that I would do differently (like not having music at the end for 20 minutes), but the podcast itself is really fun to listen to. I love hearing his ideas about getting rid of so-so attractions and putting in better ones. I think the people that are dogging on this podcast need to understand that it isn't professional radio and that he is just a regular Disney fanatic that is sharing his ideas with us. Yes, some things could be done better, but I think the overall product is excellent.
If you are a fan of the Disney Parks check this out! The title of this podcast may be "Imagineering My Way" but it is in no way negative towards the Disney Parks. Greg takes his time to point out what he likes about the parks and some things he would like to see changed. In addition to giving his opinion you also get some great Disney Park history and Audio recorded at the parks. Give this podcast a chance... you won't regret it!
Imagineering My Way is more than just opinion, there is a lot of historical research and inside information to be gleaned from this show. Plus with recent equipment upgrades, there is the hope that we will be having some new great audio interviews and experiences on the show. Thanks Greg, gotta love the Bulldozer, let er rip in DCA!
All I can say is..Hamburger Helper. This show is painful to listen to. Filler filler filler. I was 6 minutes in before anything even happened. Blow it off.


Greg has a fun show-that talkes about his like and dislikes of the Disney parks. He does not hold back on giving his opinion, so that makes this show-very real and a fun listen. Produced well, funny at times and plays cool music on each show as well.
Greg at Imagineering My way is a true Disney Fan. He is not afraid to spread the truth about anything!!!! If this wasn't high as you can get, I would give this a 555 star rating or in Imagineering My way terms a E-ticket. Great job Greg.
I like this podcast for all the info on disney and everything but what I dont like is the 6 min. intro it gets very annoying to have to skip everytime.
I have been listing to this podcast since episode 1, and I really enjoy the show. Being the big Disney person that I am, I really like listening to Greg talk about what he thinks about the attractions at the parks, and what he would like to change, or not change. Thanks Greg for a great show, and keep up the hard work!
My favorite part of IMW is the "Bulldozer" segment. Greg is so creative in his ideas for re-doing parts of the Disney parks. You can tell he loves Disneyland and his imagination just keeps adding more ideas for the Happiest Place on Earth, as Walt himself predicted. Greg is a good guy.
A disney podcast that is like no other. It supplies an interesting perspecitve of the park experience for the serious disney junkie. i don't care much about the podcasts that talk about the podcasters 57th trip this year to the park. This gets right into the meat of "how did they do that?", as well as "why the heck did they do that?" i love his opinions and really enjoy the production quality that this podcast delivers. highly recommend this podcast.
Great show Greg! The show is an interesting mix of information, opinion, and great music. Your "good, bad, and ugly" opinions and your ticket rating system were innovative and fun. Keep up the good work.
Greg's podcast is both informative and insightful. The podcast is set up in an almost "variety show" fashion, so it stays entertaining and fresh.
This is not your typical Disney podcast, it is a podcast in progress. I think that Greg is continuing to evolve it and I like the concept of rethinking the Disney rides/attractions in different ways and hearing one man's opinion on what he thinks and how he would do it. It is thought provoking. Thanks, Greg.
I began listening to Greg after becoming a fan of his other podcast, Micecast. Wheras Micecast is a loose improvised type of show with co-host Mike, this podcast is highly structured into various segments. Greg has a background in architecture, and as a former castmember at Disneyland, he can offer a perspective on the parks that no other podcaster can. Since he's still friends with a number of park employees and former Imagineers, he often draws on these sources for additional material. The shows are fast-paced; usually featuring a historical look at a particular ride/attraction with a comparison/contrast between Disneyland and WDW's version of the attraction. There's usually ride stats thrown in to boot. Other segments might focus on Disney company news, or TWDC history. Educational and entertaining all at the same time.
This is the kinder and nicer version of Greg from Micecast and his solo show has improved a great deal from the beginning. I think he's found his format and will continue to grow and become even more enjoyable.
A Disney fan, and former cast member, Greg has some fun and somewhat unexpected insights. He may not be sing zip-a-dee-doo-da 24/7, but his show is chock full of Disney goodness and his frank observations are always food for thought.
A show focused on the Disney attractions. Greg takes a more serious tone in this show compared to his other podcast, Micecast, but still dishes out the opinions. I enjoy the in-depth detail and research, and find these shows to be very interesting.
Finally a review and critique of the Disney parks with an honest eye and not one with Mickey glasses on. Greg does a great job researching what he talks about and puts a lot of thought into his opinions. Thank you Greg for this podcast.
This show is great and I reccomend it to any fan of Disney Imagineering and the Disney Parks in general. I also reccomend Greg's other Podcast, MiceCast. One more thing, CONGRATULATIONS! on becoming a member of the DPN, I've never listened to a bad show on there and I know IMW won't let me down.
The show is getting better with each episode. At least Greg offers an opinion instead of just reading Disney news and park updates. It's tough to have a one person podcast keep your attention for more than 15r minutes and Greg can do it. Keep up the good work.
Greg's latest podcast (8/5/06) was a big improvement, though I've enjoyed some of his older ones. I think if he sticks with the new format, it's a greater success.
Greg seems pleasant, but there's not a lot about imagineering - it's mostly about his family, his shop and various personal ruminations. I kept waiting for it to get going. I suppose it would work for someone with a very low metabolic rate. And the ninth time he said "anyways," I gave up.
Imagineering My Way is a breath of fresh air in the overcrowded category of "Disney Devotion" podcasts. It is honest, uncluttered by cheesy production, and doesn't pretend to be anything other than one guy who loves all things Disney enough to speak honestly about what he thinks. No mindless glowing praise here; if Greg doesn't like something he says so. Not because he just wants to complain, but because he thinks it will help. Some may not get it. I do. Keep it up, Greg.
This podcast is a train wreck. If you're a Disney parks/attraction fan you're usually 1 of 2 types of people; 1) a person that wants to enjoy themselves and get lost in the fantasy and generally is good natured about his/her experiences, or 2) a person that wants to enjoy themselves but can't because they could do it better. This podcast is from person #2. Quotes, (refering to his talkative son) "he was driving me nuts because every 2 seconds he has a question", "let's go to City Hall and complain", you get the picture. This guy starts off with a promising concept, but then gets negative and is certainly the type of guy that I would hate to deal with at the park (I'm a former Imagineer and a park graduate - meaning I survived). By the way... his son must love that he's being spoken about like this. Not a good experience.
I really like it, I am a disney junkie and this gives me my fix on Disney and how cool it could be.