Man In The Mirror Weekly Bible Study

Reviews For Man In The Mirror Weekly Bible Study

I thank God for your podcast. He has blessed me with this and other podcasts & audiobooks as I follow Him.
Great podcast! I listen every week.
Everything I have read, or listen too by Patrick Morley has been amazing. If you want to change your life and seek God, or if you are a man already serving God he will motivate you to dig deeper. He is a great mentor to get you in the right direction. Very uplifting pod cast!
Good. Very simple and to the point. I listen to this in the morning.
This is just a very good podcast. Read the Man in the Mirror book about 6-7 years ago and it's nice to have a podcast to listen to on walks with my dog in the mornings.
This minister has been given a special gift from our heavenly Father. He applies real world examples, and then gives them a spiritual meaning! I would recommend this to anybody! To God be the Glory!
Love these! He's a great teacher with great material - the bible. Download one of these and get ready to see a new face in the mirror....