MoMA Talks: Conversations

Reviews For MoMA Talks: Conversations

MoMA has stopped adding new lectures, symposia, and other longer format podcasts to their ITUNES pages. Please keep them coming!
Really great stuff! Thank You.
I subscribed to this podcast last Fall and loved it. Recently, after several attempts to refresh, I am unable download any of the podcasts. I've tried re-subscribing but it still does not work.
A must hear, especially the feminist series
Thank you for putting these out there and opening up what seems like a really grat project. You are a true pioneer.
This could be so good...alas, it is not though.
I have no idea the target audience for these MOMA Podcasts. I could not understand much of what was being said and I have a masters degree!
Who ever thought of a podcast on MOMA without visuals should be fired.