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A friendly and relaxed podcast that discusses a wide variety of different movies. While providing a high level thumbs up or down they also go into a more indepth analysis discussing the merits, symbolism, history, and motivations of different movies. I highly recommend this podcast for the casual movie watcher looking to expand their horizons.
...only your buddies have insightful things to say, have done some research, and they can fit into the mp3 player of your choice. If you want to talk movies, this is the show to catch.
This is a great casual podcast. I really enjoy it because (to repeat from the other reviews) it's like listening and talking to my friends about movies. It's not overly technical, but it's not overly simple either.
Great podcast, always good to listen to. Very casual atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in these guys living room, sharing a beer.
They may not have all their facts exactly 100% right. They may occasionally use harsh language. You may disagree vehemently with their opinion on the merits of a particular film. But one way or another, two things are always true. First, these guys love film. Absolutely, positively, love it, largely regardless of genre. (Well, they are guys, so they may not be as enthusiastic about Yet Another Jane Austen Movie as they are about Die Hard but still...), and Second, you will want to be a part of this conversation. Even if it is just to tell them how screwed up their opinions are. (Die Hard 3? Best of the Die Hards? Really?)
Casual reviews of both new and classic movies hosted by a trio of seriously entertaining guys. Do your daily commute a favor and download a few of these.
Man, I love this show. The hosts definitely love movies and understand the film making/screen writing process.
Listening to BSP is like having a converstion about some of you favorite films with a couple of close friends. It's not the most organized or structured podcasts out there but you find yourself drawn in and can't wait until the next episode drops.
The Tonys are a couple of guys that I could easily see myself sitting down with and chatting about movies and popular culture. I don't always agree, but I enjoy their straightforward enthusiasm and honest take they provide on the topics they take on. Tune in and find out what I'm talking about!