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Obsessed with you guys. Please keep making podcasts + posting on YouTube. I just found you guys and think if you stick to it, it can really blow up. Even when you guys chat about basic things it’s entertaining
Y’all need to make hella podcast soon cause this girl right here is addicted to listening to your amazing podcast
Honestly this was my comfort podcast. I’m a big girl fan of you Lana and I’m bummed you stopped podcasting I miss listening to you gals conversations! I’m hoping you come back to podcasting but I’m excited to see you become a mother and watching your life through photos. Please don’t stop podcasting!!
Lana needs to go show would be better without her she is just pointless, rude to her friends, and I’m sorry but what is she doing with her life ew lord get a life and can you get a brain bc your really dumb
I do really love listening to this podcast and I even like that they do not always agree on things, it makes the podcast super interesting to listen to and I love the topics that they get into. The only thing that loses as start for me is when they go further than just disagreeing and actually start arguing and interrupting each other. It gives me anxiety and it makes it hard to want to listen. Please continue to make episodes I really love this podcast, just have a tough time with the occasional aggressive communication
Cringeworthy. The topics they discuss aren't so bad, but their distorted perceptions of reality make you doubt the human race. They don't need to agree with each other, but if you're having a discussion at least be open minded to what the other ones are saying. I mean, you expect us to be open minded and listen. Highly overvalue themselves as women. A no star rating wasn't an option, but this deserves one.


By toey10
I genuinely feel bad for Olivia. Lana counters anything she says and is just rude. I feel like she try’s to make her look bad and points out all the things she “doesn’t do right”.
Don’t listen
Lana interrupt the other girls while they’re talking and she will ask questions and disagree when she doesn’t get her answer. For example she asked Olivia how finds all these guys she’s willing to date so fast? Olivia explained herself and Lana kept at it. Saying well this and this. Like those are traits they should already be having or that not what you should be looking for. Girl shut up lol. Let her do her thing. And let Alexa and Olivia talk. She’s getting so annoying. Love the podcast but she’s just doing too much. Also when they had Bryce hall on the episode and Lana brought up the whole you were rude to my friend Alex cooper, why did you bring him on if you were going to be rude to him. He’s a guest don’t do that. And you don’t know his side and when he explained it I bet you felt dumb. I’m not trying to being up her past but like you have a big one so stop judging people. Seriously not cute
Tone deaf. Cringe. Ignorant. Uneducated. I have second hand embarrassment listening. I’m not trying to be mean at all, but the three hosts are consistently extremely poorly prepared and obviously very ignorant of everything they pretend to discuss. It’s actually confusing - if you have your own podcast and choose the topics, wouldn’t you want to choose topics that you understand or can at least speak on semi intelligently? It wouldn’t be a problem, but when there’s already so much misinformation, this kind of blatant ignorance that they try to pass off as expertise, it’s so cringe. Example: they say they’re well educated in politics, but don’t even know the name of the governor of California… I was even more mortified that they didn’t even understand the fundamentals of COVID-19 and we’re over a year into this pandemic? The worst part is they explicitly say they’re experts and well educated. YIKES. Don’t even get me started on how their “dating” advice is so antiquated, sexist, and actually toxic. Absolutely nobody should take it seriously. There are so many better podcasts, but even if you’re absolutely bored, don’t waste your time with this one. The cohosts don’t know a single thing about the topics they cover, plus there’s weird tension and Lana can be very rude to the cohosts. The lack of self awareness is astounding. Very cringe, don’t recommend at all.
I think they are all great girls but Lana… we love you but you are so rude and constantly interrupt the girls… I don’t understand this place you come from of being so much smarter than them… this could be such a good show if it wasn’t a constant attack of your friends
Some constructive criticism: in the gender reveal episode I feel like Lana was being unfair to Olivia regarding the questions she was asking her. Just because you don’t want to put yourself out there doesn’t mean that she can’t do that, you know? I feel like she was being condescending in her tone and the way she was asking her these questions. I also feel like Lana try’s to be the “queen bee” in every episode and it makes the episode uncomfortable to listen to. It’s clear as day that Olivia and Alexa feel awkward and uncomfortable when Lana tries to take over the conversation. I think she needs to be more open minded and kind especially if she is part of a podcast that involves two other people.


By UwU.,.
My fav!🖤
They ramble like school girls.
I think this podcast can definitely be great one day but so far it seems a bit disorganized. Also as a female listener I feel like you cater to your male audience or maybe just have some internalized misogyny because sometimes when you speak on certain topics it doesn’t seem very women friendly.
I enjoy all 3 girls, but lately it just seems they are not doing the research on the topics they talk about. When talking about serious topics like covid, politics, and sexual assault, it is important to get all the facts. Sometimes they try too hard to sound smart or educated and it misses the mark. It was painful listening to olivia talk about covid and the economy suffering because a youtube lost followers over sexual assault allegations.
If you are going to talk politics and influence our generation that is able to vote maybe don’t be so ignorant. How do you not even know who your governor is?
I binged listened to your budding casts. I love you three sharing your thought process trying to figure things out. Interpersonal relationships and facts of life stuff, all great and wholesome to hear. I also understand why you shut comments off. As I’ve commented on your YouTubes, it is important to learn how to learn. Ted talks and WSJ are one thing, long-form book reading and or listening is another. There’s a lot of unpack when it comes to politics & economy. Sound bites that sound logical irl belie some very complex topics that are far from straightforward. 4 yrs of trump after he made things sound so simple and black and white. When irl they are not. At 46, I can say I’m halfway through life and been around the block. In your 20s, you still have reserves, even though you both feel old & think you’re behind your peers (normal, fact of life, we all feel that way) with each passing birthday, is best spent learning deeply and deliberately. You guys are taking good first steps to figuring that out. Taking master classes online to learn more richly. Read the Economist to long-form reads like Salon to National Review to see many sides of politics & economy & life. Widen your circle & engage with smart diverse people and purviews. Do it while you’re still young and physically endowed to do so. Take these criticisms and move on. This too shall pass. Keep and open mind and y’all will be fine. In the end, grit and perseverance in solitude are far more important than smarts or looks.
Just some constructive criticism if you are all open to it- normally people tune into podcasts to learn something be entertained get perspectives/ be informed etc. i’m curious to know what kind of prep you guys do before these podcast because there’s been a handful of episodes I’ve listen to where you don’t know all the facts about the topics you chose to talk about. If you’re going to bring up Caitlyn Jenner for example, as a talking point, there’s SO much information out there about her politics what she believes in and her political party affiliation is the first thing on Google, tiktok isn’t a great source. Also Bill Meyer gave some amazing quotes about why celebrities shouldn’t run for president so if that’s a topic of conversation maybe dive into those actual quotes and not just guess what he maybe said. Last podcast Olivia was talking about the Covid vaccine and not trusting it with very little context and she seemed like she didn’t really know a lot of the facts surrounding what she was talking about.. I don’t know if you guys research these topics prior to sitting down and talking about them or just speak on them freely, but it would make for a more interesting podcast if you guys knew the details/ quotes/ names and could dive deep into conversations about those things with little room for confusion. Just a thought.This is also coming from broadcast journalism major so I’m big on research & fact checking when it comes to Journalism so I don’t mean to be picky! Always giving this five stars regardless! & Congrats Lana!!
Please don’t talk news and politics when you aren’t effectively versed in either. DYING. Or if you do want to speak on a specific topic at least feign to research it first as part of show prep.
When talking about celebrities running for governor it mind boggles me how they’re acting like they know what they’re talking about. Caitlin Jenner is a full on republican and you’re talking about how she’s liberal? Then talking about who’s a celebrity running for a political position and they don’t even talk about how Arnold Schwarzenegger the freaking governor of California !
This podcast stared off by being little about women empowerment and more about the hosts lives, yet it turned into a tone deaf podcast filled with INSENSITIVE and DANGEROUSLY INACCURATE statements. Not only are their statements about COVID 19 inaccurate, they are lies. Saying that there are no cases in Florida is absurd and hearing them make light of, and gaslight cultural appropriation with their extremely tone draft statements is painful to hear.
Lana is the only person worth listening to. Olivia’s ignorance is so unreal. Making excuses for someone’s sexual assault because it hurts brand deals and the economy........... should have just edited that one out. Goodbye to my respect for this show.
I love this podcast lol . & the most recent one was good as well I liked what they had to say about COVID Q
I wish I could love this podcast bc some of the topics they discuss are entertaining but there are so many more moments where their ignorance just makes me cringe. Any valid point they make is followed up with a “but” that makes you question if they even understand life outside of their privileged world as an influencer. Picture pretty, white girls and they are the epitome of that. They don’t give you any more or less so it’s hard to enjoy this podcast. Don’t get me wrong tho, it does sound like they try to be good people.
These girls are not educated at all. they get all of their information from tik tok and not credible. I get bad vibes from this podcast and the topics could be wayyyy better.
All of you want to get a word in but Lana doesn’t care if she needs to cut the other girls off or completely speak over them when they’re trying to speak, tbh it’s painful to hear, also why does Olivia also sound like she’s on the verge of tears or a mental breakdown every episode?
Lana sounds like a fake snobby b**tch honestly. This show could be good but listening to her brainless fake voice is like nails on a chalk board.
I think this podcast has insane potential, but it is sometimes incredibly hard to listen to. My biggest suggestion is to get a fact checker producer who is apart of the podcast. When they venture into more hard hitting topics, I cringe because they sound so unintelligent. I LOVE this podcast, but I really think they need to keep it lighter, OR have someone do way more research into topics for them, and have that person weigh in on topics and keep them on the right track. I feel like they say “I’m not sure” a lot, or things like that, and I think that this is such an easy fix that can truly elevate the podcast. I love that you guys have depth, and are venturing into more serious topics, but doing more research, or having someone that can chime in to help you guys out that has done more research would be amazing. Maybe even a male producer that can weigh in who isn’t really apart of the podcast, but is there if you guys want to ask a question. The Fremenies podcast has someone that does quick research and chimes in occasionally and I love that because sometimes people say things that are so incorrect and the audience member is screaming the right answer, but they will never know. Regardless, I love you guys and this pod, even a female producer who is more “normal” and isn’t too integrated into the LA scene would be great.
I loved this podcast, but these girls need to take a step back and not spread misinformation about topics they know nothing about. In the most recent episode, they talked about “herd immunity” and implied that people don’t necessarily need to get vaccinated for it to happen. This is true if you’re okay with completely ignoring the hundreds of thousands of people that will have to die before natural herd immunity is reached. This is what happened in India, and I have lost so many family members who live there because they didn’t have access to the vaccine. It was just so frustrating to sit and listen to these girls who have the privilege to get the vaccine any time they want spread the “let nature take its course” rhetoric. Yeah when you let nature take its course, hundreds of thousands of people die. They really need to be more responsible and empathetic before they speak on topics like this or just stick to talking about their goals of being future trophy wives.
Loved the new segments and the conversation in general


Please stop interrupting and belittling Olivia. I worry for her self esteem while she’s with you. As a friend you should think of her feelings more. It’s painful to listen to her get cut down constantly. She keeps a confident demeanor but it must be hard. I would quit if I was her. I hope she doesn’t she’s my favorite
This podcast keeps you up with the media and is very amazing.
I honestly really enjoy listening to these girls, they’re funny, they’re real, and I hope they keep creating more podcasts about the life style of these type of influencers
Lana talks about mike wayyyyyyyyyyy tooo much 😑😑😑😑


Shhhhhh, you seem very cocky and rude. Just a real grouch. I like the content usually but it’s hard to get past that.
Im sorry but....this podcast is mostly objecting girls/females and saying "they can only cook,clean,and make babies" so please stop...


I’ve been listening since day 1 but don’t think I will be able to continue if lana keeps this cringey interrupting vibe against Olivia specifically. I’m just worried the show is headed for a crash and burnout.
It wasn’t until I started listening to this podcast did I realize how much wrong there is in my life (ie. my dumb sl*t gf and how the patriarchy has made her dumb). Everyone needs to listen to this podcast to get woke because these guys are smarter than us and we’re all so dumb. I realized this 1 minute in. I even learned ways to better my life from listening to the two woke boys; like how to wear black face and a doo rag as a white rich male going through East Compton. It’s sometimes met with aggression but then I put on the two woke boys podcast and my new n word friends proceeded to jump me. Get woke.
Love listening to Amara and the rest of the girls, shes so sweet & they speak on interesting topics. Love q&a


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