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Really enjoy his honesty and perspectives
Anything with Mike Glover and his great team is informative and a fun listen. That should be at the top of your podcast list great learning experience
Informative, positive, proactive help in becoming self reliant. It’s not a militia or some fringe group. It’s preparedness for all Americans, except those who resort to violence as a first response.
Love the podcast.... need Kevin Owens on again. You guys are awesome
Amazing resource for those who are forward looking. Tune in and learn!
Great podcast with great American Patriots
Best place to get knowledge.
Great podcast! Delivers on every level🇺🇸
As always top notch content in every episode. With this podcast like mike’s others there is something everyone can take away and implement in their lives.
Love listening to the podcast
This podcast provides a great dynamic of different walks of life in a proffesional and encouraging manor towards life preparedness. Very thankful that this network is being built. thanks for providing a great place to start and build skills, knowledge and confidence. PS: did anyone else hear on episode 8, the background voice that sounded like Mike Glover while his guest was speaking? A little distracting and I'm not sure what was going on there.
Great concept and informative.
Love the podcast keep it up


Mike is the best, such a good dude!
Thank you Mr. Glover!
Mike Glover has taken a much needed proactive roll establishing and leading AMCON. Through censorship challenges and grievous personal attacks he has built the beginning of what I believe to be the last bastion of Liberty. I’m a proud vetted member of AMCON. msquared.
Great conversation, excellent topics, and stunning events recalled. The lives these guys have lived.
Love the podcast and thank you for your service. Much respect
Absolutely top tier humans putting out awesome content!
Phenomenal Podcast. Love the message and the content. It’s hard to discuss these topics in a reasonable manner that isn’t extreme and blindly following one of the 2 official political parties of the nation. Keep up the great work.
Excellent Podcast and a noble movement! This is for the Father, Husband, Patriot, Protector and all around real men.
It’s empowering to see like minded American rugged individualists organize and begin to mobilize in the wake of the radical Marxist insurrection we are witnessing in our nation. To understand why Mr. Glover and other pro-American content creators are being censored on social media and to understand why anything to do with self-defense, self-preservation, patriotism, et al. is deemed “racist” and or “supremacist” by the social media juggernauts and the mainstream media simple study Leon Trotsky, the Bolshevik Revolution, and their militarization of the word “racist” and you will see why we are where we are, how we got here, and where all this is going.
This podcast is absolutely brilliant. So is the website!
Great and relevant subject matter with a great group of guys.
These guys are awesome. Good info. Thankful for their perspective.
I’ve followed Mike Glover for a couple years now. From FieldCraft Survival, to AmCon, his message is resolute. He urges everyone to be the best versions of themselves and to be as prepared you can for your loved ones and people around you. We all know what’s going on in the world won’t last forever, but if/when it gets worse you’ll be glad there were people like him to help you prepare just a little bit more then you were on your own!
Great information, and a must listen!!! Great job guys and keep up the fight!!!
Great content!! Love the direction of American Contingency and what it stands for! Keep the content flowing!!
This is nothing but solid info about getting into preparedness. Media outlets want to paint this as some fringe movement but once you use your ears (and your brain) you’ll realize that there’s nothing fringe about protecting your loved ones, family, friends, and community. Don’t listen to the media bias.
Great information, proud to support his company and podcasts.
Thank you Mike!
Nothing more than fact free but propaganda rich right wing drivel. Too bad. Was hoping for better.
It’s time to realize that YOU are your best first responder; time to learn skills you never thought you would need. Medical, food prep, security, communications, and more. Mike’s experience and leadership will guide you through the wickets, and help you to be the best YOU. Linking up with same-minded locals in my area was the best thing I could have ever done, and gives me that sense of security and camaraderie I hadn’t experienced since I left military service. I cannot recommend this podcast enough! AmCon!
More amazing insight from Glover and his team mates. Keep the content coming guys. Owens definitely needs to be a co-host as well.
Amcon is all about preparing for the worst case scenarios. Whether it be a natural disaster, a car accident or economic collapse. It is not some type of fringe far right group! American Contingency is about making yourself and family better! I’ve learned many things from the community and it’s just getting started! Thank you everyone at AmCon and FieldCraft!
Mike is good dude.
Exceptional information from exceptional humans. The entire Amcon organization are awesome.
I love this group of men and women who are looking for a group of prepared individuals to come together and help one another!
Being prepared should be important to every American, This is the place to start!
Simply put, this is podcast is an absolute must listen. Very few people in the world have the qualifications to discuss preparedness, survival, and sustainability in times of uncertainty and this crew tops that list. So many interesting conversations and the little nuggets of wisdom they drop are beyond valuable. You don’t need it till you need it. Sure I had a roadside breakdown kit but now, after listening to this podcast, I carry two emergency trauma kits and various other tools that I now consider necessities. Prep yourself and give this podcast a listen! //signed// Retired USAF CMSgt
If you already know and listen to Mike Glovers other podcasts Mike Force or Fieldcraft Survival then you already know the caliber of the podcast to expect from such a renowned patriot. If not then buckle up and prepare to take a deep dive into all things self reliance and preparedness. I would definitely recommend this podcast. Although it’s in its infancy it has great potential, he’s already had some really thought provoking guests on the roster. This podcast includes several different themes and you are sure to find something that peaks your interest. Enjoy!