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this is a good podcast, but where are you? hisashiburi desune
I AM SO GLAD that I stumbled onto this. cause it will help with pronounciation and memorization
This is the best one out there. She doesn't review it to fast like some others I have heard. THis is easly the Best one out there. Plus I love the beat.
Great for studying Japanese vocab. Its rhythmic music and steady vocab pace make it great as a background track while you get your work done. Well done!
This is a must have supplement to any Japanese course. It makes drilling vocabulary enjoyable.
Great way to build your vocab. Listen music while learning japanese words (with cool music). While you listen, you can choose to learn or to relax. Great job, please post more often.
this podcast is an incredibly helpfull tool for people like myself who have a understanding of the japanese language but need help simply learning new words. the beats are tight and ideal for repetition very nicely done too. keep up the good work.peace.