Weaver's Web

Reviews For Weaver's Web

As usual, Pip Ballantine has managed to create a believable characters and a marvelous plot that pull you into their story and make the listening a personal experience. All I have heard so far by her has been excellent and I strongly recommend any and all of her podcasts to anyone with a desire to have your imagination button tweaked.
This is an early example of Philippa Ballantine's work. The story is a good and engaging one, although the writing and production values fall a bit shy of the standard that Pip achieved for her later works. Everyone must start somewhere, and this is her start. I do hope that someday she will choose to revisit this world and either remaster this story or add on to it. While Weaver's Web is a complete story, it has many more threads to be followed in a rich and detailed world. I'd like to see some of those tracked down.
I really enjoyed this book. It sounded great, and was read wonderfully.