Reviews For SOFcast

I started listening to SOFcast to learn more about Special Forces, but quickly realized the leadership lessons transcend the military. I’ve recommended this to several people that I work with and mentor. The podcast is informative and easy to listen to- the hosts try to explain the acronyms and jargon related to the military. One of my favorite podcasts!
They have had some great guests, very insightful conversations and is absolutely worth a listen. The interviewers are well prepared, have engaging conversation and make it seem effortless. The guest list is broad and all offer insights into not only the SOF world but also into humanity. Definitely looking forward to continued content from this team.
The concepts they speak of are correct but unfortunately they are out of touch with what actually happens. I always wondered at what level do senior leaders lose touch with what actually is happening within the teams. Company Commanders and SGMs will continue to check these blocks that get pushed down on them from up top but ultimately they only care about their own career and will continue to push high performers because OERS AND NCOERs don’t care about these topics.
I discovered this podcast on LinkedIn and have not been disappointed in anyway. The ability to hear these leaders, Greg and Matt, interview true American heroes about sacrifices they make to ensure our freedom and talk about subjects once taboo, provides a glimpse into our elite forces from all branches. The leadership at USSOCOM is made up of America’s best. So much is to be gained from this podcast. It certainly makes me a proud veteran to know who is in our corner. Job well done. Highly recommend this podcast.
Having worked with and around the SOF community for 10 years I’m constantly looking for ways to learn and stay connected to the community. I just listened to my first SOFCast with Frank Anello as the guest and it was fantastic! The level of transparency, humility and real conversation was excellent. The 80:00 flew by. Have subscribed and will listen often going forward.
I have worked for the USSOCOM RIS Program for over 14 years and have helped to support, alongside my team, the SOFC4ISR Tactical community with great pride and this podcast is such a great opportunity for myself and my team to understand the Enterprise community, hear stories of those battalions / units / SOF groups that we have supported for years. The utmost respect to you and the tactical community.
Being a Soldier that has only supported the SOF community a couple times throughout my 20 years, this podcast provides great insight to pieces of the puzzle that conventional Army SELs are missing in today’s OE. Definitely would recommend this Podcast to all of the SELs that I work with at the strategic level.
This podcast is great for people in the community and equally awesome for those outside of the SOF community to connect with and understand the humans who do this important work.
As a former SOF guy this podcast is an awesome way to stay in tuned with the goings on and current culture within the community. Matt and Chief Smith do a phenomenal job of raising top of mind issues and having an open and honest dialogue. If you thinking of giving it a listen please do, you won’t be disappointed! DOL
“We don’t hold Rank, Title, and Position to serve ourselves... We hold Rank, Title, and Position to serve those we are charged to lead and care for.” Not since Simon Sinek gave his first Ted Talk... And Jocko interviewed Dakota Meyer... Has a podcast had this much impact on our Special Operations Forces. Listen and really process what Command Chief Smith and SGM Parrish are communicating to our Force and Enterprise... Be inspired... Find your “Why” again... And then take it to our Enemies... And Win the fight.
Incredible podcast with insightful lessons learned. Great listen for military and civilians alike.
The primary audience for these is the SOF community, but having been granted early access to these, I can tell you that everyone of these is applicable to anyone in a leadership position.